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  1. After several tests, it seems stable and it works just fine. I'd say the fix is successful.
  2. In-game name: Brunyman Date of when you discovered the bug: 10/01/18 What feature is the bug relevant to: Properties. Explain how does the bug occur: Buy a door via /furniture > Miscellaneous > Doors. Set its position and save. Adjust opened door position via /furniture > Current spawned furniture. The original position always resets. Additional content: Brief example.
  3. Thanks for your opinion to my application.

  4. From what I'm seeing, you registered about 2 days ago, I believe? I will have to leave a Negative vote for you. However, you might still have a chance here.
  5. I will have to go with a Negative vote here. I'm sorry, but you're way too new here and I hope that you can improve yourself in no time. Good luck.
  6. You've satisfied me enough. I Recommend you to be recruited as a member of the staff team. You're mature, I've seen you helped several players in-game, you're likeable and patient (I've only seen you in-game for ~2 days though).
  7. I can sense the potential in you. From what I've read, you seem to know what you will have to do and how you will carry out your duties. The thing is, you don't socialize well with other people. I know you hate me, but this is just a fact. Improve yourself, respect other people. Fascinate me.
  8. Here is where we stand. I like the fact that you like to help other players and staff members with problems. Good thing is: your application is nice, compact and neat. Bad thing is: your behavior in-game. No offense, but you sometimes provoke players; for instance, me earlier. I take that as you being rude and uncool. Try fixing your attitude and maybe I'll change my mind. I'll go ahead and leave a Negative vote for now.
  9. Judging by your application right here, I find it interesting that you really hate hackers. That's good and all. Though from what I've been seeing for some time, you rarely helped other players. Attitude? I think you're okay, for now at least. And the fact that you were admin on different servers makes me even convinced that you are worthy to be a good one here. For now, I'll go with a Positive.
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