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  1. SAN ANDREAS DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION AND TAX The following toll gates will have their fee reduced: LS-FC to $50 and every other toll to $25 with the exception of LS-LV that will stay $100 Property taxes have been adjusted to the following: - Properties under $100,000 will now be taxed 1.4% - Properties under $500,000 will now be taxed 1.5% - Properties under $1,000,000 will now be taxed 1.7% - Properties over $1,000,000 will now be taxed 1.8% These changes will be effective as of Sunday,17th of February, 2019.
  2. and so are RPGs with NFA class 3 license
  3. And the decision was made due to rifles being just as effective in long distance engagements against officers who arent equipped to deal with which forces them to retreat or get closer which is against our own safety. a rifle on a roof is nothing more different than a sniper on a roof taking down people on the ground who cannot hit you back with mp5,deagle or shotgun
  4. Lets not talk about calibers when GTA SA has the deagle using .50 AE rounds and its not a heavy weapon by law lol
  5. Doubt there are more richer cops than criminals And where there is money..
  6. Yikes looks like you dont even know the definition of Powergaming
  7. You are speaking to a MilSim larper watch your tongue
  8. + A nice quality of life addition,with ofcourse a custom option in case you dont meet any pre set accents you want

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