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  1. So you only share the same device whilst gaming, not whilst accessing our websites and forums?
  2. You and your brother are sharing the same devices by any chance?
  3. Sad it went downhill after your first ban, hopefully you'll recognise your wrongdoings and return with a fresh line. Good luck in your real life eitherway.
  4. The least you can do is be patient.. You lied in your other ban appeal, keep that in mind.
  5. Oh really? 30-05-2019 04:50:53 - Eugene_Gaviria (1)(18404): /changename Guiseppe_Corzetti
  6. Dylan


    It disappoints me that everytime fingers are pointed at other people instead of to yourself. Instead of thinking negative, think positive aswell? Even though it's just temporary, if I was a Moslim I'd be happy that the server respects my religion by adding such map. It's not us, the owners nor administration that asks you - the players - to deathmatch in such area, we made rules to prevent such events to happen but in the end it's you - the players - that has to be mature enough to not ruin it for all other players. None stops you in making a poll to remove the map eitherway, the community was made to listen to the players.
  7. Winners: Dr Amir Franklin David Congratulations! Send me a private message to receive your credits.
  8. Not a bug. /b = OOC chat, meaning that it should display their account name.
  9. This should be fixed in the last server update.
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