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About This Club

The Meyers Family is an Criminal Group Which Soon can be offical If You Want to Join the Family DM Emma on Her Discord Emma.M#6400 For Interview. Join here for the discord Server https://discord.gg/2ZCUTvn


  1. What's new in this club
  2. You should not be banned i mean!!!
  3. The Meyers Family Recruiting 1. You should have level 10+ 2. You should haven't get any punishment for 2 weeks 3. You should be banned from Gambino Or BCR 4. If you are interested to join speak with the leader Emma Meyers 5. Good Luck with your interview.
  4. The Rules Of The Meyers Family 1: Always attend turfs with allies and your group, if the Turf Failed may lead to be warned . 2: Respect everyone and the higher ranks, if you didn't, that may lead you to be warned . 3: Try to DM, That's lead you to get a kick and maybe become from blacklisted from the family . 4: Receiving Warn/Ban/Kick Everyday Or Even Every month Lead You to Get a kick and you can rejoin if you didn't get Any Punishments for 3months, You can rejoin in the family. 5: Killing Family Members/Allies Members Lead to a Kick . 6: Asking for rank may lead you to be warned or even 2/3 warned if the Higher Ranks Were So Much Angry, so Be Carefull. 7: When you get high rank and Kick Member Without a Reason may lead you to get Warn 1/3 And Never Get High Rank Again unless you become good. 8: If you take from the HQ/Warehouse Items Without Asking the Boss Or Even UnderBoss May lead you to be warned and you will not back to the Same Rank until you be choosed again by Boss. 9: If you rob cars/Items from the members/alliance property/storage and your rank is high may lead you to be Kicked and you can back after UnderBoss/Boss invite you. 10: If you got Ban And your rank is high lead you to be demoted and If you always get Banned may lead you to get Permanently From the Family. Wish you understand everything and not break it
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