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    29.11.1997 On this day, Noah Sciandra came to life, from a mid-range family, Father who owned a small furniture business, and a stay at home mother. Noah was the first and the last for the family after his mother died at birth. Father under the shock while driving home, he makes a deadly car accident which leaves Noah living with his uncle in Las Collinas in Los Santos. 05.11.2003 Playing hide and seek with his friends outside, Noah getting far from home trying to find a good spot to hide. In a small alley he encounters a group of older boys whom he was scared off, Running away from them he gets hit by a car which left him unconscious. Waking up in the hospital with a damaged knee that left him with a pronounced limp. 14.02.2014 It was the 14th of february, early in the morning, but the sun was shining and it was already warm. Noah limping his way to his highschool, he meets one of his old friends who stopped going to school at an early age. His friend was wearing fancy clothes, a golden chain and an expensive watch. Noah with his modest clothes was impressed, he asked him where he got money, " It's easy, you want this? Come see me to day in the Sparks Steakhouse ". Noah goes to school after the small talk, then in the evening he goes to visit this restaurant that was not fat from his home. Goes in the restaurant, There was barman in the bar, and two guys talking in italian in one of the tables. He goes for the bar, scared and not knowing what to say or take since he was never drunk before. The barman asked him what should he get him, Noah responds " Am just here to see Paul, " Oh, i'll call him for you " the barman answers. Paul comes out of the back, Walking towards Noah laughing and opening his hands to hug him with rejoice. They sat in a table, asks the waiter the bring him " Carlos Marcellos for the man ! " ( which is Spaghetti and meatballs ). Finished eating and after talking about old days when they were young, Paul gives his number to Noah, and tells him that he has a job for him if he wants to earn money. 28.02.2014 After his last encounter with Paul. Noah talks to his uncle about that, He told him that he shouldn't stay with him or work him because he was all trouble. Noah didn't know what to do so he kept thinking about it for days, He didn't have a choice he wanted to make money, wear properly , buy some nice things and stop asking his uncle for money, which he didn't have much of. He called Paul in this day, he tells him to come to the usual spot at 18:00, He visited him, he tells him he can start working tomorrow and gives him 1000$ in advance, " Go buy yourself some real man's clothes and come tomorrow morning " . He leaves the restaurant with a pack of cash in his old jacket's pocket. Happy with the money, he buys a nice classy shirt from Alta Sartoria's line, leather sole shoes, and Zegna jeans. Going home with some cash left with him, wanting to do something good, he gives the cash to his uncle, that got him infuriated, throws the cash on Noah's face and yells at him to get out of his house, " I dont want your dirty money , you take yourself, your shiny clothes and you get the fuck out of my house ". He sleeps the night on the streets with no where to go.
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    Vote for Libertarianism until you're free. #VoteForAce.
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    Okay so. I spoke with other staff members and this is the outcome: - Everytime you ban evade, you will have 1 month added to your review date. - Everytime you tag, message or contact any other staff member you will have 1 month added to your review date. Your review date is 25th of December, 2021. You and your actions achieved this outcome so do not be sad about it. You are lucky you have a chance to even he a review date.
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    or make it something like 3 members of the opposite group should be online in order to capture their turf. I agree on on increasing the time to three days, 24 hour is less.
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    Can you share that map hud? @Cyclone
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