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  1. Alright, I will involve myself in this, let me make this very clear, you got scammed for 1mil as you claim. Later on you knew you were scammed you simply GIVE AWAY 2 vehicles to the same person that scammed you. Thats just player stupity and I dont refund that as it was not a "trade" it was simply giving your vehicles away to a certain person without having money in return. To explain the above better so you understand. * You gave money, it was not a trade and thus we don't refund such as this is something that happens In Character and is not a rulebreak. * You gave 2 vehicles to Lilly, it was NOT a trade, you simply gave them and thus its not a rulebreak.
  2. I like your idea, but let me tell you, planning a racing track requires alot more than this simple post. You need to schedule a date, you need roads closed, you need all the locations the racing track goes through. Beside all this, you don't have any money to issue the winners money, I like the idea but give it some more time and come up with more details of the race you try to hold.
  3. If you're impatient I will make it last longer.
  4. Yiu can have 5 dedicated admins with only 2 hours of activity daily. Who is gonna cover the other 22 hours of the server? Correct the ammount of admins we hire. Anyways, management already started cleaning up staff members to build a team we can rely on and we will be working on getting our staff to work in one direction rather than different ones.
  5. Your Ingame Name: Frank Thompson Your Discord name and tag: Frank_Thompson#4276 your number ( 1 - 30 ) : 22
  6. I will be taking over this appeal. Your ban reason was unjustified, that does not mean you are allowed to ban evade at all and thus I decide the following: You will remain banned for 5 more days. Unban set on September the 2nd.
  7. Wait for the weapon ban to experire, it seems you only start to listen when you're unable to use weapons. Maybe meanwhile if kacper is in a good mood, he will take it in.
  8. It's a tempban of 2 days, not a permanent one. It's issued due to your long ass punishment list. So it seems you don't learn. Wait till the tempban expires. @raf
  9. Since Declan is not with us anymore, I will take over your appeal. I will give you a chance to play again, I hope you learn from this and avoid this in the future. Your account will be unbanned from the moment this reply has been submitted. Enjoy playing and start following the rules for once and you get to keep playing here, @Elijah_Smith
  10. A review has taken place with the management team. We came to the conclusion to unban you as those days since you got banned made it clear enough that we do not tolerate deathmatching. Do note that the punishment was issued over several rulebreaks and not just this situation which you can only talk about in your above mentioned replies. Player unbanned with no wealth cut.
  11. Refund request denied, after a long investigation we've noticed after your suspection you went to kill 3 other officers. Thus we concluded if you're a victem we refund without any hesitation, as you went to enjoy the situation AND want your items back, we think thats to much.
  12. If you have sonething against Eduardo, feel free to file a staff complaint on him. I will take over your unban appeal from Eduardo. Your behavior overall in the server is about deathmatching, you were banned already for deathmatching once, warned twice for deathmatching and banned for c-bugging in the past. That means this is your third ban, therefore the review date will be set at 19 June, 2019. A wealth cut of 80 percent will be appealed.
  13. Eduardo cant post here, hence why we post for him, your unban appeal is not about Eduardo functions in our staff team, it's about your behavior overall in the server. If you want to get unbanned you better start fixing your behavior.
  14. Eduardo says: Hello, firstly as I said constant ramming and car Jacking is not allowed, you reported her for that. But why would you shoot her car when you already reported her ? Next thing, keno initiated punching her. So in turn she punched him twice I already asked them to stop that and then I went back talking to you, when she accidentally hit you and you decide to shoot her in front of a staff member handling DM report on you from the person whose car you shot at and admitted. You are in RP server, then why is shooting your primary measure to a situation ?
  15. After a talk with the player to sort out the evidences, the player will be punished according to his actions, the actions were not nessecary at all to kill people far away from their weedfield. Report concluded.
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