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26/09/2020 17:00 IN-GAME, V-DAY


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  1. I'm really glad that he's taken a step in the right direction. I hope other groups follow his lead. Same goes for the PD. There needs to be efforts from both sides to fix this situation.
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  2. You are just throwing bullshit on me now. Even if someone does 3 shots in a row it's not a big deal. You can even 5/5 at the deagle max range if you handle your recoil well. You lack experience and shooting skills so you turned an aimbot ban to no recoil now. It's about keeping me banned because of your personal hate on BCR. Anyone reading this appeal himself can try no spread and try to not miss shots like me. No spread won't make you not miss shots. If no spread was that good, no one would use aimbots and other cheats. It's all about keeping your crosshair on opponents' body whic
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  3. Hello, my dear fan. I am sure you're aware of the horrible mistakes you've done, and I am also certain that you're sincerely sorry for what you caused to the other players, but here's the thing...We, the administration team, have lost trust in you, you hacked TWICE, we gave you a couple of chances, but you didn't care, and decided to cheat again... And of course, let's not forget how many times you attempted to banevade.. Now.. I know how your feeling, I know that it may be hard to understand that you may not join this server for the next couple months, but you're basically being punishe
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