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  1. The presidency is thankful for having such dedicated chief of police and will therefor award him in the next ceremony with the greatest award, personally issued by the President himself.
  2. Dylan

    Help me

    Should work again.
  3. I already told you plenty of times that it's not my problem. You agreed with those terms, yet you broke those. According to those terms you'll be banned on all services, which I'm following. It's not my problem you broke another rule to give someone access to your account aswell to let you donate which ended up in a chargeback. Now you eat the dust of your own mistakes. Hopefully it's a lession for your future. Good bye.
  4. https://mudoogaming.com/terms Point 6 6. Donations cannot be reverted. Any revert done through the customer side of the payment system, be it by chargeback or any other method, will result in a full ban from Mudoo Gaming. The ban will stretch out to all connected accounts, including forum, discord and the game servers. Any previous connected accounts will also be included in the ban.
  5. Wait few years and appeal again. Appeal denied.
  6. I will give you the same chance as I gave Alex. However, Alex did not want to go on with it.
  7. We have plans in opening a support panel, but due our endless todo it may take a while to get it up and running. Therefor we added a support channel in our Discord server with a ticket bot as temporary solution. Before requesting support, check our frequently asked questions on this page and find an answer to your issue. When there is no answer, proceed with opening a ticket; join our Discord server by clicking here, click the #support channel and write -new ISSUE HERE (for example -new i cannot connect to the samp mudoo roleplay server) to open a ticket. A staff member will help you as soon as possible.
  8. I'm not going to repeat myself hundreds of times. The issue is not on our side, but on our host their side. We have opened a ticket at 07/07/2019 14:37 and are discussing with our host about a solution. Even if we want to help, we cannot.
  9. I'll look tomorrow in my book to conjure a fix.
  10. Because you are in another virtual world. Ask an Administrator (or higher) for a teleportation.
  11. Look, blame yourself for pushing the decision further away. It clearly says you cannot message (this also includes @'ing) the Staff regarding your appeal. I'll lock your appeal. BE PATIENT.
  12. I fail to see what our Call of Duty server has to do with your appeal. Eitherway, not going to repeat myself. Let's see if you'll actually stay away this time and not banevade. I'll keep "I have 1000 servers to play i don't need this one.". Cya.
  13. Let's hope you keep your word and I'm not seeing such bullshit "roleplay" like yesterday again. Unbanned.
  14. Why dont you understand that we dont need people like you here in our community? You were unbanned previously after getting caught banevading multiple times. Yet we thought you deserved a chance but it seems like we were wrong. This situation proves it pretty much. If I myself have to respond to everyone asking me questions or needing my help I wouldnt be able to eat, go to the toilet, sleep, wash myself and other RL things as everyone prefers to come to Mikro, Matthew, Leonardo or myself, while the staffs below us can easily help you out aswell. Frank was trying to help, but you decided to provoke Frank in the public chat which led in your "second" account getting banned. After that you decided to banevade multiple times, flooded the chat and provoked Frank again - which led in in your main account (this one) getting banned too. There's none to blame but yourself. Grow up, go learn how to talk with people in a mature way instead of raging. Goodbye.
  15. If I unban you, can I expect you in roleplaying properly with your gang, creating unique roleplays instead of making poor roleplays that end up in a shootout? You complain that people barely roleplay (which by the way we as management are trying to solve), maybe it's time you lead by example, especially as a LSRP player? Lastly, have you read our server rules meanwhile?
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