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    The server lately turned into a pure TDM server between all groups that allied and cops. Every situation, even a traffic stop, leads to a pursuit and a shootout. Every opportunity is used to be a shootout. And the shootouts repeat as soon as people die and respawn. They rearm and repeat the cycle. This is not acceptable. This is not roleplay. And this is going to end. Today. Any pity reason to ignite a shootout, such as a mere traffic stop, will be invalid and considered DM. Any failure to roleplay will be punished. Official groups are to be role models to the server and be examples of appropriate behavior, roleplay and effort. Not a group for a settlement of anti-roleplay individuals who ignite deathmatch and shootouts with any opportunity they get. This is an example of a shootout hungry person. 28-12-2018 15:54:30 - ************: /pm 16 lewis tell peter and others to start planting weed field so csd can come This is an example of a shootout hungry person. 28-12-2018 15:44:49 - [BLA] **********: go for c4's 28-12-2018 15:44:54 - [BLA] ********** : and go for atm's afterwards 28-12-2018 15:45:04 - [BLA] ********** : every cop will come for us This is an example of a shootout hungry person. These examples are everything that is wrong in this server. The people whose interests are personal entertainment in form of shootouts. Players who should transform themselves into players of our TDM server. HostName: >> Call of Duty: Global Warfare II << Address: tdm.mudoogaming.com:7777 Mode: COD:GW II V1.0.15 (TDM/DM/WAR) This is our TDM server. Join it. Play it for shootouts. I insist on prioritization of roleplay, while we do not ask for hardcore realistic roleplay, we do ask for bare minimum of roleplay. And that means avoiding shootouts when possible to do so, and not using any small situation for a reason to have a shootout. And this is what we will also insist from official groups to enforce. To be an example to everyone and teach its members and others to prioritize roleplay.
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    We had in the beginning of Mudoo a system where people were not auto suspected at murder but were suspected after /inspect was done on a body. What are thoughts of this being brought back?
  3. 2 points
    Firstly, SWAT hasn't been deployed in a proper manner for over a week now, if they were deployed, it was at maximum 2 persons deploying. So the whole cops are overpowered scheme is pointless to debate and bring in this topic. And furthermore, cops will always be kept overpowered because this is not a TDM server, it is a roleplay server, and cops will have upper hand. Sometimes they will lose, sometimes they will win, but they will always have more resources and support than criminal organizations. Next point, criminal organizations are supposed to perform criminal activities behind cops' eyes, not bait cops to chase them just for the shootouts. It's a game, but it's still a roleplay server., would you go smoke weed in public or near a police station, or kill somebody mid street in real life? no you wouldn't. It is on criminal groups to roleplay with other criminal groups and compete for dominance, supremacy, richness and reputation. Not for all criminal groups to unite and only work on publicly and openly committing crimes to have shootouts with cops. Also, the server has not been like this from the beginning. Shootouts did occur, but not in massive scale as they do recent days, and not as frequently as in spree in a single hour. There has not been a proper hostage situation or a bank robbery or any criminal roleplay for a long while now, because everyone is occupied performing shootouts. Robbing - if somebody doesn't comply, it is fine to kill them, but if they do comply, it is irrational to kill them. And lastly, the fun is to compete and outplay the rival criminal organization, that's the fun in it, competition, seeking for dominance, supremacy and reputation. It's called roleplay. Not everything is based on winning and losing, and the determinant factor being a shootout.
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    What is your in-game name? 3noo Which staff member banned you? Michelle Arkwood When did you get banned? 12/29/19 What is the ban reason? DM. Personal comment First. Michelle find a better name dont try to steal ppl's name on other srvs just saying. How the fuck was that DM? While he crashed into our bike we chased him, he paid us and I accidently M/C'ed and kicked his car. Then he tried to ram me I dodged then he tried to ram me again and failed both times. I shot HIS FUCKING CAR ONCE, and then he was trying to get away. And this disabled KID Denzel Lee or whatever the fuck is his ugly ass name reported me for DM. Which I DIDNT DO and it was so FUCKING clear. I literally shot his car and didnt do any injuries to him making him lose anything. And Michelle comes after this dumbass reported me saying that im trolling around and shit because I was saying 'fuck u' to Denzel. And got banned for DM'ing smh from Michelle. Just a salty admin who gets triggered over nothing. Idk why she got so butthurt while i didnt even do anything to her friends or her. But no I DID DM OMG I DID DM TO PAKIS. That is so bullshit. And this admin was speaking about rp and shit.. The fuck you mean RP? While nobody roleplays I SHOULD ROLEPLAY? For what? To shoot him? Roleplay shooting him? Right eh? Fuck out of here. While he didnt even rp ramming me why SHOULD I roleplay shooting his ass or doing any action to him. And y'all gonna let him go with that, not even roleplaying himself and provoking messages.. While my friend Anthony got banned Denzel Lee this toxic kid literally said on main chat haha. What a disrespecting message to do to someone behind his back. And one thing. I swear I didnt do any DM or anything like that. It was all innocent actions. You call DM trying to shoot someone because he tried to ram me? So I would just let him ram me..right. You all dont know what DM is. Y'all call DM the fact that we love shooting and shit but we have a reason, cmon. I'm just a trigger-happy maybe and that is totally allowed. I can shoot whoever the fuck my ass wants to and kill whoever the fuck my dick wants to if I have a reason. Nobody stops me. I hope you read it all and unban me.
  6. 1 point
    What is your in-game name? AnthonyE Which staff member banned you? Michell Arkwood When did you get banned? 12/29/18 What is the ban reason? DM Personal comment i never shoot towards them,get the logs and reply here
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  8. 1 point
    This is a prime example of a group that CAN roleplay, not everything has to turn into a shootout.
  9. 1 point
    Review date is on 19th of Januuary Until then ban evading or making another unban request will add 10 days to your review date.
  10. 1 point
    Thank you, i'm begging for one more chance, apologize for the stupid mistakes that i made and i plead guilty. I will never, never use any software's that makes the game unfair or any forbidden hacks again. I promise and you have my word, i won't waste this opportunity that you gave to me.
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  12. 1 point
    Agreed with the removal of turfs.
  13. 1 point
    Totaly agree.The fact they are wanted is overused to shoot more cops on sight.
  14. 1 point
    what we need is more turfs and bank robbery for 200 players
  15. 1 point
    @LocMax I find it autistic how we're still talking about roleplay even though you get auto suspected on murder although the victim is somewhere in the middle of the desert. This auto suspection is the problem. The overwhelming amount of shootouts happen because of this. Attempts to rob someone; maybe its a retard like Martin_Caleton does powergaming gets shot dead. Police rushes the spot and shootout occurs even though it was a completely deserted alley.
  16. 1 point
    Kacper every statement you've made so far proves that what you're looking for is a CnR server, not roleplay. If you do not value roleplay, character development of interactions beside shooting cops, why are you even here?
  17. 1 point
    Server lacks roleplay regulations/rules. Server doesnt enforce fear RP. People are being pushed away. Groups are being forced to either have rivalry with each other else they get to shut down.
  18. 1 point
    We will host a race tournament throughout the three days as they will be defined below, Credits to Jason Sindacco for route and event planning. 1. Vehicles You will use your own personal vehicles, the vehicles may not be sport vehicles - which means - all the exclusive vehicles are not to be used in the race. Any non-exclusive vehicle (the ones which are not limited) can be used. Exception are motorbikes - no motorbikes allowed, and no vehicles bigger than the FBI Rancher are allowed. Logically, no aircraft, boats, vortexes are allowed either. 2. Rewards Per achieved position: 1st place: $500,000 2nd place: $250,000 3rd place: $100,000 You can participate in all three races, and you will receive rewards for the each race you win. Additional bonuses for: 1. Damage level: > 920hp = $100,000 2. Damage level: 850-920hp = $50,000 3. Winning the race with a vehicle whose maximum speed is < 150 km/h = $200,000 3. Route, Time and Date 27/12/2018 - 16:00 28/12/2018 - 16:00 29/12/2018 - 16:00
  19. 1 point
    I'm glad you recognize that what you have done was wrong and I trust that you won't do it again. However you must still be punished, as such, I will wait another week before making a decision on your appeal. Review date set for 2019/01/01.
  20. 1 point
    You were banned on October the nineteenth and not in the first of September, this is really easy to check and I advise you to check it next time. I banned you and not Arthur, and I assume you have learnt your lesson. Think on that as your last chance, you are now unbanned. Do not break the rules again.
  21. 1 point
    How do you think other players feel having to play against someone using aimbot?
  22. 1 point
    Ban evading. Re apply in 2 months! Denied!
  23. 1 point
    If you create a group of 4 people then you are the don, underboss and the capo. You didn't understand what I said and I'll say it one more time. People here think they're too good to be the lowest rank in a group. It's not easy to overcome your winning and leading mentality, but once you do that you'll be satisfied. This is only a game after all. If you have 4 friends that doesn't mean all of them should start with high ranks. For example you decide to open a taxi company in real life and you need 10 drivers for your cars and 2 people to manage the company. What will happen if you have 10 friends who want to work for you, but not as drivers, but as managers because they're all your friends? Will you still hire them eventhough that will make you lose money? I doubt it. In order to make something work you need to do it the right way. The purpose of role play is taking a role from real life and acting as real as possible, but in order to do that, you need some knowledge, you can't start from nowhere. In my opinion people who always want to win in-game and don't know how to achieve it, are losers in real life. You'll never get on top of a mountain without being in the bottom first. And yes, Soprano has the best structure. If you look closely, that's what I said.
  24. 1 point
    Recommended for the following reasons: +Very Friendly +Good English Capabilities +Helpful +Active Good Luck......
  25. 1 point
    Recommended for: + Active + Good English + Helpful Good Luck.
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