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    We have held some meetings last days in administration and management to discuss the plans for future of the server. There are some obvious issues we observe currently in server from lack of defined roleplay level, mix between players leaning on less RP and players leaning on more RP, lack of newbie friendliness, having it hard for them to settle in and so on. After discussions we have decided the following: We will work on some newbie friendly features and changes, such as, protecting new players from robberies and kidnaps, giving new players small benefits such as one free name change, less requirements for obtaining things if deemed fit, making staff team more focused at properly guiding new players and resolving nay issues they may face, improving tutorial and making it easier to understand the server We will add a contributor position on discord, forum and possibly in-game for members who make YouTube videos, or stream on Twitch, or post things on social media platforms, if they are willing to occasionally post content containing Mudoo servers, we will give them the role and potentially give them some features / benefits as a thank you We will limit the number of criminal groups in the server and appoint administrators with experience and / or allow players with experience and clean punishment record to be mentors / leaders in criminal groups, to prevent the groups from degrading in quality, and to ensure that the groups behave and operate in a respectable manner to the roleplay standard we wish to achieve and maintain. We will redefine certain rules and clarify them further in order for them to be more comprehensive, understandable and clear about their meaning. We are planning to define specifics on robberies, kidnaps, murders and group wars, and manners in which these shall occur. We will work on synchronizing administration team to work better and more consistently, to avoid different administrators enforcing rules and interpreting rules differently. We need an administration team that enforces all the rules in same manner and with no wrong interpretations. What we want to do is, first and foremost, establish "law and order" in the server, by enforcing rules better, with less subjectivity and less wrongful interpretations. We want to keep the server as a simple and fun server, but also to maintain a good amount of roleplay in it as it is in the end a roleplay server. We do not aim to be a tryhard hardcore roleplay server. We will not limit the fun and simplicity of the server. We will adjust certain features that were recently added to be more fitting. It is difficult for us to make a move without nicking one side. We have a player base that is divided into people who are in favor of more roleplay, and one side of people who are in favor of fun and less roleplay. We want to satisfy both sides as much as we can, balance between the both. For anything further, we're open for suggestions and feedback. Feel free to post below if you have any proposals or suggestions.
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    Action Grams / Ammo Money Weed sold since 03/10/2019 472,673 $42,686,523 Heroin sold since 03/10/2019 106,045 $9,915,511 Meth sold since 03/10/2019 17,018 $1,525,097 Bought dealer ingredients since 03/10/2019 / $2,510,276 Bought metals and fabrics since 03/10/2019 4,122 $1,454,750 Metals bought 2425 $606.250 Fabric bought 1697 $848.500 Collected paychecks (All jobs) since 03/10/2019 / $14,532,227 Total M4 ammo (raw weapon, not case) 141,585 Total AK47 ammo (raw weapon, not case) 51,769 Total Sniper ammo (raw weapon, not case) 37,117 Total M4 cases 506 Total AK47 cases 109 Total Sniper cases 476 Halloween Weapon cases given 536 Weed given 9,067 Heroin given 10,441 Meth given 13,456 Potentially approximately Player Produced M4 cases 164 AK47 cases 282 Sniper cases 78 In short, what do these statistics tell us? Approximately $55 million in profit was made through drug sales IN ONLY ONE MONTH. Ingredients cost approximately $2 million It is questionable if players even produced these numbers (164, 282, 78) as they're just calculations based on how many metals / fabrics was purchased and on average how many are taken for a gunpart, and then how many gunparts takes for each weapon. Those numbers can vary up / down. So, these numbers show, you have absolutely no rights to cry about it being difficult to make money, to have weapons, or that cops are overpowered and whatever else. You are just too damn lazy to work for your money, all you have to do is to put minimum effort into it, but you ask for it to be easier and expect it for free.
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    Heart this if you love sunsets, sunrises, night skies and me.
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    LOCAL | CRIME | ENTERTAINMENT | POLITICS | SPORTS | TRAVEL | HEALTH | WEATHER | OPINION | NATIONAL POLITICS Govt. Candidate Lance Ricci shares wisdom. By: Rachel Toretto | NOVEMBER 7th, 2019. Image: Candidate L.Ricci and San Andreas News CEO R.Toretto in an interview. Lance Ricci, an active Fire Department member who is currently a candidate in the governorship elections shared some wise words with the CEO of San Andreas News in an interview. Mister L.Ricci, a 47 years old British male was invited to an interview by CEO R.Toretto at her office. A detailed conversation took place in which L.Ricci shared his motives and thoughts. He began his talk by saying "My will and mission goes to helping people and making them reach their goals. And what better place than the government to start from!" Fair point we shall say. Mister Ricci stressed the fact that "San Andreas is overrun by criminals and muggers, the crime rate has increased higher than ever. It has taken away people's lives from them." He also added that it has been happening due to increasing taxes which causes severe stress for people who then resort to crimes and illegal activities. The governorship candidate shared that he plans to spend part of the government funds on loans which will be issued to small business startups which show potential for growth. Mister Ricci promises he will bring reforms to the taxation system and lower them as they are the "root" to all problems. He also added "there are plans for state services as well, regarding their paychecks, working hours and equipment that they use." Is Lance Ricci the rightful carrier of the future of San Andreas? Share your thoughts in the comment section below! YOUR ADVERTISEMENT HERE. CONTACT US NOW! ((Use the format below to write a comment.)) [b]Username:[/b] [b]Comment:[/b]
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    We should start by removing these cancerous players that cry and troll 24/7 acting like they care for the server.
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    What is your in-game name? David_Rogers Which player(s) do you want to report? Pablo Gambino, Carlo Gambino, Gustavo Gambino, Andrea Gambino When did the rulebreak happen? 11/04/19 Which players did witness the rulebreak happening? Salvatore_DeLuca, Aria Hughes, Abramo Andolini What happened? (quote what rule was broken) I was gambling at 4D with random players. Pablo Gambino arrives and wants to play but he acts childish and I refused playing with him. Later he called his DM team and returned. He got into the queue again, trying to ''play.'' But his real intention this time was not to play, but to kill me, to cause a DM fest. Abramo was sitting in my right, so I asked Abramo whether I should forgive Pablo and let him play. Abramo said yes, forgive him, and that's what I did. Pablo said 500k x2 and I gave him the go. He didn't throw the dice, but Carlo interfered by saying ''What did you say, haha''. He took out his Deagle, killing me, as he wrote, /me shooting his head. I have 2 days that I returned from my long term inactivity and I didn't expect to receive such blatant DM, especially coming from people who are part of the so-called ''staff team''. Follow the full situation below: Pablo and his team DM arrive, Pablo gets on the queue waiting to play: [20:20:23] Pablo Gambino says: 500k 3x I turn at Abramo: [20:20:36] David Rogers says: Hey Abramo [20:20:39] David Rogers says: Should I forgive and let him play? [20:20:43] David Rogers says: You choose Carlo Gambino interfers: [20:20:45] Carlo Gambino says: What did you say [20:20:46] Pablo Gambino says: Haha Abramo again: [20:20:55] Abramo Andolini says [Italian accent]: Let him he is a kid [20:20:56] Pablo Gambino says: Should i forgive you? [20:20:59] * Carlo Gambino pulls out his deagle. [20:21:04] Carlo Gambino says: say that again (((((What did I actually say?))) [20:21:05] * Pablo Gambino pulls out a glock As Abramo said let him play, I decided to do so: [20:21:05] David Rogers says: Alright Abramo, just because you say so. [20:21:08] David Rogers says: I will forgive him. I give Pablo the go, so he throws the dice. [20:21:09] David Rogers says: Go. As I mentioned above, they weren't there to play but to enjoy a DM fest. Right after I tell Pablo ''Go'', they randomly, take out their weapons and shoot me to death. Look at the impressive roleplay they performed. Why should they take weapons and shoot, (with impressive roleplay as the following), when I allowed Pablo to gamble, and gave him the ''Go''? Trigger happy DM-ers. [20:21:20] * Carlo Gambino shooting his head. [20:21:21] * Andrea Gambino takes out deagle That's it, I died. Wait, it's not over yet. They shot at anyone who was just standing still and waiting their turn to gamble with me. One of them is Ignadio. [20:21:50] {FFFFFF}Aria_Hughes (23){FFFFFF}: Ingo didn't shot any shit [20:21:55] {FFFFFF}Aria_Hughes (23){FFFFFF}: why you shot him ? Then..the hunger begins. Carlo, self-claimed millionaire, is as degenerate as he starts robbing M4 cases, with zero roleplay. [20:22:15] * Carlo Gambino robs a(n) M4 from Abramo Andolini. [20:22:40] * Carlo Gambino robs a(n) M4 from Aria Hughes. These logs prove exactly Carlo Gambino's purposes that he is here to deathmatch and not provide quality roleplay as a leader of a criminal group, followed by his teammates who did the same as him. Moreover a member of the staff team falls in the same low-level of Carlo and assists him in the blatant deathmatch. Hey, don't forget, /me shooting his head. Evidence Provided.
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    Amount of roleplay is a subjective measurement based on personal preferences. Some consider roleplay just the amount of times you use /me and /do. Some consider roleplay as character development. Some consider roleplay as realistic behavior. There are many subjective approaches as to what roleplay is. Now, to you, this might seem like a cops'n'robbers server, however, let's take for example LSRP. What is different in essence? They have large number of gangs, and a large number of cops. What happens between them? Constant shootouts and pursuits. I've been a cop in LSRP and I can tell you nothing is different except people cry less and are more accepting of loss. However, pursuits, shootouts, and all that stuff occurs frequently. Though, the gang members roleplay between themselves way more than groups roleplay with themselves in Mudoo. In Mudoo, groups only get together to attack enemies, they don't hold casual roleplay between themselves. That is one part of the issue. A group is supposed to be some sort of unity of members who play together and roleplay with each other. Not just be a group when it's about capturing turfs and shooting enemies, and all the other time playing solo.
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    LOCAL | CRIME | ENTERTAINMENT | POLITICS | SPORTS | TRAVEL | HEALTH | WEATHER | OPINION | NATIONAL CRIME Yet another chase ending in a gunfight. By: Rachel Toretto | OCTOBER 19th, 2019. Senior State Trooper Sam Rosso initially pulling over the suspect. At around 22:26, Senior State Trooper Sam Rosso spotted a carriage truck driving on the wrong side of the road, endangering lives of the citizens, he instantly pulled over the vehicle but not everything went as expected.... The suspect, whose name we have not received yet, started actively evading from the scene after pulling over for about 10 seconds. Trooper Rosso followed him cautiously from wide roads to narrow alleys. The truck finally came to an abrupt stop near the famous Idlewood 24/7. Evader immediately ran inside the supermarket. Backup soon arrived and the policemen decided to rush inside together. Somehow the suspect managed to escape from the 24/7 and stole an unattended vehicle near the supermarket, The policemen decided to pop the vehicle's tires so the suspect would not cause any further damage to the public. To no-one's surprise, the suspect withdrew a firearm and then ran inside the Idlewood Pizza Stacks. All responding officers set a perimeter and then pushed inside the restaurant with assault rifles. SAN News members followed inside and took pictures of the scene from cover. One of the officers took heavy fire and got his vest broken. One civilian, who was later identified as martial artist Assassin Rogers, tried to take law into his own hands and rushed towards the suspect, injuring himself badly. After an exchange of bullets for a few intense moments, the suspect was finally neutralized. He was later treated and taken into police custody. He is now facing criminal charges for his wrongdoings. All of this could have been avoided, had the suspect accepted his mistake and agreed to pay a mere ticket. Do you think it was worth it? Drop your thoughts in the comment box below. YOUR ADVERTISEMENT HERE. CONTACT US NOW! ((Use the format below to write a comment.)) [b]Name:[/b] [b]Comment:[/b]
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    LOCAL | CRIME | ENTERTAINMENT | POLITICS | SPORTS | TRAVEL | HEALTH | WEATHER | OPINION | NATIONAL LOCAL Help the helpers: Join the Fire Department! By: Rachel Toretto | NOVEMBER 14th, 2019. IMAGE: Fire Department members aiding an injured civilian. After the unannounced reinstatement of Ex-Fire Chief Maxim Perez as Asst. Chief, Fire Department has started actively looking for brave people willing to put their lives at risks for the greater good of San Andreas and it's residents. Ever since SAFD's establishment in February 1, 1886, it had many ups and downs, especially with the amount of employees serving the department. Recently, the Fire Department has faced probably the most severe lack of employees ever in it's entire term. This is a direct consequence of other startups popping up in the state providing people with safer and higher paying jobs. This has also brought up questions and misconceptions into the minds of helpful and kind people who are willing to come forward and serve the Fire Department with courage and dignity. They are skeptical whether or not it is actually worth it to join the Fire Department and whether they're likely to die sooner than they have expected by getting enlisted under SAFD. Well, to clear off most of the misconceptions, it is more likely for an FD member to die of heart attacks or other heart conditions than dying from a fire in the line of duty. Once enlisted with the Fire Department, members experience intense trainings before they are actually allowed to respond to active fire in a burning therefore the chances of getting burned or badly injured in a burning house interior are very low. Not to mention the heavy protective gear that keeps them away from the fire. According to SAFD's website, an applicant needs to meet the following requirements before applying: These requirements can easily be met by any clean civilian living in the State of San Andreas. We urge everyone to apply if they want to positively change the future of San Andreas. SPONSORED BY: ((Use the format below to write a comment.)) [b]Username:[/b] [b]Comment:[/b]
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    I will continue to make more videos if I am supplied adequate weaponry in-game to shoot people when required.
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    That shittalk on public chat is also what makes up fake kidnapping situations resulting in big shotout between groups and continuing to shotout between the alive group and PD
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    accept it or not some DM fights start by /p fights and end up by kidnapping or robbing reason,completely remove public chat NOT disable it for few hours
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    and I assume you would be the perfect candidate for the job with your extensive experience at failing to even manage a car tuning store at Idlewood where you asked for hideous ranks for yourself?
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    A thing I would suggestion is that prioritize the use of pistol ((9mm)) instead of desert eagle ((colt 45.)) . In reality few shots of any desert eagle even a magnum can make your hands pain but no logic of it being used in San Andreas so normally. In which world do every single person possess a desert eagle like literally. It should be pistol available so if it comes to a shootout we can make it interesting.
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    Your video's description is saying, and I quote, "hello guys hope you enjoyed my edits". This is misleading as heck, you did not make this video and you never credited the actual author(s) of the video, you only added an intro and an outro to it, added some music and passed it off as your own. This is called "plagiarism", in grown up terms. You decided not to mention that you didn't create the actual trailer but only after you were called out for it. This was a nice trailer until you decided to represent it as your own by changing a few small details, this is not how it works here. Once you create a trailer for real, you are welcomed to share it with the public.
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    Just as with the rest, all abused profits have been retrieved back. From the total amount of $29.740.800 abused profit, $5.892.586 has been taken in cash, $5.000.000 has been retrieved by taking the two NRG's (valued $2.5M each), rest has been retrieved in co-operation with another player. Thus, all abused cash has been returned. Unban and possible other punishments are yet to be decided according to the normal unban guidelines.
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    This happens when you have people like Carlo leading groups. People who have 0 sense on how to do a proper roleplay.
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    Turn Mudoo into a CnR server because everyone supports this idea no one in here likes to Roleplay those who wanna roleplay gets dmed everytime when they are doing it but they get tired of trying and just join the dm team and again bang bang and cops giving out tickets at shootouts the server is literally a mess people just barely follow the rule just to get to the DM part we have planes parked everywhere like a war zone the scripts are not doing any favor for roleplay or making any player follow rules it just making it worse by adding little scripts time by time groups rivalling are terrorists vs mafia and cops sometimes cops join one criminal group side to kill the others just for the shooting fun they are overpowered and there is constant crying when one group dies by another if the server is CnR which allows DM and other stuff no one will complain over the silly stuff and no more reports of crying every thing be cool and Mudoo right now is just a dm server with roleplay rules and people follow it barely and we have the shittest admins for a rp server who also abuse their powers on others this server will work better as a CnR or gang war server rather than a roleplay server because no one has the ability to do and if someone does he just gets tired of it because others don't do it all and all the rp has been only done on forums fancy /sit 1 SS and thats all.
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    more roleplay or not?
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    Both merged = More playerbase, more features which is perfect.
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    NAME: Lance Ricci DATE OF BIRTH (CHARACTER): 1973/1/10 OCCUPATION: Former Manager and car salesman at Luxury Auto Dealership, Part time Firefighter, Fisherman, Interior designer and Electrician at Pucut's Interior designs.
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    What is your in-game name? Keiffer Moore Which player(s) do you want to report? Toni Andolini When did the rulebreak happen? 10/29/19 Which players did witness the rulebreak happening? Merck Gray What happened? (quote what rule was broken) Toni Andolini abused the accept death script by accepting death as soon as he saw an officer arrive and as soon as he was being revived by the EMS, refusing to co-operate with the roleplay scenario He then proceeded to flame me in private messages for no apparent reason after I realised /report was broken and would not let me report him, as it claims he is a staff member when /admins has shown otherwise, please find attached the screenshots of the situation (imgur link as images are too big to be attached) {URL}https://imgur.com/a/G5qQKyn{/URL} Evidence https://imgur.com/a/G5qQKyn
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    they're not interested in accepting repairs from mechanics and are rather paying more in pay'n'spray because they're animals. that's a simple way to put it. factually majority of the players in the server are just playing for convenience. this server allows them to have a convenient gameplay. other roleplay servers - you damage your vehicle severely - you have to pay a fuckload of money to repair it, and money is difficult to obtain. you can't just /V my and respawn it back if you lost it. you can't just take a civilian car and drive around with it if you don't own any car. you can't just bitch at /p over everything without a consequence. you can't just turn every situation in a shootout because you're a big mean immune mafia boss. these are the permanent caustic effects our player base has on the server gameplay. if we went now and tried to remove features like despawning own vehicles, or going back to making people mandatory repair at mechanics, and removing /V tow, and removing civilian vehicles and adding rentals, and so on.... most of these lazy imbeciles would disappear because it wouldn't be "convenient" for them anymore to have a flawless deathmatch experience in a server.
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    Muki, The mechanic job is one of the worst jobs currently, And about thr fact that you said, Thr "Whole admin team" Is not like so, I personally started doing FD missions, I also picked up on fishing, I personally NEVER cared about armour and weapons, I probably have the least kills in the server, I also do my things with RP whenever I can, And I personally reward people who do unique things like the mechanic job with rp.
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    In-game name: Reis_Mucahit Date of when you discovered the bug: 10/26/19 What feature is the bug relevant to: properties Explain how does the bug occur: cctv's added in property yards dont show the characters,vehicles or /gate when we do /cctv. Additional content: real background: cctv footage:
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    Greetings fellow mudoo players. I would like to say good morning and have a great day!
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    Denied. Do not appeal till January 2020.
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    The server lately turned into a pure TDM server between all groups that allied and cops. Every situation, even a traffic stop, leads to a pursuit and a shootout. Every opportunity is used to be a shootout. And the shootouts repeat as soon as people die and respawn. They rearm and repeat the cycle. This is not acceptable. This is not roleplay. And this is going to end. Today. Any pity reason to ignite a shootout, such as a mere traffic stop, will be invalid and considered DM. Any failure to roleplay will be punished. Official groups are to be role models to the server and be examples of appropriate behavior, roleplay and effort. Not a group for a settlement of anti-roleplay individuals who ignite deathmatch and shootouts with any opportunity they get. This is an example of a shootout hungry person. 28-12-2018 15:54:30 - ************: /pm 16 lewis tell peter and others to start planting weed field so csd can come This is an example of a shootout hungry person. 28-12-2018 15:44:49 - [BLA] **********: go for c4's 28-12-2018 15:44:54 - [BLA] ********** : and go for atm's afterwards 28-12-2018 15:45:04 - [BLA] ********** : every cop will come for us This is an example of a shootout hungry person. These examples are everything that is wrong in this server. The people whose interests are personal entertainment in form of shootouts. Players who should transform themselves into players of our TDM server. HostName: >> Call of Duty: Global Warfare II << Address: tdm.mudoogaming.com:7777 Mode: COD:GW II V1.0.15 (TDM/DM/WAR) This is our TDM server. Join it. Play it for shootouts. I insist on prioritization of roleplay, while we do not ask for hardcore realistic roleplay, we do ask for bare minimum of roleplay. And that means avoiding shootouts when possible to do so, and not using any small situation for a reason to have a shootout. And this is what we will also insist from official groups to enforce. To be an example to everyone and teach its members and others to prioritize roleplay.
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    Weston Is A Lazy Ass . Who Agrees With Me.?
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    What is your in-game name? Amin_Gambino Which player(s) do you want to report? Aiko_Karannah When did the rulebreak happen? 11/07/19 Which players did witness the rulebreak happening? every online player What happened? (quote what rule was broken) i just entered my car,she suddenly came and spammed RPG on me she DMed everyone on sight,she wanted to quit mudoo and dmed everyone before that [14:12:54] {FFFFFF}SA-MP {B9C9BF}0.3DL {FFFFFF}Started [14:12:55] Connecting to [14:12:56] Connected. Joining the game... [14:12:57] Connection as 0.3.7 [14:12:57] Connecting to [14:12:57] Connected. Joining the game... [14:13:02] Connected to {B9C9BF}Mudoo Roleplay [14:13:05] You successfully logged in, Amin_Gambino. [14:13:05] *** [#555] Amin Gambino joined the channel. [14:13:05] You have a pending paycheck of ,400. [14:13:10] *** [#555] Daryl Reznov: new recruit [14:13:12] {FFFFFF}Amin_Gambino (0){FFFFFF}: aiko what the actual fuck [14:13:16] *** [#555] Daryl Reznov: big DMER [14:13:17] Screenshot Taken - sa-mp-671.png [14:13:19] {2AAF18}Aiko_Kannareth (13){FFFFFF}: ? [14:13:19] PM from Alvin_Scott (4): Madar jende ba RPG zad gaeeidamesh [14:13:20] *** [#555] Tiny Hunter: nice meet to you im shad [14:13:25] {FFFFFF}Edward_McGregor (5){FFFFFF}: Nice DM, Aiko. [14:13:25] *** [#555] Tiny Hunter: tf both died? [14:13:27] {FFFFFF}Amin_Gambino (0){FFFFFF}: stop it [14:13:28] {FFFFFF}Spex_Wilson (7){FFFFFF}: aiko is killing people for no reason [14:13:29] {2AAF18}Aiko_Kannareth (13){FFFFFF}: DM what lol [14:13:34] {FFFFFF}Edward_McGregor (5){FFFFFF}: Mind telling why did you just shoot us with an RPG? [14:13:34] {FFFFFF}Alvin_Scott (4){FFFFFF}: why RPG HUH !? [14:13:35] {2AAF18}Aiko_Kannareth (13){FFFFFF}: I'm in RC [14:13:38] {FFFFFF}Edward_McGregor (5){FFFFFF}: Straight outta nowhere. [14:13:47] *** [#555] Alfred House: GUys look. Evidence i only got this ss,check the logs please http://uupload.ir/files/71z6_sa-mp-671.png
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    fuck off with your retarded posts already, every time i see you posting, it's about TURN MUDOO INTO CNR.
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    The player haven't seen since 15th of October so according to that we think that he has some IRL problems and therefore I decided to lock and archive this report and handle it once the player is seen IG. L&A.
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    What is your in-game name? Jack Krauser Which player(s) do you want to report? Brian Woods When did the rulebreak happen? 10/15/19 Which players did witness the rulebreak happening? None What happened? (quote what rule was broken) What basically happened was that, I was searching for him as he was suspected for something which I don't remember. So I ran a MDC check on him and traced his phone, the trace showed that he is at Verona Beach, once I arrived there at Verona Beach, I had a visual on him, I told him to handsup using /b2, but he decided to open fire on me, then I knocked him, after some seconds he /q'ed. I basically don't have any evidence of knocking him, but senior admins and plus can just check the death logs of me knocking him. Evidence I only have this.
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    > create many topics >> do not implement methods on the server > people have an unclear mindset > blame one another this is the current society
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    Havent seen Brian Woods ig yet.
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    What is your in-game name? Garet_Idlewod Which staff member banned you? Its a kids When did you get banned? 10/31/19 What is the ban reason? Trolling Personal comment Hello, First of all I aplogize for i made troll in the Hellicopter.I made ban for Troll and would like to turn myself Unban so i can be Medicision to heal a persons, Available to turn unban?
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    You were banned for ban evading, Randy. Appeal properly.
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    so I would be more turn for it unban
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    Oct 5, 2019 Senator Leonardo Carter United States Senate San Andreas Senator Matthew Carter United States Senate San Andreas Senator Frank Thompson United States Senate San Andreas Dear Senators, I write in response to the recent notice sent to me to show up in front of Congress. I won't be able to face you in a direct meeting as our intelligence has strictly disallowed me of any meetings. As at the meeting we had last Sunday, it was decided that both sides would co-operate with each other on all the issues of Bone County. SAPD doesn't seem to be working on it. Day by day violations are increasing and as by today, I have locked down Bone County again. You vowed to give us our very own Governor, our own law enforcement and we would have the option to deal with crimes in Bone County. A week passed and Government didn't work on any of the promised stuff. You should have cleared FCPD for our own law enforcement so that BCR could start working on crimes in Bone County. SAPD doesn't seem to give a damn about the agreement. They enter Bone County without our permission and arrest our people. I won't let that happen anymore. If a crime is committed in Los Santos and the suspect is related to BCR, we will hand him over to you if you even try to talk with us. Crimes in BC have nothing to do with SAPD and they should be strictly prohibited from entering Bone County without telling Bone County Resistance. We are willing to co-operate for the future of our people but SAGOV doesn't seem to be in senses. Bone County will remain locked until Congress comes with a solution to the problem. I won't put it all on SAGOV. Our civilians and soldiers have done some violations too. I am personally looking at all the reports I am receiving about our soldiers and they will be dealt with soon. I want SAGOV to co-operate too. I want them to warn SAPD from entering Bone County so that things can go back to normal. We have no problem with federal authorities i.e FBI entering Bone County but I would never allow your law enforcement to take my people. Here are my few demands: 1. Provide us our own representative in the Senate as soon as possible. 2. Approve BCPD as the only law enforcement to handle crimes in Bone County. 3. Move your files and data from FCPD and change its name to Bone County Police Department. 4. Provide BCPD with necessary equipment so they can fight crimes in Bone County. I hope you will look at our demands and come up with a neutral solution for both sides. Bone County will remain closed for outsiders until further notice. Sincerely, Daryl Reznov General of Bone County Resistance
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