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  1. Daddy

    Lost drugs.

    Well,i do not have any proof when i checked my inventory there was losted.
  2. Hi there,yeah these pictures are same. How is that not vehicle scamming?
  3. I do. I just trust that snitch that I did wrong.
  4. I got only weed house which I got from my friend and I just give vehicles to Lilly to give to group then we got banned both of us and got unbanned when we return to server I said him to give me em but he said I sold em maybe you can give it to me or all I want is only maverick if possible to give. Thank you
  5. Anyone here to handle my report?
  6. Daddy

    Lost drugs.

    Alright,I will wait take your time.
  7. What is your in-game name? Lance_Andro Which player(s) do you want to report? Lilly_Bonnano When did the rulebreak happen? 01/03/20 Which players did witness the rulebreak happening? Abdul_Saad What happened? (quote what rule was broken) We were opening family Bonnano familyI gave Sultan,Maverick and 1m then we both got banned when I got unbanned and ask Lilly to give me my all things he said I have closed family and I am not giving you anything all things is decided occly. Note:I don't remember data. Evidence
  8. Daddy

    Lost drugs.

    @Marcus. any information?
  9. Daddy

    Gift Reward Request

    1. In game name:abdul_Kadir 2. Reward that you have received custom phone number 3. Screenshot of the reward forgot to take ss.
  10. Daddy

    Lost drugs.

    It happened on 24 or 25 and yeah I wasn't suspect I was got killed by cops they didn't suspected me I got killed then I accept death when I checked my drugs were missing.
  11. Daddy

    Lost drugs.

    Hi there,my name is Abdul Kadir i was having drugs in my inventory cops were after us and I think I wasn't suspect that moment or any cop robbed I just accpt death when I was giving my drugs to my Friend there was only 1.5kg weed left and 500g heroin but in my inventory there would me 3.9kg and 1.3kg. Thanks.
  12. Please give me a chance to play it won't happen again.
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