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  1. Feel free to edit your ban appeal with the correct information, thank you!
  2. The fact you're willing to continue like this in such large negative numbers looks promesing that you actually regret your mistake. End conclusion, you will be unbanned, provided with a warning and a diceban, Start reading the rules properly to avoid these situations in future, you may not get away with it the next time you try such stunts.
  3. Scrapping the infernus and just aiming for the money, your ban will be expunged and you will be issued a warning and a diceban and you will be set in negative money which will be 1.180.000 is this what you are aiming for?
  4. You scammed more people and got warned for it, yet you continued, you directly left after you scammed Kenneth hence why I banned you to prevent you would go back ingame and scam others, I personally took care of kenneth his money to prevent him losing 1million. You're still guilty of an infernus and 280k from Eric Wilson and still 900k to myself after I took all of your money, properties and items. Dont start to spread lies now you were well aware: 5-03-2020 12:18:41 - Akashi_Shelby (28)(34465): like i told you this is casino 15-03-2020 12:18:43 - Akashi_Shelby (28)(34465): you cant scam here. 15-03-2020 12:18:48 - Akashi_Shelby (28)(34465): i dont need to send the bet You're new to the server but you were damn sure about your actions and at the point of transfer leaving isnt neath either so you were clearly not there to be honnest against your opponent. How will you change this in future and how will you pay for the remaining money and vehicle?
  5. Alright, you're to be honnest an annoying ass so you actually don't even deserve to be unbanned. I'm in a good mood, you'll be unbanned in 3 months and 80 percent wealth will be taken from your account. Final conclusion, one time ban evading and you won't be welcome anymore and have to deal with the consequenses yourself.
  6. Hey, those pictures were the same pictures you used when you lost your sultan and maverick after you just gave it away. I wonder what you're on about cuz i recall that I denied that reqiest some time ago already as you "gave" it and the other party didnt scam you.
  7. It was an example to see how you would respond, cuz you're already pointing out you would ban evade so that leads us to the same situation where we were at before you applied, dont you think?
  8. Alright, straight to the point, you got balls and finally come clean here, so let me be straight to you aswell. You got banned everywhere thanks to yourself, you ban evaded and thus gou're trying to avoid punishments, you ban evaded so you kept things for yourself. Now let me ask you one question, lets say I will unban you in 3 months as example, will you sit and wait or will you ban evade as you always did.
  9. As weston was overthrown with work I gave him, he could manage to finish this up. As logs provide the whole scene started with Abramo laughing, it directly resulted in Carlo and Poison shooting Guidable which was not even saying a single word. Therefore the whole scene is poor roleplay. Carlo and Poison will be warned and Frank will not be punished due to him not being involved in the poor shootout.
  10. I love smartasses, if you're leaking the pictures yourself already their aint much for me to hide. Results in me, still keeping you banned. I hate people who only share the details who should prove they are innocent, luckily i recognized my profile picture on your resized chats, let me share you the full chat buddy. He doesnt want you back and neither do we.
  11. I still have the chats of him telling me to keep you banned. I'm not here to entertain other players with what you claim to be lies. I will tell you again, we protect our players. You remain banned untill it's decided otherwise OR if you can provide proofs of him allowing you to spread around his information.
  12. The player has personally told me that he would dislike it to see you back after what you've done. Why should I change my mind to unban you?
  13. Your apologies to Enrico were in place atleast. We already explained you why you are banned, sharing a player his information RL related to laugh at him, especially that involves players of mudoo. Thats strictly prohibited. We care for our players, any form of leaking information or cyber bullying that harms our players is to directly removed from our community. Thats a zero tolerance policy.
  14. Keep lying, you were given a chance to avoid being banned for script abuse. You took the chance but in my absence you came crying to jovanca to set you back as you only did something "minor" script abuse is not minor. At the time i found out you were invited and given your rights back for multiple days already. WE SPOKE to eachother that you were given one more chance to serve your 2 weeks not being part of the leadership of TLF. You fucked up, went crying and lying to matthew around my back and got your leadership position again. Well mate, here you are after enough chances. I wont be dealing with your unban appeal but as far as i noticed wjth your punishment history, you wont be back any time soon.
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