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  1. Happy Birthday To Dylan :x

  2. Moderator application - Hawk

    Should be given a chance.
  3. [Denied] Unban appeal - McQueen

    What about the account SLR722?
  4. If you're asking me whether I support LocMax's decision or not; yes I do. If you truly love Mudoo Gaming then you wouldnt bother in waiting one more month for a(n) (possible) unban.
  5. Regarding donations

    Since it's taking too long, and may be taking a bit longer to finish the donation system, I'll do it manually for now. For more info:
  6. Donation - information

    You can donate from now on. If you have any questions, feel free to send me a private message.
  7. Staff changes

    18/FEB/2018 => @Leonardo has been promoted to SA:MP Leader.
  8. An era approaches...

  9. You were not unbanned. Hopefully you'll follow the server rules from now on. Unbanned.
  10. Did you read the server rules meanwhile?
  11. Hello, The reason why you're currently not available to donate in return for a VIP level is because @Mikro is busy working on a panel where you will be able to donate. I'm against doing all of this manually because I'm too busy IRL, and I dont want to keep people waiting for their VIP level. The panel will give you your rights in the right server, on the forum and on Discord instantly. Thank you for showing interests, but money is not a problem, so we have time to develop a good panel. I'll keep everyone up to date once I have more news.
  12. Call Of Duty: Global Warfare - II [Video]

    Looks amazing, good job!
  13. [DENIED] Unban appeal - lilchikn

    You should make a real unban request whether the admin is wrong or not. This one is denied; try again.
  14. Hello, Thank you for showing interest in donating. Mudoo Gaming will use all the donations to pay or upgrade the community services. We award the donator with donator features in return. At this moment we only offer donator features in our SA:MP Call of Duty Warfare II server. We dont force nor beg anyone to donate; we can cover all the costs ourselves, however donations are always appreciated. Keep in mind that once you donate, you do agree that we do not refund the money you've donated. Since @Mikro has still a lot to develop (on the panel) and the donation system may take some time, I'll do the donation stuff manually for now. Everyone that donates now will get their selected package until the donation system is out. After that we'll reset all donation ranks and the people that have donated will get the amount they've donated returned in credits so they can re-buy their donation package with the virtual credits on the panel and so their months will start from that moment. For those that want to donate more than the current packages - you can do so as we will give you the donated money in credits on the panel once it's developed. Just do not forget to contact me. (1 euro = 1 credit on the panel) All perks from all packages will be only for the duration of the package once the donation system is out (aka for now it's permanently until the donation system is there). Bronze, 1 month for €5 - Change your forum name every 31 days - Access to a restricted board which only the donators can see - /bike (Sanchez, Freeway) - /heal with any class - /armour with any class - appear in /vips - 50 score - $50,000 - Removal of 50 deaths Silver, 1 month for €9 Includes all perks from Bronze (except score, cash and removal of deaths) - /color - /nos - /hy - /skin - 200 score - $100,000 - Removal of 100 deaths Gold, 2 months for €13 Includes all perks from Silver (except score, cash and removal of deaths) - /bike (PCJ-600) - /car (Sultan, Buffalo, Cheetah) - /boat (Coastguard) - /mytime - /myweather - /vsay - /fix with any class - 300 score - $200,000 - Removal of 150 deaths Platinum, 3 months for €16 Includes all perks from Gold (except score, cash and removal of deaths) - /bike (FCR-900) - /car (Turismo, Bullet) - /heli (Sparrow, SAN News, Maverick) - /boat (Speeder, Squallo) - /boost (80 armour, 100 ammunition for all weapons excluding explosives) - /ammo with any class - /fixant with any class - 500 score - $300,000 - Removal of 200 deaths Diamond, 3 months for €20 Includes all perks from Platinum (except score, cash and removal of deaths) - /bike (NRG) - /car (Infernus) - /heli (Police Maverick) - /boat (Jetmax) - /plane (Dodo, Cropduster, Stunt Plane) - boost (full armour, 200 ammunition for all weapons excluding explosives) - 700 score - $400,000 - Removal of 250 deaths You can donate by clicking the "Donate Now" button on the right side of the forum index. Then you select the amount you want to donate and click the "Donate" button. Once you've donated I'll have to verify this manually. You can inform me about your donation by sending me a private message with all the information regarding your donation. Later on we'll have a panel where you can donate and where our system does everything automaticly. Keep in mind that only I'm able to verify donations. This may take maximum 48 hours.
  15. Working on the new forum! :-)

    1. Aman619


      Ask me if you need help and I will try to help you :)

      Good Luck by the way