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  1. Yesterday
  2. Moderator application - Arsh.ag[RA]

    Hm, the English seems fine. I would like to have a talk with you in-game, are you available on Friday or Saturday or Sunday? I will post my opinion here after that.
  3. Moderator application - [EXALT]Dr.Yousef

    We don't warn hackers, they directly get banned. With minor rule breaks we don't kick on first offense. Why will you kick him if he requests for forgiveness? Conclusion: -Low capabilities of speaking English +Active -Not helpful
  4. Moderator application - [EXALT]Dr.Yousef

    Against your English capabilities aren't enough. Work on improving it
  5. Player report - Like_ABoss

    Evidence is valid, he will be banned in-game. Thanks for reporting!
  6. Your in-game name [EXALT]Dr.Yousef You real life age 20 Your country and timezone IRAN(+3:30) How do you describe yourself as a person I am a person follower to law and im hard work. btw my character does not allow me that i break the law .I have not lied in my life, I do not say and will not say and always of I hate work this and I am avoiding those who do this .if i tell from my physical condition I exercise every day and I like of this work .I play in my free time.this.... What are your motives for becoming a moderator? I am more active at evenings and afternoons i see a hackers go freely in game they destroy everything . want ruin the game .Since this server newly activated and this server need help until again strong.i want help this server, like others .Because i like this server very very !and I don't want this server to ever be corrupted.to this reason i request for moderator.I'll be happy if accept me How will you deal with a friend that is asking for favors? in work moderator.I don't know my friend and I see all the players alike If my friend does an error and he requested me to forgive he with use friendship i never forgive him and i kick he How will you deal with a new player that keeps on rule-breaking, after several warnings? first , I understand him with the rules, because it's normal for a now player to make a mistake .Then, after knowing the rules, he do his job again i teleport he And I ask him what your work reason was If I find out .he's not honest in answering i will baned he. I'm taking a movie from him and when I was assured that he was a hacker i kick him .I kick him .with when a admin come to game Any additional information you feel is relevant no I did say everything Screenshot of your in-game stats
  7. Player report - Like_ABoss

    Your in-game name SovietChip Player(s) being Reported Like_ABoss Date of the rulebreak 03/20/18 Witness(es) Myself What happened? (quote what rule was broken) Aimbot Evidence https://youtu.be/atFBUTmvcpk
  8. Last week
  9. hi oussema its jesuss i going to my freand  home and play i that place so he have no thing for punishment so  pls don't Ben his account its my work not him thanks oussema

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    2. jesuss


      hey bro when i going to my freands home my bro come to game with my accout

      i was in my freand home and in his computer with my account okey pls hime back to game oky


    3. jesuss


      i change my name and site iron

    4. jesuss


      my bothers account its young and his really name its reza

  10. Your in-game name Arsh.ag[RA] You real life age 19 Your country and timezone India GMT +5:30 How do you describe yourself as a person I'm a 19 year old non-med student. I love doing boxing when it comes to sports. I am a vice captain in school's student council members. I'm a cool minded teen who is having a good nature as told by others. I like to play samp in my free time time. What are your motives for becoming a moderator? It has been personally noted that as the server has again taken an initiative just a few days back there are not the proper no. of admins required to run the community totally hack free like ag. Every single admin is doing a great job here but anyone can't play a full day every one have diff time zones and sometimes it also happens that there are no admins in-game and a hacker keep destroying the reputation and the gameplay of the server for newbies. I want it to be stopped on any cost. I want the community to run as smooth and strong as it was during ag. I myself want every single hacker to be punished. I want them to understand either leave hacks or leave the community. I want this server to go as smooth as any server can ever could. I want it to be the best of it's kind and that can only happen if we have a strong hold of admins in-game. So I've decided to contribute in this great deed and make it best of it's kind. How will you deal with a friend that is asking for favors? I'll obviously listen to him first if there would be no harm to anyone in helping him. I'll help him. His/her problem should be real and I'll take a full check of it before helping him. Then only I'll favour him the best way i could. How will you deal with a new player that keeps on rule-breaking, after several warnings? Keeping in note that he/she is a newbie I'll not at all be angry on him/her. I'll personally ask him/her about the problem he/she is facing. Many times it occurs becuz of language problems. Then I'll personally explain him/her the proper rules but if even after that he/she gets noted in a rule breaker category. I'll handover him the respected punishments. Any additional information you feel is relevant I'm here since ag and I'm clear with all the rules and regulations. Screenshot of your in-game stats
  11. Moderator application - Ebaad_24

    He is no more intrested i think
  12. Moderator application - Rinzler

    Ok I see that you modified your application and your English became better so I am giving you my support good luck
  13. [Unbanned] Unban appeal - [IX]Raven[vVv]

    I am sorry, I didn't test it by pressing Run Key rapidly,you will given 250k money in-game by me for the time you have served the banned.PM me on discord when you come in-game. Unbanned.
  14. [Unbanned] Unban appeal - [IX]Raven[vVv]

    Really man ? Why the hell This server Allow then to be an admin It clearly shows you have no experience I had low fps and I was pressing space bar rapidly Try it IG if you /fpslimit 20 Then rapidly press space u will be running faster than normal Don't give ur choices already I don't admit that I hacked I had low fps And I was pressing space rapidly, You are in experienced staff member.
  15. [Unbanned] Unban appeal - [IX]Raven[vVv]

    Before posting this proofs i would like to say that your punishment is gonna be harder now.... Here is the proofs: https://youtu.be/bYCpg1NtCWU This video clearly shows that you are running faster then any normal player. You have 2 choices now: 1. Admit it. 2. Stay banned.
  16. [Unbanned] Unban appeal - [IX]Raven[vVv]

    1: You are your words clearly define it. 3: Nope Players can decide too 4: you don't need to do betterment thingy I don't want to argue with you anymore.
  17. [Unbanned] Unban appeal - [IX]Raven[vVv]

    I will be overseeing this case as it's clearly going out of hand, we will proceed by the following steps: 1. Zainrock post the proofs 2. Raven comment on the proofs 3. Zainrock comment on Raven's defense 4, Once you've finished I will post the final conclusion
  18. [Unbanned] Unban appeal - [IX]Raven[vVv]

    1: I don't think I am acting bossy. 2: Says who? 3: They decide if ADMINS ask to do so. 4: I am not protecting anyone, I am doing what I think is for the betterment of MG.
  19. [Unbanned] Unban appeal - [IX]Raven[vVv]

    First of all stop acting like a Bossy staff member Second You are not allowed to interfere between me and the staff who banned me Thirdly Manager will decide what to do And finally Don't protect ur brother I need proofs send it to me I have right to make deal because he is wasting my time I had plan of making scores this morning but found my self banned you destroyed so much time of mine. You say that I was running faster give me the proof and I'll explain don't ask me to prove my self guilty eve trytee couldn't do shit against me.
  20. [Unbanned] Unban appeal - [IX]Raven[vVv]

    Hm, you are no-one to make deals on this appeal. The staff team has banned you so IT WILL decide what to do with you. We have proof that you were running faster than usual, can you explain that? It's better if you accept your guilt right now before it's too late. I also want to say that your "attitude" won't help in this case so please, think before you write. I have asked the admin who banned you to post the proofs.
  21. [Unbanned] Unban appeal - [IX]Raven[vVv]

    Let's make a deal here pretty interesting Case If I prove him wrong he is going to be blacklisted from staff. 20% of ur stats(excluding deaths) are gonna be transferred to mine, for the time u wasted of mine. You chose if u can prove me wrong what you want I want a manager here
  22. [Unbanned] Unban appeal - [IX]Raven[vVv]

    You have been banned by zainrock for map run wait for the admin till he replies
  23. What is your in-game name? [IX]Raven[vVv] Which staff member banned you? Zainrock When did you get banned? 03/17/18 What is the ban reason? Map Run Personal comment I don't even know the reasoning received message from my friend that I'm banned I checked IG and I was banned o reason no staff member name displayed tell me reason and staff member's name
  24. [UNBANNED] Unban appeal - Arsh.ag[RA]

    Unbanned Locked and moved.
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