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Closed Club

This is a closed club, meaning only members of the club can see content within it.

About This Club

La Familia Di Andolini is an official mafia which was created on June, 2018. The gang was made by member Tommy with the help of Keith & Aldo. One year on, the family is still going strong, with new quality members proudly representing the Andolini name and is currently led by Ermanno(Keith). The family was closed in early 2019 and was then created again in June, 2019.

- Family Rules & Regulations

1. As a member you should always respect other players.

2. As a member you should always follow the orders given by higher ranks.

3. Never get involved on main chat arguments after a shootout or something else, always avoid arguments on the main chat.

4. Our rules also contain all the server rules let them be on the forums or in game, we want our members to have a clean punishment record - here are the in-game server rules;


IG Rules: forum.mudoogaming.com/index.php?/topic/15-server-rules


5. We are here to maintain to stay as a unique and as a very respectful group, if you are here to just troll around and not take anything seriously, please don't even think about joining us.

6. Before posting screenshots please send a higher ranked member private message on discord, if they accept them then you will be able to post pictures and videos of what you have gathered over time.

7. Don't ask for promotion, you are suppose to earn it by yourself with hard work.

8. Never leak family's information to other players/or group members.

9. Do NOT under any circumstances provoke the cops/cop bait or provoke gang members or anyone for that matter just do your thing and only mess with people if you absolutely have to don't just go out and look for trouble.


- Relationship(s)

Allies: Central Side Crew - The Flores Mafia - The Luciano Family

Enemies: The Gambino Family - Bone County Resistance - The Profaci Family

Neutral: N/A

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