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    Congressional hearing 1. Congressional hearing The Office of the Governor could not be present at a Congressional hearing of which the Governor was notified several hours prior to it. The latest statement H. RES 015 of the Congress, claiming that the Governor had agreed to the scheduled hearing, is false - please see the transcript. The Office of the Governor has not been given access to the complaint of the San Andreas Police Department nor information or evidence regarding the alleged abuse of power. The Congress has failed to disclose the required documents in preparation to the hearing and has failed to respect the right to a due process. The Office of the Governor executed its rights given by the Congress and has never abused its power. While breaching Article II of the Constitution, Congressman and Chief Lockeheed of the San Andreas Police Department is misusing his rights and abusing this supreme body to serve personal interests. A Congressional hearing is not the constitutional method to address concerns regarding salaries. Neither one of the Chiefs was present at the Congressional hearing and security personnel, Mr D. Shelby, was randomly summoned to testify during the hearing. Mr Shelby is a freelance employee and is in no way employed by the Office of the Governor. Due to this outrageous process, the executive privilege of the Governor is breached by the Congress. The Office of the Governor will soon disclose multiple documents proving that the salaries were not reduced to obtain access to certain unknown confidential documents. In fact, the salaries were never reduced during the recent station inspection. This process is once again a dark page in the history of San Andreas.
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    Voteban this toxic bastard Silvester Aaron, comment if you agree
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    Hello, Ted_Nugent! Thank you for submitting an unban request, our staff members will review it shortly. Until then, follow some of these instructions: Do not message staff members to review your unban request, it will result in extension of its reviewal time. Be honest and do not attempt to lie to us. We will deny your request upon discovering lies. Getting banned multiple times is a serious concern and should not happen at all. With every ban your chances of unban are reduced. In the meantime, do not attempt to ban evade. That will directly lead to denial of your request.
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    THE SAN ANDREAS GOVERNMENT in cooperation with THE SAN ANDREAS POLICE DEPARTMENT Incentive program This program is established by the Governor's Office in cooperation with the Academy Division of the San Andreas Police Department. The purpose of this program is to attract new recruits and boost the reputation of policing and the hiring process. The Government of San Andreas is now offering a $25,000 and a $75,000 signing bonus to recruits that successfully graduate from the Police Academy and/or become a Senior State Trooper. The $25,000 signing bonus will be paid after graduating from the Police Academy to the rank of State Trooper. The $75,000 signing bonus will be paid to recruits who participate in this program and be promoted to the rank of Senior State Trooper. Recruits participating in this program are acquiescence to the conditions stated below. Conditions Participants in this program must have an in-game activity of at least 20 hours per month after signing up for the Police Academy. The $25,000 signing bonus requires completion of at least 2,5 months employment. The $75,000 signing bonus requires completion of at least 3,5 months employment. Participants must successfully complete the Police Academy. Participants cannot be disciplinary punished during participation in this program. A recruit can only participate in this program once. This program does not apply to reinstatements. The activity requirement as a recruit (see #1) must be maintained as a State Trooper to be eligible for the $75,000 signing bonus. All usual application and Police Academy requirements apply to the participants of this program. We wish all participants the best of luck during the application process and their police career! Applications are opened until the 24th of January. APPLY HERE!
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    for the record if it has not been observed yet, his name contains _Eix, which would mean that the answer to your question is negative
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    SHORT PRESS RELEASE 1. Funding cuts San Andreas Fire Department Unfortunately, the intended restructure of the San Andreas Fire Department has taken a sad turn. The department is badly broken despite the eight-men Command, with generous salaries and the highest of the State. After various requests, the department has failed to disclose important information. The fundings of the department have been cut until the Governor's Office receives proper commitment and cooperation. 2. Negotiations resumed With the resignation of Mr Reznov, negotations for a peace treaty have resumed to finally end the bloodshed in Bone County. We hope that the new leader of Bone County is able to make concessions to the State of San Andreas. Mr Wilson seems to have potential and is prioritizing the biggest issues in Bone County. A new meeting is to be scheduled.
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    Am I going to starve if I don't take a bath? Am I going to die if I don't take a bath? It's not a necessity like food n water, basically you're just wasting your own water bill, for no reason, just cuz you wanna fit in And I don't understand it cuz people don't know if you shower or not.
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    SHORT PRESS RELEASE 1. Bone County As a result of Bone County losing its independent, Governor B. Finney has aborted the negotiations for a peace treaty. Bone County is now under authority of the San Andreas Government and is expected to uphold and respect the Federal and State Law. The Governor's Office had hoped that Mr Wilson would have been able to serve the public's interest of Bone County and end the violence and bloodshed. A peace treaty would have prevented Bone County losing its independence. The Governor's Office is still open to negotiate with Bone County Resistance. 2. San Andreas Fire Department A constructive meeting with Fire Commissioner Amarante led to an increase of the department's fundings. The Governor's Office expects results in the short term. Due to the confidential nature of the meeting, the Governor's Office is unable to disclose the specifics.
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    AMENDMENT TO SA-PSC § V.1 1. Legalisation of stimulant and opioid drugs A first attempt in the war on drugs and the regulation of the profitable drug market is legalisation of the possession of injectable heroin in the form of syringes and joints, both known to be stimulant and opioid drugs. In order to control possible illegal trade, as a result of this amendment, a person can possess a maximum of two prescribed drugs. This amendment is not to encourage drugs use, it is facing reality of San Andreas inordinate drug market and the thousands of kilos being distributed on a monthly basis.1 Drugs is not going going to fade away, doing nothing is no option. Current applicable article SA-PSC § V.1 SA-PSC § V.1. Possession of an illegal substance It is strictly forbidden in the great state of San Andreas, the acts of introducing, manufacturing, holding or distributing by any means any type of mind-altering substances not necessarily limited to weed, heroin and meth, that might impair others. If ingredients are find alongside with the illegal substance, and they are used to produce these substances, they are to be seized with the drugs. Amended article SA-PSC § V.1 SA-PSC § V.1. Possession of an illegal substance It is strictly forbidden in the great state of San Andreas, the acts of introducing, manufacturing, possessing or distributing by any means weed, heroin or meth. If ingredients are found alongside with the illegal substance, and they are used to produce these substances, they are to be seized with the drugs. The exception to prohibited possession is sole possession of two or less drugs in the form of joints or syringes. The Governor's Office requests Chief Justice Lockeheed to implement the amendment. @Weston @US Congress This amendment was passed by the San Andreas Government on January 8, 2020.
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    James Barksdale Eyes: Brown Hair: Black Ethnicity: Black-Canadian Dark Facial Features: Big nose, small eyes, and a small scar on his neck Height: 5'11 Body Shape: Skinny and has a lot of tattoos on his body. Occupation Organizations: East LS Carwash Manager Story: James Barksdale is the only son of Edward, a small family from Canada. both of his parents were working for a really low salary in the Canadian Docks and the only place they could afford was a shack at the outskirts of the city. One day while they were working, a man approached both of them and told them that he can take them to the United States and give them a better and easier job for a good salary. Hating the conditions they worked in, they immediately accepted the offer and two days later grabbed everything they had and along with their son, they were hidden inside a container ship that was traveling to Los Santos. At this time James was only 15 years old. Once in Los Santos, they were then hidden in a truck that was heading towards Montgomery, at the Sprunk Factory. The same man that got them into the US, gave both a job in Montgomery at the factory. The salary was indeed bigger but the conditions were not that better. The man also rented them a trailer in the park just at the entrance. After this day, the man was gone for good. The couple tried to gather some money for a new house and for their son's education but they weren't able to. After 4 years they managed to get a cheap Tahoma from some co-worker in the factory and paid for their son's driving license. The car itself wasn't in good shape but as James wasn't going to school he fiddled around with it and managed to keep it in working condition. One year later both of his parents passed away due to an unknown disease and now James was faced with having to pay a rent, get food and since he had to use most of the cash his family got, for their funeral, he was left with almost nothing. After working at a mechanic shop, James earned himself some decent money which allowed him to buy a property in East LS. That was the time when he met Warren and Anders there, the duo were good friends, they once saw James going to work early in morning while the duo were creating some graffiti's on East LS walls, they invited James to join them in the graffiti's, the duo taught them how it is being done, and that was the just the begging of their friendship. The trio lived in the neighborhood for the whole of their lives and was very patriotic for their street and for their country. This is because of the rising gang culture in the city as people started fighting over their Streets and believes. A few weeks after that the trio decided to equip themselves with numbers and created the ballas street agreement. This was an agreement towards the neighborhood to protect each other. This gang eventually started populating the entirety of East Los Santos so eventually changed the gang name to Rollin' Heights Ballas to make it official. This movement was underneath the radar of the public. The crime rates in East LS started increasing with rival gangs the groves attempting to take over the neighborhood and overpower the street warriors as they see it. It took a few months of increased gang violence of the pack to start wearing colors of green to signify them being the good side as they see it as "The good side always wins". This quote was heard around town and was mocked by the public until they realized all the crimes they did in the past few months. The ballas houses were trashed by the gang members, this led to the death of Warren and Anders parents when they were shot by a drive-by from masked grove gang members. This sparked the Rollin' Heights Ballas and started collecting more members to get back at the Groves. The gang rivaled up members and started taking the fight to them. Anyone who tested them on ballas was beaten or shot. This spark in anger changed the gang from a gang for self-defense into a gang who wanted power. Many of the members endured this new direction for the gang as they were tired of the other gangs are as they said "Thinkin' them niggas are hard as nails". A lot of the leadership were preparing for the worse for the ballas members but no one fully realized how crazy everything was just about to get. Current Status: This is how James got himself into a gang, he was a hardworking man who was living a simple life by working at a mechanic shop but now he's a serial killer, robber, kidnapper, and is addicted to drugs. Currently he owns a carwash in LS, which is run by him and few other gang members of his - as the groves are back in hood, he has started recruiting more rats and has plans of bringing more weapons to the family. He still has a dream of owning a lot of fully customized lower riders, owning a decent house somewhere in Los Santos, and ruling the streets of Los Santos. (( This thread will contain the life of James Barksdale, more updates about his life will be added here ))
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    since ur all babies and starting to fight over who’s group is better I’ll lay it out straight server state is good and we’re reaching daily 50-70 players and admins are solving reports as they fly in. if you report and don’t get an answer feel free to forum report and we’ll solve it there it necessary and helpers are doing a brilliant job in guiding newbies your question was answered thank you for your concern
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    SHORT PRESS RELEASE 1. Exploratory meeting FBI Governor B. Finney and Chief of Staff have had an exploratory meeting with the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The Governor's Office has been informed of important enforcement issues and priority matters of national interest. We are pleased to inform that both parties have a common interest in resolving these issues. 2. Secretary appointed Jake Randall was appointed as the Secretary of Urban Development on the 23rd of December. Secretary Randall will oversee the construction project of the Mudoo Tower and is responsible for an orderly process and sales of the real estate. Secretary Randall is a Lead Trooper and Spokesman of the San Andreas Police Department and has been awarded with various community awards.
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    Hello, Josh-Libert! Thank you for submitting an unban request, our staff members will review it shortly. Until then, follow some of these instructions: Do not message staff members to review your unban request, it will result in extension of its reviewal time. Be honest and do not attempt to lie to us. We will deny your request upon discovering lies. Getting banned multiple times is a serious concern and should not happen at all. With every ban your chances of unban are reduced. In the meantime, do not attempt to ban evade. That will directly lead to denial of your request.
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    United States Congress 1. In addition to PUB 001. In addition to the latest publication of the Congress, the Office of the Governor would like to clarify that Mr Shelby did not voluntarily testify during the hearing nor was told or informed that he had the right to decline testifying. Senator and Congressmen Carter misused their influential positions as Congress to force Mr Shelby to the stand by publicly announcing and directing him to the chair. Mr Shelby was not informed about the subject of the matter or the reason of why he was forcefully requested to testify. The complaint is just as vague and subjective as this process and is full of untrue facts. The Lieutenant and Chief of the police department chose this far reaching method and accused our Office of abuse of power and attempting to gain access to confidential information. The allegations are not substantiated with evidence. It is uncertain which internal information the Governor has supposed to get access to. The Lieutenant voluntarily approached us during the station inspection. The police department again shows a hostile and uncooperative attitude towards the Office of the Governor. One reason of why the salaries were reduced by the Office of the Governor. Troopers do not earn $4,000. Troopers earn $3,000. One cannot be accused of blackmailing when he is not after or aware of any specified internal or confidential information.
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    In game you clearly, lied to me and kept lying that I said 700K X2 Pol. Either way you've been dice banned earlier, still you decide to not pay a guy just because "your were not playing with him", I think it was a pretty dumb option is choose. Now why should we concidering unbanning you? How to do assure us no more such incident will happen on your side regarding gambling?
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    What is your in-game name? Marcus_Carpenter Which staff member banned you? Weston_Lockehead When did you get banned? 01/20/20 What is the ban reason? I accepted guns from a hacker/ban evading Personal comment I know accepting guns from a hacker was wrong and i apologize for that and it wont happen again but when yall banned me and jejo yall banned his ip and he asked if they banned me too so when i hopped on my Marcus_Stacks account o wasn't banned so when i hopped on Marcus_ carpenter i was banned so then i made a ban appeal then later monday i checked and it said banned for ban evading i did nt evade if they did not ban my ip at first can yall just give me another chance i've been honest and i haven't been rude to none of the admins i just want to play mudoo there is no other sever like mudoo its the best server please #Free me P.S If yall need to perm ban Marcus_Stacks i'm fine i just want to play by the rules idk if yall can see when i made Marcus stacks but i made it when i was still new to mudoo so just ban or erase him please i just want to play with the community again
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    i forgot to say when i signed in to Marcus_stacks i did not rp or kill anybody i just moved around then left
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    You're lying directly to us now and you're very bad at it so it would be best if you came clean, admit your wrong doings because lying wont get you anywhere.
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    Can u please unban me I miss playing muddo
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    SAN ANDREAS IMPOUND & TOWING SERVICES Vehicle Impoundment Registry Vehicle Impoundment Registry is an overview of all vehicle impoundments in the State of San Andreas executed by San Andreas Impound & Towing Services. It contains the impoundment reports of the tow truck operators, including all details regarding the traffic law violation. The impoundment report of your vehicle must be submitted to this register. Complaints or inquiries regarding impounded vehicles can be forwarded to a manager of San Andreas Impound & Towing Services or the Office of the Governor. Impoundment report format This register is part of San Andreas Impound & Towing Services.
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    If i unban you do promise to adhere to server rules and admit that were wrong in this matter?
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    I will unban you since this is your 1st offence. Let me make this crystal clear to you, if you so much as continue that kind of behaviour and disregard server rules i wont hesitate to act.
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    Hello, John_Walker! Thank you for submitting an unban request, our staff members will review it shortly. Until then, follow some of these instructions: Do not message staff members to review your unban request, it will result in extension of its reviewal time. Be honest and do not attempt to lie to us. We will deny your request upon discovering lies. Getting banned multiple times is a serious concern and should not happen at all. With every ban your chances of unban are reduced. In the meantime, do not attempt to ban evade. That will directly lead to denial of your request.
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    Player will be talked to and actions will be taken against the player, stay tuned.
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    The bounty Hunter are a street gang in las venturas They were first originally known as the "ARMY CLOTHS" They were first originally known as the "Green Jackets"by Gary Barker and Bobby Jack The Bounty Hunter Bloods can also be found in Las venturas,los satos,sen fierro,most found in las vanturas History The Old West[edit] In 1873, the Supreme Court ruled that bounty hunters were a part of the U.S. law enforcement system with a decision in Taylor v. Taintor:[2] When the bail is given, the principal is regarded as delivered to the custody of his sureties. Their domain is a continuance of the original imprisonment. Whenever they choose to do so, they may seize him and deliver him up to his discharge; and if it cannot be done at once, they may imprison him until it can be done. They may exercise their rights in person or by agent. They may pursue him into another state; may arrest him on the Sabbath; and if necessary, may break and enter his house for that purpose. The seizure is not made by virtue of due process. None is needed. It is likened to the arrest by the sheriff of an escaped prisoner. MODERN TIMES In modern times, bounty hunters are known as bail enforcement agent or fugitive recovery agents (bail bondsmen), and carry out arrests mostly of those who have skipped bail.[3][4] The term "bounty hunting" is neither often used nor liked by many in the profession due to its historical associations.[citation needed] Bounty hunters are sometimes misleadingly called skiptracers, where skiptracing is searching for an individual through less direct methods than active pursuit and apprehension. When undertaking arrest warrants, agents may wear bullet-resistant vests, badges, and other clothing bearing the inscription "bail enforcement agent" or similar titles.[5] Many agents also use two-way radios to communicate with each other.[citation needed] Many agents arm themselves with firearms; or sometimes with less lethal weapons, such as tasers,[5] batons, tear gas (CS gas, pepper spray)[5] or pepper spray projectiles.[citation needed] In the United States, the National Association of Fugitive Recovery Agents is the professional association representing this industry.[6] LAW AND REGULATIONS In the United States legal system, the 1873 U.S. Supreme Court case Taylor v. Taintor, 16 Wall (83 U.S. 366, 21 L.Ed. 287), is cited as having established that the person into whose custody an accused is remanded as part of the accuser's bail has sweeping rights to that person.[9] Though this may have been accurate at the time the decision was reached, the portion cited was obiter dictum and has no binding precedential value.[10] As of 2008, four states, Illinois, Kentucky, Oregon, and Wisconsin prohibited the practice, as they have abolished commercial bail bonds and banned the commercial bail bonds industry within their borders.[11] As of 2012, Nebraska and Maine similarly prohibit surety bail bonds.[12] Some states such as Texas and California require a license to engage in bounty hunting while others may have no restrictions.[13] There have been some states that have rolled out specific laws that govern bounty hunting. For example, Minnesota laws provide that a bounty hunter cannot drive a white, black, maroon, or dark green vehicle, or wear any colors that are reserved for the police in the state... LOCATION: LAS VENTURAS CRIMINAL ACTIVITIES: DRUG TRANSPORT,ROBBERY,KIDNAPPING,CARJACKING. WE ARE ACTIVE SINCE 1992.>>
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    BONE COUNTY SAFETY ACT 2020 SAN ANDREAS GOVERNMENT Enacted by Governor B. Finney on the 10th of January 2020 and enters into force on the 12th of January 2020. The United States Congress revoked recognition of Bone County's independence and assigned the region to the full authority of the San Andreas Government. The Bone County Safety Act represents another step to end the ongoing suppression in Bone County by ruthless organisations as Bone County Resistance. This Act provides a legal basis for the San Andreas Police Department and significantly expands the ability to deal with the illegal activities in Bone County. This Act is enforceable in the designated grey area, as shown on the map below. Bone County Safety Act BSA §1. This Act may be cited as the Safety Act. BSA §2. This Act is enforceable in the designated area as provided in Figure 1 to this Act. BSA §3. Any three or or more persons who shall assemble together to make any attempt or motion towards an unlawful act shall be deemed unlawful assembly. a) Failure to disassociate from an unlawful assembled group constitutes the same unlawful act. BSA §4. Any resident of Bone County who shall leave Bone County with the intend to engage in a fight with another person or law enforcement agency shall be punished by imprisonment. BSA §5. Any person who by words of mouth or writing advocates overthrowing or undermining the organized government of San Andreas is guilty of a felony. BSA §6. Glorification of violent acts by words of mouth or writing that could inspire others to take part in it is prohibited and shall be punished by imprisonment. a) Any person shall not explicitly or publicly advocate the anarchist ideology of Bone County Resistance. b) No person shall create or disseminate misinformation with the intend to undermine social order in Bone County. BSA §7. Any person who resides in Bone County can be preventively stopped by any law enforcement officer. a) Any person preventively stopped is to cooperate in a body search. b) Any person preventively stopped is to cooperate in establishing his identity. BSA §8. Holding more than seventy-five rounds of a firearm that can shoot automatically more than seven rounds without reloading is prohibited. a) Holding more than twenty-five rounds of a firearm with a magazine that can hold seven rounds or less is prohibited. BSA §9. Any person who shall vote in any Bone County's fraudulant election is to be punished by imprisonment. a) Any person personating to be a candidate is to be punished by imprisonment and banned from any lawful election. BSA §10. Any person shall not knowingly conceal or share in the proceeds of the illegal acitivities of Bone County Resistance. a) A person shall not provide benefit to the activities of Bone County Resistance.
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    Hello, Venerable_Jess! Thank you for submitting an unban request, our staff members will review it shortly. Until then, follow some of these instructions: Do not message staff members to review your unban request, it will result in extension of its reviewal time. Be honest and do not attempt to lie to us. We will deny your request upon discovering lies. Getting banned multiple times is a serious concern and should not happen at all. With every ban your chances of unban are reduced. In the meantime, do not attempt to ban evade. That will directly lead to denial of your request.
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    Because I deleted them and the only mods I have installed are ones for the looks, and I have been trying to make an attempt to get into a RP faction (SAFD) to actually do something , and like I said I Am extremely sorry for that. But atleast I'm being honest with this ban appeal right? I could've said something like "I was away for the weekend for New Years, and my brother jumped onto my account and installed hacks!" but I didnt and I told the truth.
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    Happy new year from SAPD! We hope that 2020 will be a great year for the community of Mudoo, for the world and for your life. Thank you for being part of our comumnity! SAPD forum thread
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    The players are the main core of the server and they are to be blamed for thr current status of the server, which as you claim to be is DM. If the players and their mentality wont change, the server will remain the same.
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    None said that you are being hated. I clearly stated that you should try new type of roleplay and actually build up your character on that so you wont have any problems in the future with the people. I don't understand why you are getting over mad at everything. This is a game, cmon dude. I've seen a lot of people getting mad over losing against the rival group. Also none forces you to play certain server. If the current status of Mudoo doesn't satisfy you then I've nothing to help you with as you clearly don't require my help.
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    I wouldnt be talking that nice if I wasnt an administrator, but I really feel bad for you. You dont even roleplay to talk about others dumb, get your facts straight
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    To be unbanned you have served your time make sure to control your anger next time
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    - Every paki when he gets banned ...he by mistake press the hack button.
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    INAUGURATED AS GOVERNOR OF SAN ANDREAS Dear citizens, As of today I will serve as your governor. I have been inaugurated during the afternoon ceremony at the Conference Center, Los Santos. Despite the brutal attacks, I have managed to deliver my inaugural speech - and more importantly, I have managed to survive. I would like to thank all law enforcement personnell for securing the ceremony. My first promise as a candidate is already being realised at this exact moment: a Los Santos Police Department that should meet the requirements of a modern department. The next three months, I will use this platform to keep all citizens informed about my activities as a governor. I will try to be as much transparant as possible. For those interested. My inaugural speech can be read below. Yours sincerely, Brendan Finney Governor of San Andreas "People of San Andreas! What a great feeling! Thank you all for voting and a special thanks for the people whom entrusted me their vote. I would also like to thank the men who secured me during campaign events and the people who supported me through expensive advertisements! What a blood curdling election race! All preliminary results went through the roof. I doubt anyone has ever won with 50 percent of the votes. The victory feels even greater after all negativity and rude accusations to our address. Certain groups of people - including candidates, have started these campaigns for self-glorification and to fight me based on personal hatred. Other than a personal agenda, they have no purpose as governor. But today gives us a chance to make this right and I am ready for this opportunity. Given by my voters. There is a list of things to be done in the next three months. Let me highlight three! As a result of the latest FBI report, we will start an investigation regarding the corruption within the police department and poor functioning of the Internal Affairs Division. We will focus on a restructure of the Fire Department. We will review the weapon license system and the execution of SA-PSC Vl.13. We will review the vehicle taxation system. And there is many more to accomplish!"
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    M O D E R N E X T E R I O R #1 M O D E R N E X T E R I O R #2 A P A R T M E N T #1 L O F T A P A R T M E N T #1 M A N S I O N #1 D E A T H M A T C H S H I P #1 M O S Q U E #1 L A B O R A T O R Y J O U R N E Y #1 J A P A N E S E S P A #1 U F C / B O X I N G I N T E R I O R #1 E X T E R I O R M A P P I N G #1 B A N K I N T E R I O R #1 B U S I N E S S C O M P L E X I N T E R I O R #1
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    United States Congress H. PUB 001 San Andreas Government Dated 26th of January, 2020 The Congress has taken notice of the recent publication by the San Andreas Government and denies allegations made against the United States Congress. The function of the Congress and its Oversight Committee is to establish whether abuse of power occurred at the specified situation by calling in all witnesses from both parties and obtaining the accurate timeline of the events and facts on the matter. The Congress received a complaint on Friday, January 24th, 2020 7:41 pm. As a result of this complaint which alleges abuse of power to obtain internal information of the agency, the Congress launched an investigation to determine whether the State Governor used his position and the authority to manage the State Agencies' paychecks to obtain information which is outside the Governor's jurisdiction. Furthermore, in the first hearing which occurred on the 25th of January, 2020, Mr. Derek Shelby who voluntarily stepped up as a witness upon a request by the Congress, and by the statements given by both, Mr. Santos and Mr. Shelby, it was stated that the paychecks were altered after the confrontation at the Police Department's "South Central" precinct. Part of the transcripts from the hearing: 25-01-2020 19:06:55 - Matthew Carter: According to Mr. Santos, Governor Finney decreased paycheck of Command Staff to $800 25-01-2020 19:07:01 - Matthew_Carter: After the confrontation at the precinct 25-01-2020 19:07:04 - Matthew_Carter: Is that correct? 25-01-2020 19:07:21 - Derek_Shelby: Yes sir. Considering the severity of the allegations in question and the statements from both parties which are matching, the Congress has the duty to investigate the matter and obtain more necessary facts in order to make a determination on whether abuse of power occurred or not.
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    United States Congress H. RES 015 San Andreas Governor Dated 25th of January, 2020 The Congress received a complaint from San Andreas Police Department in regards to recent actions taken by the San Andreas State Government - the reduction of paycheck for the commanding ranks in the Police Department. While the Governor has the authority to adjust paychecks, the circumstances of the specific case, as stated in the complaint, question if the authority was misused in order to obtain access to confidential information from the Police Department. Consequently, the Congress has launched an investigation into the whole scheme in order to determine whether the State Government overstepped their boundaries and abused their authority for ill intentions. The Congress held the first hearing on the 25th of January, 2020 and had sent an invitation to the hearing to Governor Brendan Finney a day prior, at a time at which both parties agreed were available at. In the hearing, a witness was revealed through the statement of Mr. Santos from the Police Department which was Mr. Derek Shelby. Mr. Shelby was called forward to provide his statement to the Congress, however, Mr. Shelby suddenly ran outside of the hearing with no explanation or justification. As the Governor failed to appear at the scheduled Congressional hearing, and the witness failed to comply with providing a statement as one of the key witnesses, the Congress is forced to issue a subpoena on the two persons in order to complete the investigation. S U B P O E N A To: Governor Brendan Finney, Mr. Derek Shelby Pursuant to lawful authority, YOU ARE HEREBY COMMANDED to make available to the CONGRESSIONAL OVERSIGHT COMMITTEE of the United States Congress, on Sunday, 26th of January, 2020, between 14;00 CET and 22:00 CET, with a notice of appearance which is to be submitted at minimum four hours prior to the availability. Failure to appear will be considered contempt of the Congressional subpoena and will be sanctioned.
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    You will wait, if you kerp bothering tge community manager. I will simply deny this
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    Respond fast Admins i can't wait you all day long.
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    well well well......................... life is funny isn't it? do you recall this remark? "You cant unban me, cuz Sam banned me, btw how? You said im remorseful, soo, i dont have attitude, selfdefence, if you know what that means, you can unban me, or you can ignore me, i just dont want to talk with you anymore, btw, Carlos said you are the worst admin, do what you want or do what you have to do, you can unban me or ignore me, its your choice, Goodluck Weston... "
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    that is false, you have used it in situations which did not require any assistance in getting unstuck. while Andrew's PC was being checked via TeamViewer, you could be heard in the background 'I'm fucked, if he presses F12 aimbot will trigger', then, you forcecrashed yourself and removed the aimbot.
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    What is your in-game name? Alex_Sando Which player(s) do you want to report? Jake_Marwin When did the rulebreak happen? 12/30/19 Which players did witness the rulebreak happening? only me What happened? (quote what rule was broken) He is using rapid fire Evidence
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    Did you die? If not, its an IC issue and report it to the IA on PD forums. As I understand he was on SAPD duty at the time?
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    My pakistani brother Asad ibn Aptal installed these hacks, I'm innocent please have mercy on me I can't do without this game I'm addicted to bones please. Mudoo is like some sort of drug to me and now I can't even sleep please understand. I want to grind hours and produce heroin like there is no tomorrow because I have no life, Mudoo is the only reason that keeps me alive.
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