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  1. You were unable to connect due a routeblock. It should work now.
  2. Seems like your login attempts on my account at 14-12-2018 12:58:53 and 15-12-2018 15:25:40 didnt work out.
  3. Are you still interested in your ban appeal?
  4. You sent me an email, where I replied to. Still waiting for your email with answers....
  5. It's a good moment for you to think and realize we want to go our own path and move away from the community we all came from. Stop the trash talking whenever someone is using a name or word that was used in the other community. None is forcing you to play here; if you dont like it - leave. Unbanned.
  6. Just once, right? 29 Oct 2018 at 10:12 =AV=Kacper_Gambino Full ban cbugging 27 Oct 2018 at 17:37 =AV=Kacper_Gambino Temporary ban cbugging 22 Sep 2018 at 06:29 [TCL]Arthur_Andolini Full ban C-bugging, flaming towards player, poor roleplay
  7. Explain it here, you are banned thus cant login.
  8. You received 2 (temporary) bans for c-bugging before this one, why did you still do it?
  9. Hola chica, como estas? 😏

  10. Which message do you see? EDIT: Looks like you are able to login though. 29-11-2018 19:40:51 - [LOGIN] Gustavo_Svenson (10) successfully logged in 29-11-2018 19:42:18 - [DISCONNECT] Gustavo_Svenson (10) disconnected (disconnected)
  11. Advertise again and you're out for good. Unbanned.

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