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  1. No. Make a new ban appeal once you are able to donate.
  2. Okay, donate 16 euro and you can play again.
  3. My offer still remains; donate the money you owe us (16 euro) and you will be able to play on your main account (Alex_Andolini). There's no other option; waiting 6 months does not mean you can banevade and-/or we allowing you to play again on our services. You are ignorant if you first scam us 16 euro and arent willing to pay it back but yet you are here to banevade and rulebreak even more.
  4. Banned per my request. Start explaining why you are ban evading and what your main account is and I may consider in removing the ban.
  5. Unban at 30 december, do not ban evade and make sure your hacks are gone.
  6. See, was it so hard to admit your wrongdoings? Why did you lie...
  7. Fyi, we are still waiting for your honesty, why you lied and cheated.
  8. We gave you enough already, now it's your turn to man up and be honest. If not, well then there's nothing to discuss further and your appeal will be denied.
  9. You know what's funny? All logins of last weeks are from the IP you are currently posting from. So cut your bullshit.
  10. Alright, let's start with this bullshit: 08-12-2019 08:49:06 - [LOGIN] Frinzeck_Detrix (2)(0) successfully logged in It's okay, maybe Tyrone wasnt clear enough so let's give you another chance to tell us the truth.
  11. Well then this appeal is denied. Dont bother appealing if you cant pay it back. Thanks.
  12. You know what to do in order to get that new chance.
  13. The presidency is thankful for having such dedicated chief of police and will therefor award him in the next ceremony with the greatest award, personally issued by the President himself.
  14. Dylan

    Help me

    Should work again.
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