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About This Club

The Almighty Vice Lord Nation is the second largest and one of the oldest street gangs in Chicago, Illinois. Its total membership is estimated to be between 30,000 and 35,000. It is also one of the founding members of the People Nation multi-gang alliance.


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  2. If You Want To Ask Higher Rank You Need To Know Every Rank Here Is Ranks 1. New Member 2. Member 3. Elder 4.Co- Leader 5. Leader 6. Founder (only one exists) And If You Are elder or member u need to ask leader and founder only! only they can upgrade your rank!
  3. To Join In Vice Lords You Need To Have Minimum 3 Level Maximum Inf Need To Know Every Rule In Mudoo RPG You Need To Respect Everyone When You Join Especially Higher Rankers When You Want To Leave You Need To Tell Higher Rankers First
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