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  1. The Federal Bureau of Investigation is HIRING SPECIAL AGENTS Applications on our website @ fbi.sagov.us REQUIREMENTS + Passport, driving and weapon license + Clean criminal history for the past three months + Fluent in English language BENEFITS + High salary with bonuses + Training paid for by the Federal Government + Opportunity to work with the best + Ability to progress and work in different fields APPLICATIONS + Submit on our website @ fbi.sagov.us + Patiently wait for a response by our training staff + You should expect an interview and prepare for it + Ensure to learn all about FBI as an agency
  2. PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT GOVERNOR ACE WESTBROOKS ARRESTED July 2nd, 2020 The Federal Bureau of Investigation received a report from the United States Congress with concern towards multiple transactions made by Governor Ace Westbrooks. The bank transaction log showed withdrawals mounting up to over $140,000,000. The FBI quickly launched an investigation into the matter. An arrest warrant was issued against Governor Westbrooks and executed in the evening hours of the day. Governor Westbrooks complied with the warrant and was brought to Fernando Rivera headquarters in Los Santos for interrogation. Currently, about $4,5 million is missing from the government bank account. A sum of $2,000,000 was justified, and another $1,000,000 was provided reasoning for. The remaining transactions received no reasoning. Governor is held in custody for the duration of the investigation. The Congress will hold impeachment trial starting tomorrow, the 3rd of July, 2020 in the evening hours. These trials will be public.
  3. Dated December 21st, 2019 The FBI presents to the public an annual intelligence report which warns the public of threats and challenges they face at present and upcoming time. I. Terrorism The FBI actively monitors the Bone County Rebellion which is stationed in Bone County desert and which claims independence from the San Andreas State. The rebellion is hostile and threatens the safety and security of all citizens who intend to pass through, or spend some time in the Bone County territory. The rebellion asks citizens for a Bone County passport, which if a citizen does not have, will be asked to leave or taken hostage. During the year, the rebellion on numerous occasions attacked Los Santos with armed aircraft or have caused mass shootings with a large number of rebels involved. The rebellion also has intention of obtaining tanks and other heavy vehicles and weapons. The Government recently responded by constructing a wall between Las Venturas and Bone County further separating and increasing security of the citizens living in Las Venturas. It is also worth noting that the rebellion's activity briefly decreased and attacks ceased for a short period but are as of recent week once again increasing. The FBI recommends citizens to keep away from the territory of Bone County or enter with protection of San Andreas Police Department. The FBI also offers monetary reward for all those who wish to provide useful information in regards to the Bone County Rebellion. II. Organized Crime The San Andreas State has multiple established organized crime families, most notable being the Gambino family, the Andolini family and the Central Side Crew. These organized crime families are known to conduct illegal activities involving production, sale or distribution of illegal narcotics, production, sale or distribution of illegal weaponry, and other activities raging from robberies, murders and kidnappings. These families are in possession of highly profitable businesses across San Andreas State stretching from ammunations to pay'n'spray shops which aids them in generating money which is used to support their criminal empires . The citizens are advised to be aware of their surroundings, mostly in Los Santos, observe any suspicious vehicles which might be occupied by multiple masked men, and observe if the vehicle beings to follow you or attempt to stop you. If this occurs, call 911 and drive towards a safe area such as Pershing Square or the FBI's office. If you are caught, be compliant and do not risk your life. The FBI also advises everybody to have dashboard cameras mounted on their vehicle in order to aid in capturing these criminal actors. And lastly, the FBI also offers monetary reward for all those who wish to provide the FBI with useful information in regards to these criminal organizations. III. Corruption The FBI observes a high level of corruption and abuse coming from the San Andreas Police Department's Volunteer Troopers who are most commonly using excessive force, issuing wrongful fines for traffic offenses that were not committed, and falsely detaining and arresting citizens under no legal basis. The problem further extends to the slow processing of complaints and lack of active and involved supervision on the field. The FBI believes that if more effort was put into supervision and handling of complaints, if the Volunteer Troopers were paired with Troopers whenever possible and that being frequently, there would be less space for them to act alone and commit these abuses. It is mandatory that law enforcement agencies have a swift process of complaint handling, where the complainant receives a conclusion on their complaint and the officials who are proven to have abused or committed corrupt acts get punished appropriately. The San Andreas State and its citizens will only suffer further if the agency intended of enforcing the law and providing citizens safe and secure environment are the harbors of abusive individuals with evil intent and who are being covered by bad systems. The FBI advises all citizens to request a supervisor in case they are a victim of abusive law enforcement official. It is mandatory for all law enforcement officials to call for a supervisor on request of a citizen. It is also recommended to be recording interactions with law enforcement officials as permitted by the constitution. In a lot of cases there is a belief that recording law enforcement officials is prohibited. This is a wrong belief and is permitted by the constitution. The FBI hopes that the local government of the San Andreas State will work on improvements with law enforcement agencies along with other local agencies in order to provide safe, secure and pleasant environment for their citizens. Matthew M. Carter Director FBI
  4. Dated December 15th, 2019 Law Enforcement The Federal Bureau of Investigation acknowledges the rise of corrupt acts and abuse of power committed by law enforcement officials in the recent weeks. The FBI is also aware of the slow complaint-solving process within the Police Department, without appropriate responses to your complaints and having complaints take an unreasonably long time to be handled and processed fully. Therefore, as one measure, the FBI offers the citizens of San Andreas State to submit complaints against law enforcement officials who committed a breach of law directly to the FBI by using Criminal Offense Report form on our website. The following breaches of law are the most common and which you can complain to the FBI about: SA-PSC § I.1. Murder - where Law Enforcement Officials murder an innocent citizen who presented no dire threat to one's life and perhaps was not a suspect or a criminal at all. SA-PSC § I.4. Robbery - where Law Enforcement Officials, mostly Volunteer Troopers, rob items off persons, as a remedy for not having legal permission to seize. SA-PSC § II.1. Corruption and misuse of public office - where Law Enforcement Officials overstep their authority or use their authority unreasonably, for personal gain or evil actions against public interest and law SA-PSC § II.2. False imprisonment - where Law Enforcement Officials illegally detain or arrest a person that committed no breaches of law and for who they had no reasonable suspicion or probable cause to detain These are only a handful of examples of laws that are regularly breached by law enforcement officials. If you witness or are a victim of such breaches of law, make sure to file a complaint to the FBI in order to get a swift response and appropriate action taken against the offender. However, do note, that the FBI is not responsible for enforcing regulations and protocols of the Police Department, but is only responsible for enforcing the law. Governor Election We have a Governor election underway, and the FBI would like to make everyone aware of the dangers that come along with the election. From purchasing votes, to interference by various actors who have special interests. Ensure that any suspicious behavior that you witness or are a victim of, from the candidates or their affiliates, are reported to the FBI as quick as possible. Election is the prime example of a democratic system, where the people choose their leaders. Such a system must maintain integrity and be safe from evil intent and hostile actors who may attempt to sabotage this democratic process in the San Andreas State. Additionally, all candidates are reminded to be compliant with any inquiries the FBI may have in regards to their financial status, background history, and affiliations. If FBI finds suspicious activity or history in a candidate, the candidate will be contacted and interviewed. Holiday Season The FBI wishes everyone happy holidays, a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! This was a tremendous year with many achievements. In this year, the FBI seized: 3,670,819 units of illegal items. 650,961 grams of narcotics. 129,681 units of narcotics ingredients. 653 weapon cases The FBI hopes to have good relations with the public and to be the agency the public can trust into enforcing the law and bringing justice to those who work against the nation, and its citizens. Matthew M. Carter Director FBI
  5. No. 0004 Dated: 3rd of August, 2019 Subject: FBI - SAFD Memorandum From: Office of the Director The FBI recognizes San Andreas Fire Department as a crucial partner and a fundamental agency in the State of San Andreas. It is an absolute necessity for a state to have a professional and capable Fire Department which can provide advanced technical aid in various incidents and accidents, emergency medical aid in emergency situations with injuries and conduct various preventive actions to promote safety and security in San Andreas. In order to give the Fire Department a higher importance, the FBI sent the Fire Department a memorandum for cooperation. The cooperation the FBI offered was to provide Basic Life Support training to the FBI Agents and Operators from the Criminal Investigations and Special Response divisions. Considering that the FBI requires its members to be capable of providing Basic Life Support to those in life threatening situations, and when no other help is near by, this would be a good opportunity for cooperation between the FBI and the Fire Department. The content of the memorandum can be seen below: The FBI is always looking for partners in various fields, if you have a company which can be of use for the FBI, feel free to submit an email and further cooperation can be discussed. Matthew M. Carter Director FBI
  6. *As you walk by any the FBI's buildings, you see a stand of pamphlets in front. You reach for one, as you begin to read through.*
  7. LAWFUL COUNTER-PROPAGANDA June 25th, 2019 The Federal Bureau of Investigation has commenced efforts to raise awareness between the citizens of Bone County's cities and villages in regards to the latest threat they face. We have received numerous anonymous tips about deceiful propaganda being spread in Bone County through a local-printed newspaper named "Bone County Express", whose source is currently unknown, but it's tone is strongly supportive of the local militia. The F.B.I urges the citizens of Bone County to pursue the truth, and solemnly the truth. Doubt of doubtful sources, bear your right to question. Deceiful propaganda is a known guerilla/war method, intended to demoralize the opponent, the public opinion and the war effort. Today, our agents took a step ahead to counter fake news. Going door to door in Bone County's major settlements, they began distributing informative content about the current situation in the region, precaution measures and the role of the F.B.I in combat. More of these door to door efforts are to come in the upcoming days, in order to counter the misleading guerilla propaganda. A printable version of the distributed pamphlet will be shortly available in a day or two. Share with your friends, relatives and known-ones and spread the truth.
  8. CONCERNING BONE COUNTY'S SITUATION June 23th, 2019 The Federal Bureau of Investigation has taken notice of the separatist yearnings of a local militia, known as "Lashkar-e-Taiba", which is believed to base on and currently operate in Bone County. We urge the citizens of San Andreas who live in Bone County to take extra caution measures in regards to the threat. They include: Reporting any signs of uncommon, malicious activity to the FBI; Having the "911" number on speed dial if any emergency occurs; IF possible, avoid staying in Bone County - spend a few days on your relatives' house, or if you have financial conditions, go to an hotel. We are also announcing the opening of a Field Office of the agency in Bone County, concerning the latest situations and to facilitate communication between the agency and locals, in observance to ensure the safety of those who wish to stay or can not leave Bone County. The Office is located in the vicinity of Las Barrancas, and will operate on a 24/7 basis, under assistance of the Las Venturas' headquarters of the FBI. We will use this portal to maintain active communication between the agency, citizens of Bone County and San Andreas and whoever who concern.
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