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    Hello dear friends, End of May / Early June 2017, a group of people settled down on a discord direct message group with the idea of creating a server. Such idea came following series of events in other communities we have played, which were ruined by slow development, bad leadership, and bad staff team. The initial idea was that we create a Cops'n'Robbers server. The idea quickly changed shape as more people put their thoughts to it, and it was concluded that we would create a light-medium roleplay server. That server is now known as Mudoo RPG. The initial development took about 6 months, up till December, when we released for the first time. The server already at that point had a lot of features to offer, and we had people register through panel at the time, there was no in-game registration. Mikro focused on system administration, website work, and aided with some parts of the server scripts, while LocMax and I solely focused on the server scripts. The release went well for first hours, but then it simmered down. Some days later, the server had no players in it. We took a step to discuss what might be the cause, what we can improve, change and do to make it more attractive. Well, it was decided that we close it down again and start another phase of development until the server has a lot more to offer and to be more competitive. During the time of second development, we got the idea from Advance Gaming players (which was the former community of LocMax) to relaunch its server - the Call of Duty: Global Warfare server. It is a much easier game type to script than a roleplay server, it's more straight forward, so LocMax went on to develop the Global Warfare server in order to give players something to play until the full release of the roleplay server. The server was quickly relaunched and it had a somewhat steady player base in the beginning. In the meantime, having the TDM server running, the development of the RPG server continued. It was about April when we went back to develop the RPG. This time, we added a lot more features that were missing in the initial release, repaired all the bugs discovered during the initial release, and implemented the in-game registration system, which was probably the most crucial thing that kept people from initially playing in the server. Having to go on a panel and register is a hassle to a lot of people. And for a server that wasn't well known and just brand new, none would put that time in to go through the process just to visit it. Anyways, development was greatly progressing during the following months, up until May, basically not full two months until it was already ready for the second release. We changed our aim a bit from a medium RP to a light-medium RP as well. And so the server released. In the first days, instantly 80 players and more, through the days, and over 40 at night. It was surreal and unexpected for all of us, considering we assumed we'll have 20-30 at max. That was the beginning of this great adventure. From the release and onward, the community has progressed a lot, including both the servers, the RPG and the TDM, though, TDM struggled in the period afterwards, there were times when it suddenly started having 30-40 players, and then again dropped to low. It was somewhat disappointing to see that considering the same server used to have 200 players during 2015, without any effort. However, the RPG server was continuous with the player base. As RPG had the more active player base, the development was focused on it. It received weekly updates, as it still does day today, and a certain vision was enforced, which is that players should have freedom, not to be censored for petty words and insults, not to be censored for stating something they dislike about the server, not to be censored from expressing their opinions and thoughts, and that the staff be mediators, not babysitters. That is an important factor for a modern community, to give people certain level of freedom in expressing themselves. After all, the community members are what builds the community, and their opinions must be understood, accepted and considered. During the whole year from the initial release in May of 2018 to now, June 2019, we of course had ups and downs, but we remained persistent and we kept pushing regular updates to the server. We upheld our values of giving people the freedom of expressing their concerns, opinions and thoughts, and we executed all the promises we made. I believe it is rare for a lot of communities to have management teams and the owners themselves be actively involved with the community. Casually playing, talking, and being accessible by all. Even though a lot believe that their needs must be immediately taken care of on spot, and are not satisfied if they don't get what they ask for in the second, it still needs to be understood that we have a lot of people with needs of their own, requests and things to do, so if we cannot answer you immediately, it'll still be taken care of sooner than it may in many other communities. In the end, from where we stand now, we are proud of what we achieved as a community, and we are looking for more years of this adventure. For that, we must be ready to expand into newer games and give ourselves new possibilities. Therefore, we have FiveM servers under active development by TiMoN and myself, which will hopefully be as good and as actively populated as our other servers. And even as we expand, we will still take active care of our old servers and continue to develop the community as a whole, not just single parts of it. Of course, don't have unrealistic expectations, in the end, it's only less than a handful of people who are developing all the servers. Our TDM players are not forgotten.. To thank them for their patience we'd like to announce that we will re-open this server the coming days. LocMax took time for a massive update. Make sure to check it out once it's re-opened! We thank you all for being part of the Mudoo community, we hope you do enjoy playing our servers, and we hope you are satisfied with how the community works. Understandably there might have been issues you have faced and imperfections from our side, but no community is perfect and no person is perfect. We strive to improve all the time and we hope you will be with us in achieving that. And we thank all the ones who were with us in the very beginning. Richard (Founder), Leonardo (Community Leader), Derek (Server Manager), Bangoh (Retired Server Manager), CraZe (Senior Admin), Pepe Santos (Server Manager), Pizza (Tester). Enjoy the birthday ceremony @ saturday! Best regards, The community team
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    I took it to next level ahahahahah
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    Just saying now the current criminal roleplay we have is really shitty at the time all the mafia groups do is repeat and repeat the same roleplay >/sit 1 >driving in car >/sit 1 again but with more people >kidnap and robbing The group's topic is just being filled with same thing with same roleplay just different persons the group only has the story for the introduction and all of them are same like e.g: “ mr.man was rich live happy life mr.man's wife mr.wonman die mr.man got mad made a mafia now he kills people” nothing original at all the amount of useless groups we have is out of hand I mean you could make better story if you had played the SP without skipping the cutscenes or even if you didn't least understand them how great the story the SP had and you could just took some materials out of from SP story mode then improve it and make a great group in here. There is actually no criminal group which is different the only difference between each group are just the names and nothing else not even their roleplay is different Probably be better to let only those people make groups that are capable of making the group have a good reason to be a criminal organization and not every person who has no goal and by goal i don't mean that the group end their group on the goal when they complete their goal they further the goal of theirs and do more good roleplay and when they want to close it they can but least it don't end as a failure.
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    Ameer (President of State) Syed Hussain The National Assembly Reis_Mucahit, Osama Billadin, Chadury Aslam, Jamal Raza The Court of Bone County Daryl_Reznov Law Enforcement Laskar-e-Taiba Duties of Lashkar-e-Taiba To enforce law within the state of Bone County To offer protection to civilians To maintain a peaceful enviroment To detain any trespasser entering Bone County without permission To keep SAPD away from Bone County More to be added soon.
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    Firstly as I wrote in some other topic, you must learn what roleplay actually is, and what it is wrongly interpreted as. Roleplay is wrongly interpreted as using /me for every action you do, ie. /me opens the vehicle door, /me sits in the vehicle, /me turns steering wheel to control the vehicle and so on. That is nothing to do with roleplay. Roleplay is the behavior you present, which must be realistic, as if it was real life, if 10 people came at you with guns, you wouldn't be acting like a badass in real life but would show fear and obedience. Therefore, roleplay is about the way you react to situations presented to you, and the amount of realism behind those actions. It's not realistic for someone to say he's got a black character, being a gang member, but behaving like a redneck farmer. People need to establish a vision and a goal for their character, which they then through gameplay develop, so that the character keeps his 'shape' and 'biography', ie. if you roleplay portraying a gangster, then you should perform actions that portray it, using only handguns and UZI type weapons, being a drug dealer, producing weed, having a weed house, using lowrider vehicles and so on. Not claim to be roleplaying a gangster, but driving an infernus and using M4s. And onto the point, what is considered light roleplay, we don't require people to submit applications to be able to play, we don't require correct English and some big level of English speaking capabilities, we don't require people to make up stories about their character or force them to do it, it's what'd be preferable from players to follow, but we don't force such details. We only enforce basics rules to prevent shit roleplay, poor roleplay, deathmatch, and such.
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    The state is utterly oblivious to the current state of affairs, the president is willing to go into an active war zone to try and reason with rebels who have committed heinous crimes against the people of this nation.
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    UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT United States, 7th of July, 2019 The office of the President is actively following up on the developing situation in regards to Bone County where a militia is using force to enforce their own ideology and agenda of Bone County being a sovereign country. President Dylan Parker will make a trip to Bone County on Wednesday, 10th of July at 17:00 CET where he will meet the local population and once again reiterate that Bone County is part of the State of San Andreas. Furthermore any such activities as of Lashkar-e-Taiba, which endanger the safety of the citizens, and Law Enforcement officials from the State of San Andreas will be met with force that the militants will not be able to withstand. As per the joint resolution 0001/2019 from the Senate and Congress, we are in the state of war against the self proclaimed government of so called Bone Country, and their loyalist forces which are providing aid and support to the illegitimate government.The activities of the illegitimate government are thereby illegal. The President will provide all the necessary resources and equipment to the State of San Andreas to allow a military-like action against the dangerous groups. Signed, President
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    What is your in-game name? Athan_Sindacco Which staff member banned you? Totally Forgot When did you get banned? 02/20/19 What is the ban reason? Aimbot Personal comment I openly admitted to hacking. I created and used an Aimbot for the game SAMP. I used it for about a month before feeling guilty. For the past few months I've put in about month of SAMP while using a cheat called ZBot. I owned ZBot and programmed it myself. ZBot isn't a cleo. It can only be run through .PY (python). I understand if you need to SAMPCAC me because of this but, (I don't think that a SAMPCAC can detect a hack like this), but I just feel really guilty and need to get it off of my chest. I have deleted the cheat and have no intentions of ever cheating again, but if action needs to be taken, I understand. The only thing I would lose is my Reputation and my Wealth, but it's a great game. I appreciate your time reading this in advance and I will fully support your final decision. Cheers.~
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    2019/07/01. Haven't slept for 29 hours, feeling tired as hell, working my ass off the whole day as well from 5am to 8pm. I hope you beautiful personas have a great day, it is my time to goto sleep. Goodnight. #work #tired #longday #justcameoutfromshower #bedinc #beargottasleep
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    I have unusual aiming today, really don't know what happend with me.. Anyways guys I hope you have a splended day! I will leave tomorrow, this will be the end of this VLOG, thank u next.
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    i like apples
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    In-game name: Staz Gambino Date of when you discovered the bug: 06/21/19 What feature is the bug relevant to: drugs Explain how does the bug occur: Using any healing item such as fanta, sprite, beer etc. right after using /plant or /harvest & pressing 'F' immediately cancels the planting/harvesting animation entirely which allows the player to plant or harvest weed without any animation. Additional content: Example : /plant > /use fanta > Press 'F' or the key to enter a vehicle and the animation would be entirely skipped.
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    Lovely Community Members, You may call it cliché, but it is our birthday after all! Besides all the other plans and upcoming releases, the management team has decided we will grant 184 banned players another chance. Don't ruin this free opportunity, because we did not remove the ban button! Details about the mass unban are provided at the end of this post. It is insane how fast time goes. Two years ago we started from literally nothing with only a few people and our own experiences. I was not sure what we could expect, but it was going to be a bumpy ride nevertheless. From mistakes we have learned and we did not gave up on trying. It is now safe to say that we have a pretty stable base. Not only with our players, but also with our systems and structures. We are ready to expand to new games and are trying very hard to create the perfect handcrafted FiveM scripts for you. In the last months we have learned a lot and are now confident we will be able to launch something nice. Keep an eye out on the announcement section for all the nice projects we have planned. I myself will continue supporting the community in the upcoming years. Making sure all our system are running perfect, working on our panel and other support systems. But above all, I will be there supporting the staff teams and be there to talk with players about concerns they cannot bring to anyone else. Lets all work hard for yet another year of success!! Don't forget to read the anniversary message by Dylan and the birthday ceremony announcement (22 June 17:00)! Best regards, The community team Mass unban details Not everyone is included in this mass unban. If you find yourself not unbanned, I am sorry, but you did not receive this free extra chance. The following rough criteria were applied and are non-discussable. Last ban happened over a month ago at least. Did at least play 1 hour (which excludes those solely coming here to hack). Last ban was not for excessive behaviour, like bug abusing, aimbot or threatening our general security. Last ban was not for ban evading or multi accounting. If last ban was for hacking or cheating, it should be their only ban Are you unbanned? If you did pass our criteria, congratulations! You have received this one time free "get-out-of-jail" card. This gives you the chance to reconnect with friends in-game and come to our ceremony tomorrow. But don't get too excited, you will be on a short leash. Your previous bans and punishments will not be forgotten. If you manage to get yourself banned again, chances are getting pretty slim for another unban.
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    GENESIS 1:1 In the beginning, Chip created Mudoo.
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    As much its light role play server that allows people to have fun in their experiences the concept of character development i think should be one of a necessity and not optional. because we now have a situation where we have pointless criminal groups that have identity disorders that have no background, no codified conduct and basically want to form criminals groups that want to pose as criminal groups. most newly established last 2 weeks at most then get closed then we just get group hoppers then suddenly change identity themselves. we now also have a situation where new players that are recruited into criminal groups and further have a distorted view of what role play is, i cant blame them most of them are kids. again players in my opinion should be made to develop their characters, very few people have actually developed their characters that can be seen to have a background, race, and a formidable identity.
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    What is your in-game name? Keno_Eix Which player(s) do you want to report? Domenico_Calcaterra When did the rulebreak happen? 07/14/19 Which players did witness the rulebreak happening? Jayson_Williams What happened? (quote what rule was broken) ~~Non-RP rob I was with my friend Jayson, ~~~Jayson[Cop] ~~ Keno [Civillian]~ And we was driving, and andolini shot my friend and myself and I helped him and andolini killed both `and Domenico didnt rp when he robbed me. Evidence ..
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    Light roleplay for me is to roleplay with proper motive, background and story and not having to portray each small action. Light roleplay is basically roleplay with less amount of detailing with /me /do stuffs.
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    Hello there! I will be handling this report until then please have patience.
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    Hahahahaha. Yes, let's blame it on someone else and pretend you did not know it was a bug. Take your fucking responsibility, only you are to blame here.
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    He's an helpfull player from what I've seen In-game, His english abilities are good, Not toxic and probably patiente. Recommended.
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    Seems active and has good behavior towards players and the staff. Found him helping newbies with server commands and procedures.
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    I completely recommend him because of the following reasons : + He's active in times when none other moderator shows up. + He has a friendly behavior and haven't ever noticed him getting into flame wars. + Never personally seen him getting warned for normal flood or chat spam. + He shows respect towards the Mudoo staff and other members.
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    lol whole community racist any paki or other hated person leaves : attention seaker imarcell a particular admin abuser retard: OMG BYEBYE WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH FRIEND
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    I Recommend him; +Mature +Active +Helpful +Patient
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    Dated: June 27th, 2019 JOINT RESOLUTION NO. 0001/2019 DECLARATION OF WAR Upon acknowledgment of the unilateral and illegal declaration of independence by individuals who claim themselves to be the "Government of Bone County", claiming sovereignty over the region of Bone County and it's cities and villages, and whose comprovedly have ties to the recognized militia "Lashkar-e-Taiba", which has been spreading propaganda through deceitful media outlets over claims on the land of Bone County and it's composing cities, THE CONGRESS AND THE SENATE JOINTLY DECIDE: DECLARATION OF A STATE OF WAR BETWEEN THE STATE OF SAN ANDREAS AND THE LASHKAR-E-TAIBA, THE CLAIMED GOVERNMENT OF BONE COUNTY, AND ANYONE WHOSE ALLEGEDLY SUPPORTS THE ACTIVITIES AND GOALS OF THESE GROUPS IN ANY WAY, THROUGH ORGANIZED MEANS OR FINANCIAL/MATERIAL/MORAL SUPPORT. The Government of the State of San Andreas is now hereby authorized to employ all necessary means to wage war against the aforementioned groups and anyone whose allegedly supports them, brining the conflict to a successful termination. As of now, The Government of the State of San Andreas, through it's Congress and Senate, stipulate the following decisions: 1. The JOINT SPECIAL OPERATIONS FORCE (J.S.O.F), facing the lack of a military force in the State of San Andreas, will now carry on military authority in the areas of Bone County and it's bordering regions (outskirts of Tierra Robada and Las Venturas); 1.1. They are now allowed to: set up checkpoints in Bone County and bordering regions, bearing the right to identify bypassers; conduct militarised patrols in Bone County, bearing compatible weaponry to the war environment and special vehicles; deploy air support in order to conduct aerial patrol and coverage of Bone County's airspace; arrest anyone who possesses a passport of the Government of Bone County, or is identified as a member of the Lashkar-e-Taiba, Government of Bone County, or subsidiary groups and supporters. 2. Impose a curfew on Bone County and it's cities and villages for the necessary time the State wages war, allowing the law enforcement of the State of San Andreas to question and if necessary, arrest anyone who wanders in the streets of this area between 9PM and 6AM. The curfew will be revoked once the war is declared over. 3. Raise the status of the Lashkar-e-Taiba from a locally-organized militia to a TERRORIST GROUP, challenging the unity of the State. The rules of engagement for the JSOF and adjacent law enforcement forces in the State of San Andreas are as follows: Usage of fighter jets and attack helicopters is to comply with the standard ROE of the law enforcement in the state, with an additional exception: they're allowed to pursue and take down an enemy aerial vehicle IF they're called upon the radio and fail to return communication, or declared announce they're servicing any of the aforementioned groups the State wages war on; Shooting is only authorized when shot at. Priority is to capture the terrorists and abetting individuals alive. Additional notices: Usage of masks is illegal and you can be arrested for wearing masks. If the terrorist group continues with it's operations and unilateral declaration of sovereignty, further sanctions and measures will be taken.
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    His english seems above average compared to the average player around, and the application looks like effort was put in. Although, you seem like you only want justice, and we're not specifically looking for Batman here, you are supposed to be willingly dedicate your time towards improving player's gameplay by giving them tips and stuff like that, punishing rulebreakers is just a part of this "job". Regardless, I recommend him, you seem to have potential.
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    Hello @Nick Alvin, Are you still interested? One way to respond to that is by showing up in the game and to making sure to gain our staff's trust and votes, and also to prove how capable you are for this position within the next upcoming days. Kind regards, Senior
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    Add more teams for sure. The turkey base ( in GW ) can be utilized for any different team as Timon mentioned above such as Iran, Iraq or Afghanistan. Addition of a good anti c-bug which will freeze the player or either deduct the HP. The bug fixes and changelog should be updated as of RPG so people would know that the developers are responsive.
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    LAWFUL COUNTER-PROPAGANDA June 25th, 2019 The Federal Bureau of Investigation has commenced efforts to raise awareness between the citizens of Bone County's cities and villages in regards to the latest threat they face. We have received numerous anonymous tips about deceiful propaganda being spread in Bone County through a local-printed newspaper named "Bone County Express", whose source is currently unknown, but it's tone is strongly supportive of the local militia. The F.B.I urges the citizens of Bone County to pursue the truth, and solemnly the truth. Doubt of doubtful sources, bear your right to question. Deceiful propaganda is a known guerilla/war method, intended to demoralize the opponent, the public opinion and the war effort. Today, our agents took a step ahead to counter fake news. Going door to door in Bone County's major settlements, they began distributing informative content about the current situation in the region, precaution measures and the role of the F.B.I in combat. More of these door to door efforts are to come in the upcoming days, in order to counter the misleading guerilla propaganda. A printable version of the distributed pamphlet will be shortly available in a day or two. Share with your friends, relatives and known-ones and spread the truth.
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    Reinstated as Lead Administrator(4): @Dr.Amir
  39. 1 point
    Reinstated as Server Manager(5): @Luzziz
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    You seem to be quite young to pursue a government career
  41. 1 point
    Yeah because you were so useful the last time.
  42. 1 point
    see you in <amount of time until your unban>
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    Please Dont Type Like This No One Types Like This
  44. 1 point
    Mind explaining why "CSC" is mentioned here?
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    In-game name: Raul Gonzalez. Registration date: 27th of May, 2018 (both forum and in-game.) Most recent punishment: None. Current group membership: Central Side Crew Leadership. Previous group membership: S.A.P.D Police Officer II & S.W.A.T Cadet. Motive for joining the council: To judge, give proper and unbiased opinions regarding groups discussion. Three positive and negative attributes about yourself: Positive: Honest, Talkative and Friendly if others are nice to me. - Negative: Taunting others, Extremely serious, I don`t like talking/chatting without a purpose.
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    Hello @Dr.Brain, We are glad to announce that your moderator application has been noted and revised. Your English capability is acceptable as you have respected the basic rules of the language. But it is desirable to put some more effort in your application within the upcoming 24 hours though! In the meantime remain patient and excited until the release of our SA:MP TDM server, and make sure to read all the terms and conditions of this side of our Mudoo Community. Being active, helpful/interactive and mature are the most qualities we cherish about; be sure you gain them after the server release! Best regards, Senior
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    We never had to establish Finney's Agriculture in the first place. It's what we call entrepreneurship. You had to steal from Finney while you could have earned just as much as us by now, you little thief.
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    We already need 11 score out of 11. Just increase the number of questions.
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    My Tip for your bday. Forget your past, because you cannot change it. Forget your Present, I didn’t get you one.
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    Hello! fellow players of Mudoo Gaming, This is David with a promotional video to share with you all. Our team worked hard on making this video and we hope you all like it.Please share the video to maximize our server's exposure. Credits:- Actors:- @Revenge @Gaz @Shipley Archer Helping staff:- @Trytee @HeatSeeker huge thanks to everyone named above!
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