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  1. 2 points
    What is your in-game name? mr.jacob Which staff member banned you? +AV=Kacper_thompson When did you get banned? 09/08/18 What is the ban reason? ban evading Personal comment guys im banned for the reason of ban evading,ok? i want to say that im manager of a banned account named michael_philips so i decided to play game with my uncle's pc (note that not with that banned pc) and veldora_gambino reported me for no reasons and kacper banned me fastly and without asking : are you with that banned pc? im with another pc now am i ban evading? plz help me i didnt ban evade, i want to play game in this server i swear that im with another pc
  2. 2 points
    Let's not lie to ourselves here, you called over you 34th cousin IRL to kill you to avoid loss of items. You were killed out of RP and your 34th cousin should've be punished, yet you still refused to RP. Also, it's a tempban.
  3. 1 point
    What is your in-game name? Dimitri_Rothschild Which staff member banned you? Jelly Valentine When did you get banned? 09/12/18 What is the ban reason? Constant RP rule breaking and the disrespect of a staff member (Tyler Morrison) Personal comment Right firstly reason I had decided to argue with Tyler is that the man had been very unfair in the judgement of RP so i had decided to give him a peace of my mind. Was it justified in disrespecting him? NO but its very easy for an individual to tell you as a another member of staff his own version of events but not the full version of the story. Now i am aware this is my second permanent ban to which the last one was about 7 months ago and it may look veru bad but in this situation i do feel Tyler's judgement of the situation was quite poor in this case. I would verymuch still like to play in the server and obviosly play with in the rules of the server but i am not satisfied with the way i had been treated. Hope you take my words into account. Thanks Dimitri Rothschild
  4. 1 point
    This is your final chance to behave, next time you will be denied immediately. To be unbanned.
  5. 1 point
    Denied, as the party leader himself contested your application by using his party to run to the post.
  6. 1 point
    Just a few tips: "Occupation", in the application, is your current job. If unemployed, just say "unemployed"; All applications that have been cast have been sent to the FBI for background check; Those who have submitted an electoral application can request an ingame group for the party you're running for to a Manager+ ingame, if you do not have one yet (exceptionally). This is an EXCEPTION of the group requirements to be done during the election's period, and ONLY to political parties, to allow them to have a minimal strucutre during the campaign.
  7. 1 point
    Promoted to Senior Administrator(3): @Sergei
  8. 1 point
    Ban evading is getting banned from the server for some reason, and then changing your IP or connecting to the server from another computer with a different account while you're still banned. This means evading your ban. You have done this multiple times and got warned for this mutilple times, yet kept doing it. Why do you keep ban evading?
  9. 1 point
    unbanned, next time I'll take away your drugs and money.
  10. 1 point
    Promoted to Lead Administrator(4): @John_Suicide
  11. 1 point
    Anime reported you for breaching into his account and giving away possessions of his that you had no authorization to touch - he trusted you his password, indeed, He says (and i have confirmed) you, instead, cleaned the items from his inventory and his weed house (which he did not gave you permission to take). You have used Anime's account to transfer items to your friend, [DF]BlackMind, and so he could pass these items back to you in your main account. 31-08-2018 00:41:24 - [ITEM] (Aminovic512 (1)(2256) -> [DF]BlackMind (0)(9263)) C4 [3] 31-08-2018 00:42:12 - [ITEM] ([DF]BlackMind (0)(9263) -> script) c4 [3][property:1154] 31-08-2018 00:43:24 - [ITEM] (Aminovic512 (1)(2256) -> [DF]BlackMind (0)(9263)) Water [50] 31-08-2018 00:43:37 - [ITEM] (Aminovic512 (1)(2256) -> [DF]BlackMind (0)(9263)) C4 [3] 31-08-2018 00:44:05 - [ITEM] (Aminovic512 (1)(2256) -> [DF]BlackMind (0)(9263)) Sniper Case [2] 31-08-2018 00:44:12 - [ITEM] (Aminovic512 (1)(2256) -> [DF]BlackMind (0)(9263)) M4 Case [3] 31-08-2018 00:44:29 - [ITEM] (Aminovic512 (1)(2256) -> [DF]BlackMind (0)(9263)) Weed [177] 31-08-2018 00:44:45 - [ITEM] (Aminovic512 (1)(2256) -> [DF]BlackMind (0)(9263)) Seed [1197] 31-08-2018 00:45:01 - [ITEM] (Aminovic512 (1)(2256) -> [DF]BlackMind (0)(9263)) Water [55] 31-08-2018 00:45:17 - [ITEM] (Aminovic512 (1)(2256) -> [DF]BlackMind (0)(9263)) Calcium [98] 31-08-2018 00:45:27 - [ITEM] (Aminovic512 (1)(2256) -> [DF]BlackMind (0)(9263)) Sodium [98] 31-08-2018 00:45:36 - [ITEM] (Aminovic512 (1)(2256) -> [DF]BlackMind (0)(9263)) Acetone [75] 31-08-2018 00:45:53 - [ITEM] (Aminovic512 (1)(2256) -> [DF]BlackMind (0)(9263)) Airhorn [7] 31-08-2018 00:46:06 - [ITEM] (Aminovic512 (1)(2256) -> [DF]BlackMind (0)(9263)) Flare [9] 31-08-2018 00:46:26 - [ITEM] (Aminovic512 (1)(2256) -> [DF]BlackMind (0)(9263)) Fishing Rod [2] 31-08-2018 00:46:40 - [ITEM] (Aminovic512 (1)(2256) -> [DF]BlackMind (0)(9263)) Crowbar [1] 31-08-2018 00:57:22 - [ITEM] ([DF]BlackMind (0)(9263) -> Franklin_Anarchy (1)(2699)) M4 Case [2] 31-08-2018 00:57:28 - [ITEM] ([DF]BlackMind (0)(9263) -> Franklin_Anarchy (1)(2699)) Sniper Case [1] 31-08-2018 00:57:46 - [ITEM] ([DF]BlackMind (0)(9263) -> Franklin_Anarchy (1)(2699)) Airhorn [3] 31-08-2018 00:58:04 - [ITEM] ([DF]BlackMind (0)(9263) -> Franklin_Anarchy (1)(2699)) Calcium [50] 31-08-2018 00:58:18 - [ITEM] ([DF]BlackMind (0)(9263) -> Franklin_Anarchy (1)(2699)) Water [200] 31-08-2018 00:58:23 - [ITEM] ([DF]BlackMind (0)(9263) -> Franklin_Anarchy (1)(2699)) Sodium [50] 31-08-2018 00:58:27 - [ITEM] ([DF]BlackMind (0)(9263) -> Franklin_Anarchy (1)(2699)) Acetone [50] 31-08-2018 00:58:53 - [ITEM] ([DF]BlackMind (0)(9263) -> Franklin_Anarchy (1)(2699)) Weed [300] 31-08-2018 00:59:11 - [ITEM] ([DF]BlackMind (0)(9263) -> Franklin_Anarchy (1)(2699)) Seed [590] 31-08-2018 00:59:29 - [ITEM] ([DF]BlackMind (0)(9263) -> Franklin_Anarchy (1)(2699)) C4 [3]
  12. 1 point
    You were tempbanned for an hour, not banned. Will be unbanned in 32 minutes.
  13. 1 point
    I gave you a chance to improve and work on these characteristics mentioned above, but it seems like you are not interested to be helpful and active player. Disrecommended. Good luck! Best regards, Senior
  14. 1 point
  15. 1 point
    Score and money has been added on your accounts IX - 1000 score and 1 000 000$ AC - 500 score and 500 000$ PR - 250 score and 250 000$
  16. 1 point
    IX LEGION Assassin's Creed Palestine Resistance Note : Only Participants (Listed players) Will be Rewarded
  17. 0 points
    @Gadha2 Now you're involved also, despite you can't reply in here you have to explain your last PM. White has 1 brother and two cousins (Pagall/Nicest) right? So Gadha! I reckon you told me earlier that you are his cousin.. Did they download you without even being raised or what?
  18. 0 points
    @Matteo Okay, i tried to dm sheikh just to get my revenge on him stealing my body i am sorry i got angry and then disrespectfully dmed sheikh but i am sorry i feel very ashamed just please can u give me 1 chance i will improve myself from now on wards that i wont break the server rules i promise just 1 chance i wont Dm or Wont Role play i will improve myself just give me 1 chance I hope u understand what i mean.
  19. 0 points
    What is your in-game name? Alfred_Anarchy Which staff member banned you? MatthewC When did you get banned? 08/29/18 What is the ban reason? Cant remember Personal comment I swear this is my last chance to be in ban abeal section so can you unban me and i have wait the time that you will guys give me so can i take unban and i know your question that you gonna say How would we trust you that you wont rulebread and do shitty things in server again and i will say Am sorry just give me another chance and i wont come back in banapeal section just trust me
  20. 0 points
    @LocMax MatthewC you know am good RP'er and things like that and if am in mood so i will rp if am not in mood i will RP but i will be very nervous and you know that but btw am really sorry and dont be mad am really sorry
  21. 0 points
    Like my colleagues have mentioned, you must have at least a good English capabilities and enough knowledge of the language rules as well as the server basics, I have seen you in game several times in silence mode you are not helpful at all, inactive and you have a very low English skills and that is manifested through your writing above. I disrecommend you due to reasons mentioned above, work on them in order to gain a chance that could make join our staff team. Good luck Best regards! Senior
  22. 0 points
    19-08-2018 20:51:42 - shadow_plague (9)(10461): /pm 4 hi 19-08-2018 20:52:11 - shadow_plague (9)(10461): /pm 4 where is your bro ? 19-08-2018 20:52:24 - shadow_plague (9)(10461): /pm 4 yeah 19-08-2018 20:53:13 - shadow_plague (9)(10461): /pm 4 tell em i got banned for evading 19-08-2018 20:53:38 - shadow_plague (9)(10461): /pm 4 my pass name? 19-08-2018 20:54:07 - shadow_plague (9)(10461): /pm 4 its the_negative_one aka daystar 19-08-2018 20:54:48 - shadow_plague (9)(10461): /pm 4 for avoding cops i g 19-08-2018 20:55:38 - shadow_plague (9)(10461): /pm 4 but i can still log back to my account give hem this 1k heroin 19-08-2018 20:56:35 - shadow_plague (9)(10461): /pm 4 just waiting for matthew to go away so i can change my name 19-08-2018 20:57:21 - shadow_plague (9)(10461): /pm 4 nah its an ip ban ig but i got released 19-08-2018 20:58:05 - shadow_plague (9)(10461): /pm 4 but don't wanna risk to log back while matthew is around 19-08-2018 20:58:42 - shadow_plague (9)(10461): /pm 4 but /pm 4 not untill i change my name when he leave or something Denied.
  23. 0 points
    What is your in-game name? Imran_Khan Which staff member banned you? Idk When did you get banned? 08/21/18 What is the ban reason? Advising Other Server. Personal comment I was Giving the Ip to a Guy But By Mistake i Did it in Maim Chat.
  24. 0 points
    Hello dear players. We have created a form which allows any of you to submit a map to us. We will add your name to the /credits if your map is accepted and put into the server. Other than that, it is completely voluntary for you to submit a map to us. What we are currently looking for: Some bar / restaurant interiors An office interior Some custom house interiors Fire Department interior Hospital interior It is numbered by priority, what we need the the most to what we need the least. We only accept maps that were created using the Fusez's Map Editor. We need the raw code of the map pasted into the form, which is below. SUBMIT A MAP
  25. 0 points
    Your in-game name [G]host You real life age 19 Your country and timezone Philippines GMT+8 How do you describe yourself as a person I thanked god for giving me a good health and im happy What are your motives for becoming a moderator? I will help and warn a players who contrary the rules How will you deal with a friend that is asking for favors? I answer it How will you deal with a new player that keeps on rule-breaking, after several warnings? Ban? Any additional information you feel is relevant Yes Screenshot of your in-game stats
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