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  1. Your unban will be set over 2 weeks with no wealth cut. Meanwhile as you pleased so badly, the topic remains visible but locked so everyone can read your topic and see the proofs.
  2. I will address this simple for you. Speed limits are set server sided, there is nothing which can exceed these limits without the usage of illegal mods or hacks. I've seen the proofs myself and they are pretty clear that it aint even a lag spike or a FPS drop. The gameplay was smoothly running. I will give you 48 hours to confess, if you still wish to stand your ground you'll most likely remain banned.
  3. It wont be deleted but it wont be made sticky as we only allow english speaking players in the server. If we start to sticky such things we will have to go over the other 260 possible languages which we wont.
  4. I guess it's about time admins start to read their material where it's all written, actually start looking at the tags in their announcements topics where reference links are placed. To answer on the topic, there are always grey areas which may lead to a discussion and during the discussion it mostly can be referred to a certain rule which clarifies one another. About that discussion, it has already happend but it was never published for god knows what reasons. Anyways the following should be taken in account: It is common sense that you should not target 1 specific person constantly, we do not disallow people to roleplay with eachother but there is a clear difference due to roleplaying and constantly targetting one person to disturb their gameplay. This above has lately been implented which can be found as far as i know by the admins wbich have been made alert about it. "Players their gameplay should not be disturbed by any rulebreaks" so long story short, admins can punish you if its clear that you're targetting one person constantly. But hey! The admins aint reading our announcements so that kinda explains why they aint dealing with it.
  5. @Trevor Webb Handle the others, finish them up, get in touch with the fella on discord and conclude the report.
  6. @Matrix Start handling it and finish this up.
  7. You shouldnt have been banned on your first and next move after your unban, beside a mute you were clean and im sure as hell any other punishment would have sorted it out. Your ban is expunged, do expect a regular punishment to be issued for those reasons.
  8. We dont permanently ban people on request, hence why I removed your from cop duty for 3 days and redirected you to the rules. With no decent supervision on police duty there comes a point where administration has to step in.
  9. The fact you're willing to continue like this in such large negative numbers looks promesing that you actually regret your mistake. End conclusion, you will be unbanned, provided with a warning and a diceban, Start reading the rules properly to avoid these situations in future, you may not get away with it the next time you try such stunts.
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