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    As you have seen lately, the lately released Roleplay server known as RPG has made a huge success and hopefully it will continue. Our management and our developers goal now is to revive our COD:GW server while at the same time they will keep on giving updates to RPG. Now as most of you may know that this server had many ups and downs due to many internal problems (the betrayal of Vandetta then the failure of Ultimate Gaming). And that made many of our players quit the server due to a three time stats reset and not that much of new features. So I am addressing this topic to our fellow community members, we need your feedback, your ideas and your point of view to bring this server back to its glorious times since you are the people who can judge it. How can you help? Lately, I have so many people from admins and players saying that we need to change the server name due to the reputation it gained in the latest years. I might agree with those people but they didnt give much ideas about a new server name. So my friends, I am asking you to give us your feedback to ameliorate the server and its features that I will mention in this topic. - If you have in mind an idea for a new name post it in our suggestions board; - If you have any features to be added or features that need to be changed due to reasons and failure to comply its role, post it in our suggestions board. Features that we have right now We have got plenty of features that used to be and may still be unique such us: - Duel system; - Event system which used to be created by lead administrators and plus like TDM event, DM event, Shamal event, PTP event and so many others; - Different mass deadly weapons such us Bioligical weapon, nukes, EMPs, AAD; - We have different classes that you unlock by getting the score that I will mention down below -Different teams -Mines and C4 -Military Equipment and many other potential zones that gives you some advantages -Dead bodies (used especially by spies) -Dropping weapons -Bonus zone and bonus player -Automated anti base rape -Plane bombs and Refuilling station -Medkits - Headshot system and helmets - Anti c-bug -Death-match stadium and minigun stadium -clan system but the clan wars are missing so I did some manually -Customized map ... and way too many other features that I may not know or even know about. Either way mainly it is the old script Classes, their abilities and others Assault: no ability Medic:healing himself and his team mates Support: giving health and armor Demo:arming and disarming mines and c4s Custom: customize your class the way you want Pilots : using hydras,hunters and seasparrows Engineers: fixing cars, antennas and using tanks Spy: disguise into other team skin from a dead body Tournaments and lack of active Staff members When the server will be back(hopefully it will), we are planning on organizing summer games and tournaments which hopefully will not be a failure like what happened in spring games. So we are hiring some staff members due to the lack of staff members. So if you are an ex staff member or you have some experience in administrating contact any manager or community manager about it or even you can apply for the moderator position. Even if you don't want to be hired you can suggest for us some events that you may like to see and kindly explain them
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    Hello our dear players! It's been a week since we re-opened the server, and the amount of players, support and positivity within the community certainly overwhelmed us! We wish to thank you all for joining our community and playing on our server. Now we're gonna close.... nah this adventure has only begun. @LocMax and myself are working actively on adding suggestions that you submit and repair bugs that you report. We will have regular updates that will address all the issues and have new additions. We apologies once again for the multiple server crashes we had the past few days. We have fixed it and are proceeding in finishing the last reported bugs. We have new amazing features on our todo, so stay tuned! I'd also want to thank those that are willing to donate. We'll setup the donation system a soon as possible so you guys will actually have some stuff in return as a small 'thank you'. Although, if you cant wait, you're able to buy Mudoo credits on the panel which you can use to pay for a donator rank. If you have any feedback, or complaints about the server, or the way staff handle matters, feel free to submit it to us, we accept it! And no, we won't punish you for giving us honest feedback, because it's the only way we can improve ourselves and the community! Once more, thank you, and enjoy playing!
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    1. COMMON RULES 01. RESPECT We understand that we are a gaming community in an online world where there are not really any boundaries to what one would say or do. However, we want our community to preserve atmosphere of respect, friendliness and unity. Always keep in mind, this is a game, we're a gaming community, you shouldn't get to a point where you disrespect people on personal level due to something that happens in a virtual world, in a game. Make friends, respect everybody, be positive, and help us create the friendly and positive atmosphere we seek to create, maintain and preserve. 02. ABUSE OF BUG AND EXPLOITS Abuse of bugs and exploits is the act of performing certain actions while using bugs or exploits either from the game itself or the server scripts. It is not allowed. Any server bugs must be reported as soon as they have been discovered. Failure to report bugs and usage of such bugs will result in permanent ban. If you report a major bug or exploit you may receive a reward. Example: [#01] John Doe uses c-bug to shoot faster. [#02] John Doe finds an exploit that lets him gain more money in shorter amount of time, uses the exploit and doesn't report it. 03. HACKING Hacking is the act of using software, mods or other tools that give you advantage, or create any sort of disturbance of other players, or interfere with the regular functioning of the server and its scripts, systems and processes. It is not allowed and will be harshly punished. Example: [#01] John Doe uses health hack to become invincible. [#02] John Doe uses hack that allows him to throw players in air in order to have a giggle. 04. SPAMMING/FLOODING Spamming and flooding is the act of sending same messages over and over again, or random nonsense messages, that have no meaning or reasoning behind them. It is not allowed. Example: [#01] John Doe keeps sending the word 'shit' 10 times in the chat. [#02] John Doe keeps writing 'aeaegbinaeoiaoieoai' in the chat 05. ADMINISTRATOR'S DECISION IS FINAL If an administrator gets involved into a situation, and instructs the involved parties to do something, then that decision must be followed, no arguing, no debating, and no talking back. If you believe the decision was wrong, you may submit a report on the administrator, which will be reviewed by the server management. However, there, at scene, and in-game, no debates, discussions and arguing over it. It WILL be punished. Example: [#01] Administrator tells parties involved in a shootout to stop shooting each other and leave separate ways, John Doe disagrees with it and starts debating and arguing with the administrator. 06. PUNISHMENT EVASION Punishment evasion is the act of attempting to evade a punishment that is about to, or has been given to you. It is not allowed. Example: [#01] John Doe gets banned, and attempts to get into the server (ban evading). [#02] John Doe gets questioned about why did he deathmatch Jane Doe, and then quits the game to avoid possible punishment for his actions. 07. TRADE OR SALE OF GAME ITEMS OR ACCOUNTS Trading your account or selling your account, and any sort of sale of in-game items for real money and any such act is not allowed. Example: [#01] John Doe offers to sell 500g of weed for $5 (real life money). [#02] John Doe offers to trade his account for Jane Doe's account. 08. USE OF MULTIPLE ACCOUNTS Creating and using multiple accounts is against the rules as well as creating accounts and sending your newbie money to your real account. Example: [#01] John Doe creates a second account and begins playing with it because his other account is in debt. [#02] John Doe creates a second account and starts giving money to his real account. 09. COMMON SENSE Any action that causes obstruction of gameplay to other players, or causes unfair environment, gives you unfair gain of goods, makes you get something you're not supposed to have, gives you advantages over other players that cannot be in any way obtained in the server, makes other players feel uncomfortable, or is deemed inappropriate by an administrator is forbidden. Example: [#01] John Doe gets his friend James Doe to register an account and purchase a house to give John Doe a key to it so John Doe can bypass the 3 house limit while James Doe has no intent of playing in the server and thereby is unnecessarily harboring a house which could be actively used by an active player. 2. ROLEPLAY RULES 01. POWERGAMING Powergaming is the act of forcing certain actions upon another player, or performing unrealistic actions yourself. It is not allowed. Example: [#01] John Doe roleplays that he punches Jane Doe and states the punch would kill her, even though Jane Doe wishes to roleplay injuries instead. [#02] John Doe roleplays that he can fly because he was bit by a spider that gave him the superpowers. 02. DEATHMATCHING Deathmatching is the act of killing another player with no (valid) reason to do so, such as no prior roleplay interaction that would lead to a legitimate murder. It is not allowed. Example: [#01] John Doe kills Jane Doe because John claims to be a serial killer who wishes to kill anyone he comes across. [#02] John Doe kills Jane Doe because Jane cut him off with a vehicle on the road. 03. REVENGE KILLING Revenge killing is the act of killing a player who had previously killed you or has done something in an ended roleplay scenario. It is not allowed. Example: [#01] John Doe kills Jane Doe after Jane Doe killed John Doe. [#02] John Doe kills Jane Doe because 3 days ago Jane rammed his vehicle. 04. RETURNING AFTER DEATH Returning after death is the act of returning to a scene at which you have died. It is not allowed. Example: [#01] John Doe comes back to Idlewood where he was killed by the Police, and starts getting involved into the same scene again. 05. FAILURE TO ROLEPLAY Failure to roleplay is the act of refusing to roleplay or failing to roleplay with one or more players for whatever reason. It is not allowed. This is a roleplay server and roleplay must be created and upheld in every interaction with other players. Liked them or not, remember that what happens between your characters doesn't make it relevant on personal level. Avoiding power- or meta-gaming attempts from the approaching side does not mean the defending party is refusing to roleplay. Both parties have the right to, within the rules, roleplay towards the outcome they prefer. Example: [#01] John Doe refuses to roleplay with Jane Doe because he is tired of roleplaying. [#02] John Doe refuses to roleplay with Jane Doe because Jane Doe scammed him 3 days ago. 06. CARJACKING Carjacking is the act of taking a vehicle from a player who is actively driving the vehicle without roleplaying the action and without letting the driver of the vehicle respond to your roleplay attempts. It is not allowed. Example: [#01] John Doe presses the enter button that will make the character enter the vehicle and throw the driver of it outside without any roleplay actions. 07. ADVERTISING Advertisements are divided into roleplay advertisements, which are the in-game advertisements with the command (/ad), and out of roleplay advertisements, which usually are about other communities or servers. Roleplay advertisements must be used for roleplay purposes, such as selling your vehicle, property or selling other items that you may wish to sell.Out of roleplay advertisements are not allowed - advertising other servers or communities will result in a ban. Example: [#01] John Doe writes in chat an IP and a website of another server or community. [#02] John Doe uses /ad to say "hi everyone". 08. COPBAITING Copbaiting is the act of committing crimes with the intent of drawing police onto yourself in order to have a pursuit or be arrested, without roleplay and appropriate beforehand interaction between yourself and the police. It is not allowed and will be considered as poor roleplay. Example: [#01] John Doe starts drifting in front of a police car in order to get pursued. [#02] John Doe starts shooting in front of police officers in order to get pursued. 09. SCAMMING Scamming is the act of obtaining goods (such as money, drugs or other items) without paying for them (either by money, or other object that might be part of the deal), and it is not allowed for players that do not have a passport and a driving license, as they are new players, who need to be guided and given a chance to build their character. It is not allowed and will be punished seriously, depending on the case. Other than that, scamming is not allowed inside of a casino (scamming in the casino games such as blackjack and whichever other game might be played), but it is allowed if those games are played outside of a casino. Example: [#01] John Doe gives Jane Doe 1000g of weed, but Jane Does just quits or runs away, without paying. [#02] John Doe offers a vehicle to Jane Doe for 10000$, once Jane Doe gives the money, John Doe runs away. 10. ROBBING / SEIZING Robbing is the act of attempting to forcefully obtain goods from a player (such as money, drugs, or other), by threatening them with death or other consequence. You are not allowed to rob players that do not have a passport and a driving license, as they are new players, who need to be guided and given a chance to build their character. While performing the robbery, you are have to roleplay seizing the items from the victim first, and then you have to perform the seizure by using the /rob command. The command can be used only one time per item. If the attempt fail, you have to move to the next item. Weapons carried in-hand have to be turned with the command /givegun by the victim. This rule apply to the law enforcement version of the command as well (/seize). Example: [#01] John Doe goes to rob Jane Doe who is new to the server and has little to no money, and threatens to kill her if not given the money. [#02] John Doe goes to rob Jane Doe, and notice she has 1000 Heroin on her person. John Doe use the command /rob to get the heroin two times during the robbery. 11. FORCING INAPPROPRIATE ROLEPLAY Forcing inappropriate roleplay is the act of forcing another player to roleplay a scenario such as of sexual nature, or other nature of such nature, that the other player does not wish to participate in. Rule "Failure to Roleplay" is voided for players who refuse to participate in roleplay of such nature and cannot be forced to participate in it. Example: [#01] John Doe forces Jane Doe to roleplay sex even though Jane Doe refuses to participate in it. 12. UNREALISTIC ROLEPLAY Unrealistic roleplay is the act of attempting to perform or create scenarios that are unrealistic, similar to the"Powergaming" rule, but aimed at players attempting to roleplay as animals, or any other such unrealistic roleplay. Example: [#01] John Doe roleplays to be a dog, called Rex. 13. POSSESSION OF ITEMS If an item is in your possession, then you cannot claim to not have that item within roleplay. You cannot spawn items either, which means if you do not have an item, you cannot claim to have it and attempt to use it in roleplay. If you script-wise are in possession of an item, then you have it and may use it, if you do not, then you do not have it, and cannot use it. Example: [#01] John Doe has a knife in his possession but in-roleplay claims to not have it. [#02] John Doe does not have weed in his possession, but in-roleplay claims to have it, and roleplays it with /me
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    Then I assume your imaginary brother is using the same Android mobile and PC too. Oh yes, you still think I'm stupid. Well, it's time for you to find another place that matches for liars like you. Denied.
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    Weird that Alan and yourself are both writting a.m instead of am, but that may be just me, isnt it? Think twice before you reply as I give up in giving you more chances Mr Alan. For reference:
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    -IG Name: Marco_Lloyd -Time Zone: GMT +2 -Time Availability: 4+ -What are you currently roleplaying as?: A young black man, recently settled in Los Santos and trying to make new friends.
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    What is your in-game name? Mercury Which staff member banned you? Anonymous When did you get banned? 06/07/18 What is the ban reason? Trolling, script abuse, misbehavior Personal comment I was using my tow truck to do thief requests to make money, but since the thief location had no vehicles available, I decided to waste some time with some friends and tow trucks. Yes, we did mess around with things like towing a dozer to fling ourselves around, and putting trucks inside each other and having them pop out and stuff. We were having fun with each other and the system, but were not targeting anyone or bringing anyone else into it because, as I said, simple fun with each other. It did eventually evolve into us seeing how many vehicles we could stuff into the Pay & Spray, sure, not a good idea in hindsight but in the moment seemed like fun. Unfortunately, someone came and tried to repair at the Pay & Spray, and ended up destroying their vehicle when they got stuck trying to come out. I had thought to myself that we should go mess around in a less populated area and then my friend suggested we go to the airport, and so we did. Upon arriving to the airport I tried to tow the Nevada to see if I could and at that moment I was banned... I was never contacted by anyone in administration. I was never told to stop. I was only having harmless fun with my friends. How am I expected to "behave" when the staff doesn't even take the time to teach wrong and right, instead, they go straight to ban. Very unprofessional in my honest opinion.
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    Well then start gathering solid ideas, suggestions, plans. @OUSSEMA Also, players won't join the server if it's always 0/200. It's up to the staff team to start increasing some activity and define plans do make the game mod attractive again. Facebook posts, SA:MP forums, "Visit our COD:GW server!" message on RPG, well structured events, Clan VS Clan tournament, RPG prizes etc. Let's not sweep away the guilt to the developers because the server had a good player base at its current state: I'm sure there's more to be done but I don't think it's worth it if we don't have players in it. It's all about resource management: RP server has a big player base and its in constant development to keep usual players motivated and surely attract new ones - difference from COD is that there are actually players - so it's time well invested and with a positive outcome. Giving 1 Missile to everyone or increase the kill streak bonus ideas won't lead anywhere. Let's go, players, admin team, let's get the ball rolling.
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    That's mainly the plan. I gave @OUSSEMA the Manager rank to gather all player suggestions and bug reports so we can take care of it if we find a free spot (+ put it on hosting tab again). But right now I'm too busy with RL (work) so wont happen this week.
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    We are actually interested in "reveiving" the Global Warfare server but we are with two server developers (@LocMax and myself) that are currently working on the RPG server and have a life besides developing. We planned in updating the Global Warfare server too, but right now our main focus is to fix the bugs of the RPG server so that's stable enough to run further.
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    Since Dylan gave you the chance to write this unban, this is also your very last chance. You didn't thought about the consequences of your acts when you were happily hacking, right? Since you seem to be showing honest remorse and apparently has learned the lesson from the shock (that is what i believe on), you're unbanned. However, do not expect to ever be unbanned this year - or ever - if it happens again. Since you have ban evaded numerous times just to bother our staff, you will be unbanned only on June 20th. Not going back on this date, and the date is not subject to be contested.
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    Well .. i.m so sorry i didn't mean to do that i was so sad .. i promise i wont do it again i uninstalled the hacks and i will mever do that again i.m so sorry i have read the server rules and the unban topic i.m so sorry
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    Well if RPG is what players are focusing on why don't you try to do some cross-over events? Like event on COD:GW giving you a prize on RPG. Groups vs Groups TDM, capture specific zone etc. It's all the same community and the servers shouldn't be seen as "opponents" but instead as complementary. Talk to the Chief of the PD to organize some shooting trainings at COD:GW for example!
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    There isn't anything wrong with vehicles (or you say veh's lag) some vehicles will go underground because SA-MP load/sync vehicles before map, for example maybe you see an airfield with plane Andromeda there, if that airfield doesn't exist in original GTA map Andromeda will go underground! as far as i know, it cannot be fixed unless they move vehicles spawn place to somewhere else that not being mapped/edited (original GTA map).
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    > You're right. I'm a selfish piece of shit, a scumbag, a dickhead, as well as bunch of other things that cannot stand having my ego shaken up. Have been working on that for a while, and whether you believe it or not - I'm already trying my best to change into a better person, w/ better values. For that, you have my sincerest apology. > Can you be a little more specific please? Which member of Mudoo Gaming (who aren't part of the staff team), have I been trying to bribe with in real life money? > All cards on the table, you're right here as well. I have to admit, for the past few days I've been furious mainly because the donator system haven't been implemented yet. Everybody who knows me, whether it's in-game or in real life, knows for a fact that I'm an impatient guy. I know that patience is something I need to keep working on, but after all these months I'm slowly progressing. I apologize for threatening to not donate. > I already know that you don't tolerate such attitude, nor behavior. After all, both you and the rest of the staff team have made that loud and clear to me, a hundred of times. Personally, I don't feel it would be right of me to give you just another lame excuse on this, because both you and the community deserve better. I bet from now on, there won't be any more chances. In fact, I have a proposition for you: I've already had my first strike; that was a warning. I even got myself a second strike which was a few couple of days ago, that was enough; the last warning. If there ever were to be a third strike, then that means I would have to face the consequences. The consequences of which is that I'll get permanently banned again, only this time I won't be able to appeal the ban, nor make a new account just to ban evade. I'll bring back the good ol' polite and friendly atmosphere, which happens to be hidden deep inside me. I fully understand by now that you don't want to see anymore words; you want to see actions. After all, words is words and actions is actions. Please give me a third chance to prove myself, once and for all.
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    I give some advice . 1.Need to be Some celebrate. 2.If we cap A51 it will give us Combat. 3.Fix Veh's lag's. Veh's go In ground.And Germany Haven't Hydra. 4.in Some Place Maper's don't work good.And We need New MAP for More Fun and Player. Thanks.
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    Thanks for letting us know.
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    I'll be honest with you, all cards on the table. After the unfortunate incident which led to my account getting banned, I decided to create another account. Start from scratch, new blank papers. You may be wondering what motivated me to do so? Well, I felt I was being treated unfairly. I'm not stating that I'm all innocent, which is the standard story when cheaters appeal their in-game bans. I still believe it was wrongfully of Devitt to warn me for carjacking, mainly because he didn't have all the facts in front of him. After all, a moderator should always have sufficient enough evidence, before taking proper actions against the rulebreaker. In this case, there was a deviation. As much as I was upset because of that, I was mostly frustrated, so frustrated that I showed a completely different personality of me. I was not thinking clear at all, and acted in a way that was immature and unacceptable. I certainly apologize for my immature and childish behavior, but what's done is done - there's no going back. In my past I used to be a senior administrator, back in those good ol' days when AG/UG was shining at its brightest. The point of me saying this, is that I've been an administrator myself. I have a fairly decent amount of knowledge when it comes to SAMP, as well as solid experience from the work field. As much as I'm aware of the game rules, I should have known how to behave and control my temper. Unfortunately, in this situation I failed to do so. After all, people make mistakes, even the best of us. That's just how life is, cause we're all human beings. We're vulnerable, and personally speaking, being vulnerable is one of my biggest fears. Furthermore, I'd like to take the opportunity to apologize again. After playing numerous of hours on my second account, Titty_Boi, I've fallen in love with the server and its cool community. I have already gotten myself some enemies, but mostly new friends. It has been great to catch up with my old friends from both AG and UG, even those acquaintances who knew me but never got the chance to get to really know me. Hopefully, they'll get the chance to get to know me here on this server. LocMax, Aladeen is at your disposal.
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    you are hereby rewarded a wadiyan award of comedy
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    6 Days and my Vacation is over... and i'll go to Study again I still not unbanned I am trying to do my best and play before studing again! Chance please!
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    No no I am sorry I was just telling you that I wasn't hacking 0_0
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    All the events are over,Mudoo RPG promo deadline to submit video is on thursday,21th june so good luck guys.
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    What is your in-game name? starboy Which staff member banned you? no body When did you get banned? 06/07/18 What is the ban reason? i forgot password Personal comment please reset my password i forget my password please reset my password
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    You have bothered the ENTIRE STAFF, not only from the SA:MP server, but also from OTHER SERVERS. What the fucking hell do you got in your mind? Have you even read the unban request informative topic?
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    so when we will come back i need to play
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