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  2. Sure, we can go and make a roleplay server on gta V but as Timon said, 90% of the game mode there is roleplay so keep that in mind. I'd highly suggest make it a DayZ gamemode as it suits the graphics and the animations of the game.
  3. Today
  4. Make a dayz gamemode. Gta 5 has a vast map, ability to setup the weather as gory/dark as timon's mind, the ability to add npcs and whatnot. People would scavenge for supplies, weapons and build their bases in different locations, fight off hordes of zombies, play as a squad or play alone, raid enemy bases and more!! The possibilities for a unique server are endless!!
  5. Game is all about killing and dying, so why not for TDM?
  6. Yesterday
  7. Yes, but it's obvious that we first open one FiveM server with the mode that has the most votes and open a new server afterwards (ofcourse after an evaluation). None said we'd close the current gameservers. We want to expand to different games and build playerbase' there too instead of depending on our current playerbase in SA:MP.
  8. I don't get the point of a tdm server in gta v Gta online is itself a bunch of random dm modes in different scenarios Also, people go to fivem in order to play roleplay, not play the same boring dm as gta online Currently there are very few proper rp servers, so if this can be done right, Mudoo: FiveM can really become something one-of-a-kind.
  9. fucking sandniggers go work in a factory for 5 dollars/day until u get a razer setup like me
  10. Roleplay: We already have a roleplay server in GTA SA:MP means creating a FiveM Roleplay server will bring new players too but could directly effect the player strengty of Mudoo RPG. Team Death Match: Nah, the map of GTA V is so huge and it would take millions of years to map out every location. What if we die at one side of a map and spawn at the other side of the map, literally we will drive/fly vehicles 80% of time. TDM is only acceptable if there are only two groups, Military and Mafia or something criminal related. Having 100s of groups is a shit feature. Cops and Robers: It will be a new type of server for Mudoo Community and we do not need any massive changes in map other than mapping out interiors. Just be cops vs robbers only, not like cops vs groves vs ballas vs bla vs bla vs bla.
  11. Freeroam with voice chat mwhahaha.
  12. Erm, can't you open two servers? like samp. Roleplay one and TDM one. @TiMoN If you need assistance, message me on discord^^
  13. thats y u shouldn't ever say your true opinions
  14. firstly SAMP servers won't magically get closed because I'm still the one scripting both of them secondly new servers on new games will be developed and released and the community will expand thirdly we are not in any way shape or form obligated and responsible for supplying people with gaming PCs fourthly we want to gain new players from new servers and new environment in order to grow also the image TiMoN posted above is very realistic and truthful of how people behave on SAMP
  15. Where did you get the absurd idea that making a FiveM server means we will drop the other servers?
  16. yes people tend to want to play newer stuff
  17. Well the whole project will probably result in the close majority the mudoo community move to FiveM with management, admins, players
  18. Wanting to expand to further develop Mudoo is caring for the community, letting it die due to lack of new players influx by remaining on an outdated, dying platform is not. You don't see Rockstar releasing updates for GTA Vice City or San Andreas, do you? No one has claimed support for SAMP will be dropped, don't talk out of your ass.
  19. are you expecting us to buy everyone a gaming PC because they cannot play one of the servers on another game?
  20. So the management won't care about players who still want to be a part of the community but don't have the spendable money to afford to stay within it? gg
  21. Shows how an admin cares for the community
  22. indeed the whole purpose of expanding to new games and new platforms is to gain new player base and not to live off of single same player base we have on SA:MP
  23. Where does that happen to fit into the conversation?
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