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  1. PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT GOVERNOR CHUCK WINTERS UNDER INVESTIGATION September 13th, 2020 The FBI is investigating possible violations of the United States Constitution in the State of San Andreas, by the Governor Chuck Winters. As forwarded to the FBI by the US Congress, reports allege that SAN News reporter was escorted out from the Government building after inquiring the Governor about his health. This incident occurred on the 8th of September, 2020 at San Fierro City Hall. The FBI urges the citizens to report all vi
  2. The Federal Bureau of Investigation is HIRING SPECIAL AGENTS Applications on our website @ fbi.sagov.us REQUIREMENTS + Passport, driving and weapon license + Clean criminal history for the past three months + Fluent in English language BENEFITS + High salary with bonuses + Training paid for by the Federal Government + Opportunity to work with the best + Ability to progress and work in diff
  3. PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT GOVERNOR ACE WESTBROOKS ARRESTED July 2nd, 2020 The Federal Bureau of Investigation received a report from the United States Congress with concern towards multiple transactions made by Governor Ace Westbrooks. The bank transaction log showed withdrawals mounting up to over $140,000,000. The FBI quickly launched an investigation into the matter. An arrest warrant was issued against Governor Westbrooks and executed in the evening hours of the day. Governor Westbrooks complied with the warrant and was brought to Fer
  4. Dated December 21st, 2019 The FBI presents to the public an annual intelligence report which warns the public of threats and challenges they face at present and upcoming time. I. Terrorism The FBI actively monitors the Bone County Rebellion which is stationed in Bone County desert and which claims independence from the San Andreas State. The rebellion is hostile and threatens the safety and security of all citizens who intend to pass through, or spend some time in the Bone County territory. The rebellion asks citizens for a Bone County
  5. Dated December 15th, 2019 Law Enforcement The Federal Bureau of Investigation acknowledges the rise of corrupt acts and abuse of power committed by law enforcement officials in the recent weeks. The FBI is also aware of the slow complaint-solving process within the Police Department, without appropriate responses to your complaints and having complaints take an unreasonably long time to be handled and processed fully. Therefore, as one measure, the FBI offers the citizens of San Andreas State to submit complaints against law enforceme
  6. No. 0004 Dated: 3rd of August, 2019 Subject: FBI - SAFD Memorandum From: Office of the Director The FBI recognizes San Andreas Fire Department as a crucial partner and a fundamental agency in the State of San Andreas. It is an absolute necessity for a state to have a professional and capable Fire Department which can provide advanced technical aid in various incidents and accidents, emergency medical aid in emergency situations with injuries and conduct various preventive actions to promote safety and security in San Andreas. In order to
  7. *As you walk by any the FBI's buildings, you see a stand of pamphlets in front. You reach for one, as you begin to read through.*
  8. LAWFUL COUNTER-PROPAGANDA June 25th, 2019 The Federal Bureau of Investigation has commenced efforts to raise awareness between the citizens of Bone County's cities and villages in regards to the latest threat they face. We have received numerous anonymous tips about deceiful propaganda being spread in Bone County through a local-printed newspaper named "Bone County Express", whose source is currently unknown, but it's tone is strongly supportive of the local militia. The
  9. CONCERNING BONE COUNTY'S SITUATION June 23th, 2019 The Federal Bureau of Investigation has taken notice of the separatist yearnings of a local militia, known as "Lashkar-e-Taiba", which is believed to base on and currently operate in Bone County. We urge the citizens of San Andreas who live in Bone County to take extra caution measures in regards to the threat. They include: Reporting any signs of uncommon, malicious activity to the FBI; Having the "9
  10. No. 0003 Dated: 11th of September, 2018 Subject: Governor Election From: Office of the Director The Governor elections are underway, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation is here to ensure that the process of election goes in accordance with the laws and in a democratic manner, with no foreign influence and without tampering of votes. The FBI will also conduct interviews with the candidates to be assured of the candidate's motives, history and background. We request the candidates to be compliant and cooperative with us, as we are here
  11. No. 0002 Dated: 8th of September, 2018 Subject: Job Opportunity From: Office of the Director The Federal Bureau of Investigation is open to recruit two candidates for the position of an Agent. Of course, you will have to submit an application, followed by an eventual interview or an entry examination, and then the complete process of the federal academy. However, rest assured, you will be in love with the job and the perks of being a federal agent. In order to submit an application, refer to the application form:
  12. No. 0001 Dated: 6th of September, 2018 Subject: Opening Announcement From: Office of the Director Dear citizens of the State of San Andreas, we are here to make a major announcement. The Federal Bureau of Investigation has expanded its field of operation to the State of San Andreas. Having said that, the FBI purchased two buildings to serve as an office in San Fierro and Las Venturas, and one building to serve as the headquarters, in Los Santos. The buildings are named after the honorable people who gave their life for the FBI and in pas
  13. fbi.sagov.us Federal Bureau of Investigation is an official establishment under the house of Congress and the White House, and as part of the Department of Justice, the Federal Bureau of Investigation is an organization of top level intelligence and law enforcement authority to bring those who violate the public security code or the constitution to justice. The Federal Bureau of Investigation is a fact gathering organization, using advanced technologies and our highly trained agents to gather information, combat criminals and organized crime, protect you, the citizens of the
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