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    Whatever benefits PD is allowed, so they will not be taken care of so dont even bother. Mazen told me that its an IC issue , which I came to a conclusion that regulations are made to protect their asses from getting punished.
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    Group council nicely attacked our side. Fake roleplays and stuff are going in Mudoo since creation though i never gave a fuck about official status it was useless anyway. But Gambinos and BCR had those warehouses for years we paid huge money for those warehouses two years ago. We were never given official even though we roleplayed our asses off in the days of Lashkar-e-Taiba. Official statuses now is a joke, all Gambinos and BCR care about is their warehouses. The communities that don't take care of their oldies collapse sooner or later. Quarantine gifted the community with a bunch of crybabies who lose shootouts to their enemies and then go make a crying topic on forums or discord to satisfy their little egos. First a Gvardia cried about not getting a warehouse then they decided to give warehouse to official groups only. Then another short-sighted little prat moaned the shit out of everyone about official statuses and then group council decided to attack GAM-BCR alliance. This wild bunch of ugly stupid little prats that cry about everything need to grow up. They need to realize it's 2020 and they are grown-ups now. They moan about everything and anything. They even tried to nerf SWAT by whining on forums. In the end, we don't care about official status we were without it since days of MQM but we can't continue our resistance without heavy weapons.
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    Lovely Community Members, It is our birthday again! This month you probably have already participated in one of our special birthday events, or voted for the Mudoo Awards (closing tomorrow). We hope you all enjoyed the events as well as your stay with us in the past years. As always, there is still a lot to improve, nevertheless we are still going strong! This year the management team has decided to continue with the cliché. The decision has been made to grant 233 banned players another chance. If you are amongst the lucky ones, this is your one chance to proof us wrong! Details about the mass unban are provided at the end of this post. The past year has been a busy one. We have had numerous changes, had to adapt quickly, but kept going forward. Not everything went as good as we hoped or wanted, though we will always strive to do our best and please as many players as possible. This sadly meant we have had to disappoint people. In the end I am pretty confident that we managed to keep the balance as much as was possible. Last months we have also seen a steady increase in players due to the crisis around the world. We hope this boost can help us to keep growing even after "corona times". Our current and next project as a community is still FiveM. Sadly we have not been able to come as far as we hoped, but we are still very pleased with the progress we made. Our beloved testers can vouch for it. Of course there is still a long road to go and we are dedicated to keep pushing the progress. Keep an eye on the information topic in this board in which I am trying to post bi-weekly development blogs. We hope to see you there soon! Just as last year, I myself will continue supporting the community for yet another year (and more to come). Together with the whole team we will keep working on improving our current servers and make sure you all have a good time playing here. I will keep providing the staff team with all the support they need to do their jobs. Personally you will mostly see me in the background, working on our servers and services, as well as FiveM. But I am always available for players with concerns they cannot bring to anyone else. Lets work hard for yet another year of success!! Don't forget about the drugs transport event this Saturday and read about the birthday ceremony announcement (21 June 17:00)! Best regards, Mikro & the community team Mass unban details Not everyone is included in this mass unban. If you find yourself not unbanned, I am sorry, but you did not receive this free extra chance. The following rough criteria were applied and are non-discussable. Last ban happened over a month ago at least. Did at least play 1 hour (which excludes those solely coming here to hack). Should not have had more as 4 bans in total. Last ban was not for excessive behaviour, like bug abusing, aimbot or threatening our general security. Last ban was not for ban evading or multi accounting. If your last ban was hacking related AND you were unbanned, you are forced on CAC. Are you unbanned? If you did pass our criteria, congratulations! You have received this one time free "get-out-of-jail" card. This gives you the chance to reconnect with friends in-game and come to our ceremony this Sunday. But don't get too excited, you will be on a short leash. Your previous bans and punishments will not be forgotten. If you manage to get yourself banned again, chances are getting pretty slim for another unban.
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    What happened to the admin response that said they have 24 hours to reply? It's been 9 days with no reply now, why delete your response? Waiting another 20 days to reply then tell me its my fault for scrolling a gun after I've been shot in the face?
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    One thing that gets me is why do people feel the need to tar an entire group with the same brush? Don't say cops only play and enjoy the game when there are criminals. Because frankly I would much rather roleplay a situation with somebody than it end in a bloodbath all the time. I don't sit here and say all criminals like to kill for no reason. I've seen (and had) lots of good interactions with various criminals. I, and I know many others do, pride ourselves on roleplaying interactions at every opportunity. I have not issued a single fine with the command. Because what's the fun in that? Yawn. I would much sooner pull you over, talk to you, tell you what you did wrong, run some checks and have a chat. Yet more often than not even that turns into a bloodbath. Who on earth kills a cop just because the pulled them over to talk to them about the manner of their driving? Who gets fun from that situation? But, if you want us to improve how we interact with you, it needs to work both ways. We need some support from people to interact with us more positively. I'd be quite happy to go on duty and have an entire shift without a single shoot out. I'd actually enjoy that more than grabbing an M4 and going gung ho on a group of people because they shot. To me, that's not my idea of fun. I am sure you all know how demoralising it is to have an RP abruptly ended by shooting, and it's the same for (most) of us. A traffic stop nine times out of ten has no valid reason to end in a bloodbath. If you are a mobster (not wanted), why on earth would you draw attention to yourself by killing a cop who pulls you over for a traffic offence? Unless I am missing something, I do not see the logic in that whatsoever. On the flip side, I totally agree that some cops are too quick to suspect and/or fine people. I don't speak on behalf of the PD here, as these are my own personal views. However, for minor law violations I would honestly much rather come to you, have a chat, tell you the error of your ways, and send you on your way. But I am limited in your own reactions allowing me to do this. The amount of times I have responded to something such as a misuse of 911 and it ends in death is, frankly, disappointing. Turning up to a false 911 call and then being executed because you "hate pigs" is just lame. But I accept that some cops will come along, guns drawn and tell you to get down all over a false 911 call. If people want a better police force they need to be better criminals. Both sides could put more effort in to make the entire experience more enjoyable for everybody. I'll happily agree with you on that. As I said in the event I am happy to take onboard the worst government group award and me and the rest of the supervisors, command and executive will discuss what we can do to make improvements. We aren't perfect and nor do any of us claim to be. Everybody can make improvements and you'll see them soon. On the subject of weapons. Yes we have a store of weapons. But all of the heavy weapons are restricted as to when the can be used and how much we have. The amount of ammo SAPD can carry is also heavily limited to prevent people getting 600 m4 and rocking around like its a toy. We do not have an unlimited supply and volunteers will vary rarely be given them. They certainly are not given them often. Yes we get free guns, and yes we get free armour. But why would we not? Why would the police pay for their own equipment? There's no logic in that. To address some of the points about buying weapons. Why would the police NOT have access to better weapons than the average criminal? All the weapons we have are freely available to all of you. Yes HW are more difficult to get for you, but rightly so. In my opinion the perks to both the criminals and police is fairly balanced.
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    Once I got confused and killed 7 cops and I died after, sadly I asked why I was being shot back
  7. 4 points
    Alright chaps. I've touched on this subject on a couple of topics before but never seen any real discussion about it. I'm, frankly, shocked and disappointed in the players, administration team, management and owners of the server. Considering this is an international server with players of so many origins, the fact that racism, and discrimination based on a players origin is accepted is so outdated and unbelievable. For example, usage of the words: - Nigger - Paki - Sandnigger - Chink - etc I seem to recall one of the server owners referring to "nigger" as being in the past, and because its in the past, it is not racist. On the same topic he then banned somebody for usage of a swastika. This is so unbelievably hypocritical, BOTH symbols refer to the total systemic oppression of a particular race/origin by an opposing party (Swastika by the Nazis, Nigger by white slave traders and so on...) I'm from the UK, and here it is highly offensive to say any of the words above, most sane people wouldn't dream of using them as legitimate insults due to the backlash. If I were to refer to anyone as a "Paki", "Nigger", "Chink" at my workplace, I would be immediately dismissed and could face criminal and civil charges... WHY is this shit acceptable here? This is just one of the multiple "cancerous/toxic" traits I have witnessed on the community. FUCK ME, we moan about deathmatching all the time and half of it comes from OOC hate, driven by insults and CONSTANT shit-talking. Players, Administration, Management and so on complain about the culture here when the flame is continuously fanned by the ridiculous tolerance of such blatant disrespect. Yes, this links to the idea behind the topic "Not all Muslims are terrorists" and so on... How can the community be expected to play together as one (yes, you RP WITH each other, not AGAINST in ANY situation, regardless of IC grievances), when this hate is encouraged and when called out, even an owner flicked it aside like it was a non-issue. This is fucking 2020 people. Time for a zero tolerance policy on racism, discrimination and let's begin chopping out the cancerous parts of the community that continue with this behaviour.
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    After reading your post, I've come to the conclusion that the only one that's retarded is you. How the fuck do you misspell "speak", oh yeah by living in a third world country that has zero education and is about as clean as the shit you wash yourself in. Hope your whole family contracts COVID-19 and you all die.
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    Muslims are Terrorists. Keep thinking you dogshit sandal wearing IED planting shit bags are anything more, ya'll fucking ruined this garbage ass server by immigrating here in the masses. Literal scum of the Earth.
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    Its retarded to think like that I'm a Christian and I say every religion has its bad and good people, none is perfect, thats why we are humans.
  11. 3 points
    Three busy days coming up - hopefully our players will enjoy it!
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    I think this situation shows: A) The beauty of hindsight (ie, we now have an unconscious bias, knowing Elias has only just joined the server) B) Not everyone reads the text (Elias seeing a group of group of blips at the toll, combined with the message saying a suspect was at the toll made this a stupid direction to run) C) Suspects should be less aggressive and focus on escape (though I see why you choose to kill the cop, they always take the piss in /p saying we should have finished them so they can't return) D) Edited videos aren't great evidence E) Rooney is a terrible negotiator (again, lel, couldn't resist it) That being said, Jamal clearly had no intention of immediately killing Elias until the police arrived on scene, issuing the classic generic threat over the megaphone. I disagree with Dizzy about the earlier shots - these were clearly to disable the car and not wound. It is naive to say they should not have shot at Elias when backup arrived for him. Historical server behaviour dictates that once Rooney and his partner arrived on scene, there would be a shootout anyway (the threat is in the message) making it irrelevant who they shot first. So yes, borderline behaviour and very aggressive. Foolish to label as DM on this occasion based on the server standard at the moment with SWAT DBing like gang members in the ghetto.
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    Since people see me often using in public chat ''Allah Akbar'' I want to say that I really don't mean it about terrorist or something else. All I do is jokes, sometimes my jokes are offensive so sorry for that, but I lift people's mood. And I try my best to don't fuck up but still I get bullied. There's another thing, somehow I am not racist even tho I know that I suck, people laughed at my religion and the country where I'm from but I ignore it, just because few admins are shits and they punish you for smallest mistakes. Religion Harrasment should be punished straight away and ADMINS have to look at this in serious way, not over jokes like ''xd'' or just laughing at what we're saying. All I'm saying is no matter what religion you have, all matters how you act, and your personallity. I have responsibillity of my own actions and shit talks and I get mute sometimes but I am right about one thing, racists are faggots, and admins can't disagree with this because they would show how unprofessional they are. Racists are more like haters, they will hate until they will find new object and etc, until then, you should ignore him and if that doesn't work just report that cunt for RELIGION HARRASMENT and admins will deal with it. I know that they will because half of admins are Muslim's and etc. Moving on with ''Shut up Paki'', some people take it as a dumbass joke which is funny only for those who uses it, for me it's funny sometimes because it lifts my mood when I'm sad. I agree with all of you that we should fix/solve that problem with Racism. Admins will handle it soon or later because they won't have any other chance, who would want to play in Community full of Haters/Racists? NO-ONE. I have a question for all Mudoo Players, which side you are? Haters/Racists or you are a normal person with feelings who goes AGAINST Racism? The choice is yours. #FUCKYOUHATERS, #FUCKYOURACISTS, #ONLYHATERSANDRACISTSARECUNTS. You all have my support. + 1
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    Hello there, as far we came to know 'Gambinos' and 'Bone Country Resistance' both have lost their official tag which means they are losing their warehouse as well. Don't you think it kinda makes an imbalance? We all know that criminal groups are divided into two-part. Since one of the parts is losing their warehouse means it's making imbalance. So, the groups are breaking since they can't engage in fights with no heavy weapons. the only way to get heavy weapons is through smuggling or buying from enemies? For the criminals it's true, no rival criminal group = no fun. No fun in turf. You will start capturing turf between your alliances. It would be great if managers look after giving Warehouse to an unofficial group as well. I heard that Gambino is going to close after a long journey of 3 years also BCR might close because rebels running without heavy weapons looks unfair.
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    I don't get what people don't understand about the whole "screenshot scandal".. You can think of roleplay ideas to rp with your own crew. You can think of a situation like going to the store, going to stock a warehouse, whatever the fuck you want. As long as it's roleplayed on the server, It's when you don't have ideas like that as you don't rp with your own group (let's be real, not a lot of your members know how to rp whatsoever) and you get one or two capable members to set up these scenes and do the work for everyone, it turns into a one man faction with a bunch of minions. Everyone edits screens and fixes /mes and such to help convey the story of the screenshot, but y'all straight up make rp lines in post production lmao. Use losing official to help your rp story, the come back, working your way up. There are many ways you can get heavy weapons, work with enemies, strike deals.. The possibilities are limitless, but no. You are all too lazy to do so as "hurdy durdy we have been here for years we deserve it" take it on the chin, rp your way back up, prove that you still have it. Gvardia and TIM have proved they deserve it. Gambino and BCR have got too complacent. Magaddino have the potential to be great, they will get there one day I believe, they have leaders who care about their group as a whole. When I joined this server gambino tried to bully us off as they are "the og group" which showed they had lost touch, they strive off being the oldest group that they lost motivation to keep it going. All that being said, best of luck to Ed bro, you got this.
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    No you won't be unbanned when you tell "who leaked the msg" Your review date is 01/01/2021. Spamming appeals will lead to forum mute.
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    Chillin' Pelota.
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    What is your in-game name? Tyrone_Purpz Which staff member banned you? Leonardo When did you get banned? 06/11/2020 What is the ban reason? He claims that im ''lying'' Personal comment [19:48:47] Tyrone Purpz shouts [Jamaican accent]: eyo handsup!! [19:48:49] * Faw Locsta whispers something to the vehicle occupants. [19:48:49] AhadSaab Jatt says: no seriously [19:49:15] * Tyrone Purpz pats the girl [19:49:20] You robbed a(n) Desert eagle (37 ammo) from Marty Jatt. [19:49:20] * Tyrone Purpz robs a(n) Desert eagle from Marty Jatt. [19:49:25] You robbed a(n) Shotgun (28 ammo) from Marty Jatt. [19:49:25] * Tyrone Purpz robs a(n) Shotgun from Marty Jatt. [19:49:34] Tyrone Purpz says [Jamaican accent]: Hands! [19:49:39] * Tyrone Purpz frisks the guy [19:49:41] [Ask] Sneax_Gambino (65){FFFFFF}: chinsaw allowed to kill with ? [19:49:42] AhadSaab Jatt says: why you killed her [19:49:47] [Ask] Helper Pedro_Gvardia (0){FFFFFF}: no [19:49:48] Faw Locsta says [Malaysian accent]: rob [19:49:50] Faw Locsta says [Malaysian accent]: hehe [19:49:51] Tyrone Purpz says [Jamaican accent]: Man shut the fuck up. [19:49:59] AhadSaab Jatt says: she is woman [19:50:04] Faw Locsta says [Malaysian accent]: then? [19:50:10] Tyrone Purpz says [Jamaican accent]: I dont give a fuck bitch. [19:50:10] Faw Locsta says [Malaysian accent]: he shooted us wtf [19:50:12] Tyrone Purpz says [Jamaican accent]: Look at this. [19:50:12] AhadSaab Jatt says: you guys are gays [19:50:20] AhadSaab Jatt says: you kill gays [19:50:30] [Ask] Ron_Aternos (22){FFFFFF}: F [19:50:32] Tyrone Purpz says [Jamaican accent]: I'm gay? [19:50:33] * Faw Locsta whispers something to Tyrone Purpz. [19:50:33] Faw Locsta whispers to you [Malaysian accent]: cops around [19:50:35] *** [1 | 1111] Tupac Shakour: where ya at? [19:50:38] Tyrone Purpz says [Jamaican accent]: Bitch shut yo pussy ass up. -- This is where i shot AhadSaab for disrespecting + he ran away into a building and came back some seconds later after we shot Marty [19:50:54] This vehicle is owned by a group. [19:51:26] Correct usage: /w [playerid/name] [message] So me and Faw came up to grove street and found our enemies chilling at the blue apartments at ganton. We hopped out of the car and told those jatt's to put their hands up. They didn't they starting walking around and Marty Jatt pulled out a desert eagle and started aiming for some time which made me and Faw shoot at her till 0 HP. Ahad ran away into the blue apartment building and later came out again and put his hands up. We frisked him and found no items on him so no robbery happend. This Ahad started calling us ''gays'' as you can see in the logs so In Character my character got even more angry because not only had Ahad ran away from us, but he also insulted me and Faw for ''gays''. Thats why i decided to kill him and drive away with the car before the police would show up. [20:33:49] {FF0000}Leonard_Hofstader{DDA2F0} says: You lied to me [20:33:56] (( Tyrone_Purpz: she aimed a gun i said )) [20:33:57] Faw Locsta says [Malaysian accent]: wtf? [20:33:58] {FF0000}Leonard_Hofstader{DDA2F0} says: Secondly, you gave only 10 seconds to Marty to comply [20:34:00] AhadSaab Jatt says: ballas liar [20:34:02] [Ask] jeff_caylen (12){FFFFFF}: where do i get a costum fighting style [20:34:03] {FF0000}Leonard_Hofstader{DDA2F0} says: And you killed him directly [20:34:10] {FF0000}Leonard_Hofstader{DDA2F0} says: And then Ahad came to save marty [20:34:12] (( Tyrone_Purpz: bruh she was holding a deagle in her hand )) [20:34:14] Marty Jatt says: I said [20:34:15] Faw Locsta says [Malaysian accent]: he ran away [20:34:19] [Ask] Helper Pedro_Gvardia (0){FFFFFF}: you can buy it with /loyalty or /donatorperks [20:34:44] *** [1 | 1111] Rodrigo Palacios joined the channel. [20:34:44] [Ask] Housma_shelby (14){FFFFFF}: how to remove account ? [20:34:44] AhadSaab Jatt says: thats your pussy [20:34:53] *** [1 | 1111] Tupac Shakour: ayo ma latin guy [20:35:40] AdmCmd: You have been teleported by Leonard_Hofstader (42). [20:35:44] {FF0000}Leonard_Hofstader{DDA2F0} says: She didn't fire a single shot [20:35:45] Faw Locsta says [Malaysian accent]: she aiming us [20:35:47] Marty Jatt says: Sir can you tell me what he said you for this report? [20:36:00] [Advertisement] selling heroin call me [20:36:00] [Advertisement] Contact Phone: 45056 [20:36:15] (( Tyrone_Purpz: ok but she aimed tho )) [20:36:29] (( Tyrone_Purpz: why the fuck would she pull out a gun when i say handsup to her )) [20:36:30] {FF0000}Leonard_Hofstader{DDA2F0} says: Marty, did you aim? [20:36:32] Faw Locsta says [Malaysian accent]: she will kill us if she fire first. she aimed [20:36:33] (( Tyrone_Purpz: why didnt she /handsup )) [20:36:36] {FF0000}Leonard_Hofstader{DDA2F0} says: And also [20:36:38] (( Tyrone_Purpz: why didnt she /handsup answer that? )) [20:36:38] {FF0000}Leonard_Hofstader{DDA2F0} says: If she aimed [20:36:43] {FF0000}Leonard_Hofstader{DDA2F0} says: She would have shot [20:36:49] {FF0000}Leonard_Hofstader{DDA2F0} says: whereas no shots were made from her side [20:36:51] AhadSaab Jatt says: logical [20:36:51] Faw Locsta says [Malaysian accent]: she would shoot us [20:36:54] Faw Locsta says [Malaysian accent]: it can be [20:37:04] [Advertisement] [SELLING] A big house (Furnished) with alot parking space, El Corona, LS Airport. [20:37:04] [Advertisement] Contact Phone: 20455 [20:37:05] *** [2 | 9998] Mask_81661 joined the channel. [20:37:06] Faw Locsta says [Malaysian accent]: if we dont shoot first. she would kill us [20:37:10] Marty Jatt says: Ahahaha okay now i know [20:37:16] AhadSaab Jatt says: no she wont [20:37:20] Faw Locsta says [Malaysian accent]: why she aiming? [20:37:34] *** [2 | 9998] William Harrison joined the channel. [20:37:35] Faw Locsta says [Malaysian accent]: for nothing? [20:37:39] Faw Locsta says [Malaysian accent]: we said handsup` [20:37:41] (( Tyrone_Purpz: no why is she not fucking doing /handsup at first? )) [20:37:42] AdmCmd: Faw_Locsta has been admin jailed by Leonard_Hofstader for 40 minute(s). Reason: Lying to admins + deathmatching + for.. [20:37:42] AdmCmd: ..cing disgusting roleplay [20:37:43] (( Tyrone_Purpz: and ahad ran away )) [20:37:44] AhadSaab Jatt says: what you do when you are panic [20:37:54] {FF0000}Leonard_Hofstader{DDA2F0} says: Now, Tyrone [20:37:57] [Ask] Faw_Locsta (79){FFFFFF}: tf 40 minutes [20:37:59] (( Tyrone_Purpz: yeah? )) [20:37:59] {FF0000}Leonard_Hofstader{DDA2F0} says: You have 1 full ban [20:38:07] {FF0000}Leonard_Hofstader{DDA2F0} says: 2 temp bans [20:38:09] [Advertisement] Mansion [20:38:09] [Advertisement] Contact Phone: 42563 [20:38:09] [Ask] Enzo_Gambino (59){FFFFFF}: How does the admin jail looks like? [20:38:14] {FF0000}Leonard_Hofstader{DDA2F0} says: You don't want to improve, right?> [20:38:14] [Ask] Sneax_Gambino (65){FFFFFF}: XD [20:38:17] (( Tyrone_Purpz: bruh are you serious about this? )) [20:38:20] [Ask] Sneax_Gambino (65){FFFFFF}: like sex room [20:38:22] [Ask] Enzo_Gambino (59){FFFFFF}: No, seriously haha. [20:38:24] {FF0000}Leonard_Hofstader{DDA2F0} says: I am very serious [20:38:24] [Ask] Hunter_Genovese (15){FFFFFF}: CHECK my Support [20:38:32] [Ask] Sneax_Gambino (65){FFFFFF}: Sex Room u know it ? [20:38:35] (( Tyrone_Purpz: im the one saying she aimed at me i didnt claim she shot tho )) [20:38:37] [Ask] Leonardo_Riley (80){FFFFFF}: stop [20:38:39] [Ask] Michaell_Gambino (21){FFFFFF}: remember that pimp mission in gta sa? It is that room [20:38:44] {FF0000}Leonard_Hofstader{DDA2F0} says: Bruh. [20:38:51] [Ask] Mike_Scarface (5){FFFFFF}: it is not I think [20:38:55] (( Tyrone_Purpz: when i clearly told her to handsup she went moving around )) [20:38:57] [Ask] Hunter_Genovese (15){FFFFFF}: Sir check my support its too urgent plz check [20:38:58] *** [1 | 1111] Leon Gvardia joined the channel. [20:38:58] *** [2 | 9998] Leon Gvardia joined the channel. [20:38:58] (( Tyrone_Purpz: said nothing at all )) [20:39:01] {FF0000}Leonard_Hofstader{DDA2F0} says: You literally said "Marty shot us, Jatt's are liars go check logs" [20:39:07] {FF0000}Leonard_Hofstader{DDA2F0} says: Plus Marty didn't aim as well [20:39:10] (( Tyrone_Purpz: and she was holding a deagle and aiming for a bit )) [20:39:21] {FF0000}Leonard_Hofstader{DDA2F0} says: Tyrone [20:39:27] {FF0000}Leonard_Hofstader{DDA2F0} says: I won't ban you if you speak the truth [20:39:28] (( Tyrone_Purpz: what? )) [20:39:29] {FF0000}Leonard_Hofstader{DDA2F0} says: Come clean [20:39:41] {FF0000}Leonard_Hofstader{DDA2F0} says: Seeing your punishment history, you'd get a straight full ban [20:39:44] (( Tyrone_Purpz: they were moving around and marty had a deagle in her hand )) [20:39:47] (( Tyrone_Purpz: ahad didnt have guns )) [20:39:48] [Ask] Joe_Daze (16){FFFFFF}: is Leonardo_Gambino Online? [20:39:50] (( Tyrone_Purpz: im not lying )) [20:39:52] [Ask] Helper Scarlett_Bengo (47){FFFFFF}: /id [20:39:54] [Ask] Enzo_Gambino (59){FFFFFF}: No. [20:40:01] {FF0000}Leonard_Hofstader{DDA2F0} says: Ahad had no guns? [20:40:04] (( Tyrone_Purpz: fr gonna start recording every single scene from now on )) [20:40:06] [Ask] Leonardo_Riley (80){FFFFFF}: /id gam [20:40:06] (( Tyrone_Purpz: yeah he had no guns )) [20:40:10] (( Tyrone_Purpz: just marty )) [20:40:15] [Ask] David_Soprano (46){FFFFFF}: Misuse of /ask [20:40:17] {FF0000}Leonard_Hofstader{DDA2F0} says: Then why did you even kill Ahad? [20:40:17] (( Tyrone_Purpz: otherwise i would have robbed ahad's gun )) [20:40:25] [Ask] Enzo_Gambino (59){FFFFFF}: It's not, it's server related. [20:40:34] (( Tyrone_Purpz: cause he had ran away from me )) [20:40:37] [Ask] David_Soprano (46){FFFFFF}: It is [20:40:39] (( Tyrone_Purpz: after marty was shot dead )) [20:40:43] [Ask] David_Soprano (46){FFFFFF}: how is this asking related to server? [20:40:44] ** [800 Operator] We received a call from Christian_Ryan (4000) ** [20:40:44] ** [800 Operator] Situation: Need a mechanic. ** [20:40:44] ** [800 Operator] Stated location: Idlewood mechanic garage. ** [20:40:49] (( Tyrone_Purpz: i found him and shot )) [20:40:50] {FF0000}Leonard_Hofstader{DDA2F0} says: No type of interactions are there [20:40:54] *** [1 | 1111] Yakin Johnson joined the channel. [20:40:54] *** [2 | 9998] Yakin Johnson joined the channel. [20:40:58] {FF0000}Leonard_Hofstader{DDA2F0} says: You didn't even say anything to Ahad [20:40:59] [Ask] Enzo_Gambino (59){FFFFFF}: Is Leonardo_Gambino player of this server? Yes he is. [20:41:15] (( Tyrone_Purpz: no they didnt even roleplay when i said handsup )) [20:41:17] *** [1 | 1111] Leon Gvardia joined the channel. [20:41:17] *** [2 | 9998] Leon Gvardia joined the channel. [20:41:19] (( Tyrone_Purpz: just moving around )) [20:41:20] [Ask] David_Soprano (46){FFFFFF}: Enzo this is misuse of /ask bro /ask is if you need help with something relating the game [20:41:23] (( Tyrone_Purpz: not even roleplaying any fear )) [20:41:27] [Ask] David_Soprano (46){FFFFFF}: not just telling everyone to /id gam [20:41:28] (( AhadSaab_Jatt: sir faw is abusing )) [20:41:34] ============= You got permanently banned ============= [20:41:34] You got permanently banned by Leonard_Hofstader. [20:41:34] Reason: Exessively deathmatching + lying to admins (has 1 full ban + 3 tempbans). You clearly don't want to improve at all. [20:41:34] Now this Leonardo tped me to LV like 15-20 minutes later and ended up saying that i ''lied''. First you are telling me that i only gave her 10 seconds to comply - bruh she was walking around holding a deagle and aimed for a short time. The only step she had to make is press her left mouse button to start shooting at us which she came really close to. No idea why she didnt even bother to shoot but if i see someone taking out a desert eagle and pressing ASDW moving around everywhere after i tell her to handsup why is this not a reason for me to start shooting? You are saying you dont see any logs of shooting - well very logical cuz she didnt shot and ahad didnt have a gun she probably knew already she would die anyways. I also noticed everyone except for ballas is getting the normal punishments - but ballas is the only one that keeps getting striked by perm bans constantly? Whatsup with this? No /warnings/ at all being made towards ballas members, just permbans and tempbans this shit is unfair.
  19. 2 points
  20. 2 points
    2020 AWARDS STAFF Best Staff Member Kindest Staff Member Fairest Staff Member Most helpful Staff Member Jan Svensson Danny Winters Dizzy Walker Sam Woods POLICE Best Police Officer Kindest Police Officer Fairest Police Officer Courageous Police Officer Worst Police Officer Khalid King Danny Winters Stock Smith Kacper Kowalski Kacper Kowalski CRIMINAL Best Criminal Best Dealer Best Criminal Driver Worst Criminal Declan Kavanagh Declan Kavanagh Fylnn McGregor Carlo Gambiino GROUP Most Unique Group Best Government Group Best Criminal Group Best Business Group Worst Government Group Worst Criminal Group Worst Business Group The Irish Mob FBI The Gambino Family Luxury Auto Dealership SAPD The Gambino Family Luxury Auto Dealership PLAYER Best Roleplayer Most Creative Player Funniest Player Best Driver Luckiest Player Best Shooter Worst Gambler Octavius Finney Richie Kavanagh Tommy Brandon Omar Alston Kacper Kowalski Bobby Grizzly Carlo Gambino Worst Driver Worst Shooter Dumbest Hacker Best Dj Kacper Kowalski Ned Gambino Damon Eira Enrique Mendez MANAGERIAL Most Dedicated Player Best Mapper Best Mapper Jake Randall Jason Maxwell Octavius Finney
  21. 2 points
    More than you I will tell you that
  22. 2 points
    What is your in-game name? Marco_Spagerolli Which player(s) do you want to report? Carlo_Gambino Daryl_Reznov When did the rulebreak happen? 06/07/2020 Which players did witness the rulebreak happening? Multiple, check video. What happened? (quote what rule was broken) We were RPing with Carlo as he had recently put an ad up about acquiring around 6 bodyguards, which would fit us perfectly as we were looking, we were having a nice RP, although Carlo kept talking shit in /b for some reason. Anyways, Daryl arrives, then they just open fire on us without any warning. They open fire on around 5 of us killing us without any valid warning or reason. Evidence
  23. 2 points
  24. 2 points
    Firstly, so most of you know that PD volunteers are causing a lot of chaos on-duty. They randomly aim at unarmed people over a simple fine as well as providing false tickets, shooting people for wearing mask (it happened to me myself). Continuous blatant deathmatching, shooting randomly, trolling, killing people in jails (even when they're inside and cuffed, they simply go in and use a pepper spray to kill them or a weapon), commiting crimes on-duty, cooking meth, and robbing people on-duty. Yesterday, I've received multiple complaints that there are a few volunteers going to TIM HQ telling them to hands up and they robbed them simply, then left their HQ, once I called them to HQ with a Sergeant, they shot us both and attempted heliblade. They died, but one of them /q'ed to avoid suspension and others got suspended. He later came back and was suspended. Secondly, the SAFMD, the volunteer system in SAFMD is pretty fucked up, you actually can go on-duty without passing the exam (a known bug). Buy weaponry from an ammunation, go and rob people on-duty, not responding to the calls from the citizens (911) nor responding to the calls from the Police (Departmental Radio), killing team-mates, citizens, cops, evading, doing crimes, simply ruining the reputation of the SAFMD. Also, Arab News told a member of their Agency to get on-duty as a Medic and blow ATM's as well as commiting crimes, yet, he refuses to provide the required information to the local Police and the Supervisory Staff of the SAFMD which is simply criminal accomplices and posting fake news, also Vigilantism. A simple interview system for PD should be added which Academy Instructors and Supervisory Staff will be able to conduct with the individual making sure he's willing to learn and capable of speaking at least basic English or an understandable one. Also, we tell them to check the penal code and /rules as well as the guidelines of the department after. Same to the SAFMD, a simple interview system should be added which the RTD (Recruitment & Training Division) Officers or the Supervisory Staff can conduct with the individual making sure he's willing to learn and capable of speaking at least basic English or an understandable one. Also, we tell them to check the guidelines and try to do their best in roleplaying, following the rules, acting professional, focusing all the time, avoiding commiting crimes, and respond to citizens and PD calls. If you say no, please mention why.
  25. 2 points
    What is your in-game name? Diadia_Fedia, Aleksandr Which staff member banned you? Billy_Miller When did you get banned? 01/01/2019 What is the ban reason? Weapon hacks Personal comment I apologize for all rulebreaking ive did. I dont know about the correct date of my ban. Please sorry and give me a chance. I havent played SAMP for a long time. There is too much time have passed. Ive learned this lesson.
  26. 2 points
    Hello. It's been observed that for the past months there's repeatedly been discussions brought forward by players in regards to toxicity, racism, disrespect and general bad attitude in the community. From the beginning of Mudoo Gaming, we chose to be lenient on punishing for these matters as we believed that on the internet, censoring petty insults and small provocations would be exaggerated and would have more cons than pros. What we have decided now, is to enforce the rules relating to disrespect, racism, toxicity and bullying in a stricter manner, but through managerial review of each case individually. We want to prevent administrators from misinterpreting the rule and context of a situation and avoid false punishments from being issued. Admins are still allowed to tell you to stop in order to maintain the peace and atmosphere. The following is disallowed: Bullying - targeting a specific individual or a group of individuals with repeated provocative behavior, insults, disrespect, mockery or other harassment forms Attacks involving personal lives - using an individual's real life information, images or anything else from somebody's real life to attack them Racism - slurs or insults explicitly targeted on the person's race in combination with the previous stated definition of 'bullying'. This does not apply to use of these slurs within roleplay realm. Conspiring against the community or staff - spreading false propaganda to other players against the community or the staff, dis-encouraging players from playing Important to note: If you feel offended, it does not always mean that the other person breached one of these rules. Punishments will depend on severity of the matter and of course, history of punishments of the individual. Warnings will be issued first, whenever the matter is not severe and when the punishment history of the offender isn't extensive. Repeated acts will result in a permanent ban either in game, on the forum, on discord or on multiple platforms.
  27. 2 points
    We received a suggestion on our PM from a player with the following suggestions - the question here is how many of people would support these suggestions?
  28. 2 points
    08/06/2020 Hired as Moderator(1): • @Lopez • @Saim
  29. 2 points
    Agreed. No. It's re-appropriation. A group of people will sometimes take a pejorative word or phrase and use it in a controlled setting as an attempt to diminish the derogatory nature and meaning of the word. We're objecting to the use of words used clearly in a manner used to belittle or dehumanise another group or individual. In the middle of an argument, "paki cunt" or "fucking nigger" are clearly demonstrating an unacceptable prejudice and bias against entire communities of people. Insulting a person is one thing, but the use of words in such a way is clearly and inherently racist. How about "fucking cunt" or "idiotic moron"?? Both clearly insults a person but doesn't require dragging in the history of an ethnic community, country or religion. Part of our community know exactly what they're saying and do it on purpose; Others just lack the appropriate understanding and therefore the empathy such subjects deserve, and this community is currently setting them up for failure in real life. That said, I look forward to the statement from the community management. As expected this will bounce around a lot and we'll get a good outcome from you guys.
  30. 2 points
    inb4 perm denial on unban request after this.
  31. 2 points
    maybe all you fucktards should ICly know that the police has way more power and way more resources to go after each and every one of you and maybe actually fear them and comply if you got nothing else on you besides guns and not press your shitty walkie talkie panic button the moment someone tries to rob/kill/arrest you.
  32. 2 points
    I hope we agree this is...not okay.
  33. 2 points
    I don't know whats more idiotic, this post or eating your own shit. Did you even watch the video? He saw a fucking car on the map and he took it, to go to LSPD, who would all the way to LSPD instead of finding a car? smh
  34. 2 points
    Not a solution. They should change group points and stuff, its so easy to get official here, when it takes years in other servers, depending on the quality of rp, how the group in functioning, how clean is the punishment history of the group members, how active is the group, how many members are in the group, what they are planning to do, and ofcourse their goal, and how the group effects the server.... and many more.
  35. 2 points
    always remember the guy you're playing against could be in this picture
  36. 2 points
    also those are legal mods initially fast equip is just a keybind for /equip where as the chase is just updating. if locmax wants me to remove them by all means he can pm me ingame or forum pm me regarding it telling to remove. as well he saw me use it before I presume and from what i see hes all cool and dandy with it yeah it spams a little but that can be fixed
  37. 2 points
    As usual i'll throw in my two cents, before i let you people argue nonstop. Any fool can see that this is crap role-play. regardless if you're picking up where you guys left off, any sensible criminal role player would use that chance to evade the cops further. Rather than returning to kill someone for no reason. Whether he was aware of the matter or not, im not interested. it's the fact that your basic putrid mind decided to actively shoot someone who clearly did give a fuck about your criminal activities. Any retard can see that, if you see a chance to flee, you flee. it's as simple as that there's no two ways to it. Instead of actually seeing the illogicality behind going back when you have a kidnap victim, you decide it's smart to kill some random cop who just logged in. You're either daft or mentally challenged not to recognize the justification behind that role play there.
  38. 2 points
    Take your prayer matt and fuck off you fucking towel head.
  39. 2 points
  40. 2 points
    LMAOOOOO, Yall banned Tyrone for lying , is that a reason to Perm ban lmaooo, i cant stop laughing on yall., Saw the reason, 'He claims im lying' Lmaoooo , You all the Ez admins man. Just came to the wrong server, fucking the Good. server up to down ... lmaooooo, Cmon man, the whole Forums is knowing that admins are targeting Ballas. I dont see one, i mean one Mafia or Mobster banned from months or in forums too loool , i dont know how to express my laugh. Atleast if you want to tartget, dont show it man, do i t indirectly like yall are doin with me not responding and replying to mee.. lmaooooooo , i cant find the best emoji too.. I know you all are seeing this appeal but not replying ..
  41. 2 points
    Like I said, I will be stepping back from "gang violence" type RP sits and getting into low-stakes RP sits that don't really open up the possibility of DM - this way I can develop my RP and take away the "kill or be killed" mentality from such situations, so that in the future, should such a situation arise I won't be inclined to go that route. I have spent the last couple of weeks online harbouring good will amongst my alliance and now, seeing as opinions aren't high outside of that alliance, I would like to harbour that same good will outside it as well. There are many aspects to gang RP, so I will be going along with these other aspects that do not revolve around killing people. I have only been around for a couple of months and it has been a bit of a trial and error getting things right but only recently have I got into the RP aspects of the game, since I have overcome many of the barriers to new players both in RP terms and RPG elements of the server. Bottom line, I won't be going around killing people anymore.
  42. 2 points
  43. 1 point
    What is your in-game name? Bob_Figure Which staff member banned you? Sam_Woods When did you get banned? 07/07/2020 What is the ban reason? come to fight after death Personal comment today gangs and police started a fight. i killed by a sniper cop, my friends and my boss told come here back and everybody including cops after die went there and i thougt it is not revenge kill i can go there. everybody did it but nobody banned just i banned. sam woods tped me and he didnt listen i tried say something but he banned me it was just 2 mins. i must unbanned please make it guys
  44. 1 point
    Just stop crying and don’t fall for their insults, you expect SWAT to come and give you flowers when you provoke them back
  45. 1 point
    This team is easily winning if I didn't bring some CW pros (which I can't do because of lvl 5 rule) Otherwise congratulations, there's no hope for others. Well the only competition would be vs Spagerolli
  46. 1 point
    I'll be handling this report.
  47. 1 point
  48. 1 point
    Supported, we need strict rules against racism.
  49. 1 point
    "my screen went bugging out with some black big lines and started to get fps drops"
  50. 1 point
    Aight listen here and you listen damn well good. yeah people say Muslims are terrorists but that is a stereotype and if you have the slightest bit of brain you would realize that. Also you shit talk other people e.g. Autistic people how do u think they feel? they get enough bullshit irl getting alienated from society etc. How I know? personal experience of course. you people trash talk others. "We were bullied in the server discard and also inside the server and this talk was not monitored by officials." you do this exact shit to others. you insult pakis yeah i do too but I dont mean it in a malicious way but hey clearly people lack basic sarcasm. So if you wish people not to shit talk muslims. then I advise you not to insult others e.g. their nation or disability or expect the same result back. Your bringing this on yourself
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