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  1. -Yes i have 48 punishments , and 7 temp-ban..it's very true. -I know I've broken the rules often ,I feel very sorry. -😭 I'm looking for a chance on your part 😭 because I was angry with others .. and whenever I'm nervous I do not know what I'm doing 'It is true. -I do not know I do not want but things are happening and I feel sorry for this ,I will not do it again. -She who has fled has fled and I will try to improve it [RP] as much as I can. [With alL my respect...] Keno_ Unbann me plz '🙏 , 😭 ,
  2. What is your in-game name? Keno_ Which staff member banned you? Parth_Clemenza When did you get banned? 01/31/19 What is the ban reason? Poor-RP Personal comment Sorry, I tell Pablo for invite me , he tell me no , when he told me I got bored ,then he shouted , and i I got bored again , and i shouted . later i was with trucker in street , and Pablo, Andrew, [Gambino]Mike,[Kevinn] Follow me with huntly black , and I was walking normally . park my car , and I started going home stay job mechanic for relax, and Pablo ...[2x]... tell me stop and i stop for 1 moment and he dont speak , and I started walking again .they did not speak ,,,,, after a moment Pablo out deagle and shot me , he didn't RP for to extract it [Deagle] and Andrew, Pablo started shoting me. i join in my house lock door , and Mike_Kevin join in house , i was low , and he join and he out gun and kill me . and i lost . I was nervous , I was very upset I did not know what I was doing . I'm sorry for my errors , I know I've been wrong many times but I want to play again ,Give me this chance plz . I love this server 💚 , Please unban me 🙏🙏😭
  3. What is your in-game name? Kelford_Bryant Which staff member banned you? Parth_Clemenza When did you get banned? 01/21/19 What is the ban reason? DM - Poor RP Personal comment Hello , listen me ,,, I was walking with my personal car , And there suddenly passes DaniGamer.exe with his personal car , But he is very very fast + he had and 'NITRO' I was walking in my way and suddenly he hit my car by the speed he had , I approached you and said ,why hit my car he did not speak , i tell and 2x+ he did not speak again , I tell for pay my car [cheetah] he said why ?. I said it pay my car because you hit my car , at that moment he did not speak , he told me in Public chat "MOTHER FUCKER" and he fled fast ahead , i poops [*_*] my gun and I started shooting car , because he tell me "MOTHER FUCKER & FUCKER " [public chat] I got nervous and shot it ,,,.. I shot him because he told me "mother fucker & fucker" and another : I shot it and car and why I was innocent''' I pay it i send money for repair car and for health ,,, this is what I'm saying , It's very very true ,,,, { . Unbanned me . } 🙏🙏🙏🙏 I pay health, and i send money for repair car (🚗) And im telling sorry . 🙏🙏
  4. Roleplay - Roleplay defines as acting as in real life. People with their own characters in SAMP interact with each other. You act like in real life, and dont do things that you cant do in real life. That is non-rp. Roleplay is all about realistic actions. You can roleplay any person/role you want. It needs to be realistic and your actions should be realistic aswell. Many people roleplay different races, cops or criminals, its their character and they roleplay different things. Like in real life, where you can see different people, cops, and people who do crimes. Roleplay is main reason why roleplay servers are created. Different servers have different type of roleplay. Light, medium and high. The basic thing in roleplay servers is ROLEPLAY. That's the most important thing, it keeps the server alive. If a lot of roleplay happens in the server, the more people join. In this server we can see roleplay from some people. Not from the whole server, because some are new and dont know what RP is. People need to see what roleplay is and how it works before they join the server. This is all I know about roleplay. "Here are 195+[-] words""
  5. Hello , I'm Keno . I will promise you that i will not do anymore DM , Carjacking ,Shot player for no reason ,..etc......I will behave well in the game , I will not brake the rules ,..RP {RolePlay } For me is ' acting or roleplaying a character example acting like a trucker,roleplaying as a trucker or rolepplaying a cop character no criminial activities etc. RP isn't /[Text] But /me [thing that i will do] .. I will know to speak English .I have other things as well, but how do I explain it ...'sorry..' ... I want another chance ,Can you give me that . I'm trying to learn a lot about the game ..🙏 Pls🙏
  6. You will be very good if you give me a chance in acc KeNo_ . I'm telling you Sorry ,Sorry ,Sorry , Sorry ..,.,.,,.,give me a chance .and I am a man and I sometimes err ,everybody makes mistakes , I'm not the first to do it ,I believe you understand me In 'acc' KeNo_ I'm looking for a last chance ,Can you give me please ,Last chance for me in 'acc' KeNo_ .I know you always have the right ,and you will always be right , Please you understand that I want to play this server a lot ..I like very much this server .....Please / Sorry,Sorry,Sorry ..I'll tell you how many times you want "" Sorry""" just do it to me 'For unabn KeNo_ /lastchance\ or Avery some opportunities for me /. Please 🙏 Please 🙏Please 🙏Please🙏 Please 🙏Please🙏 .\
  7. It's true ,you always say the right I'm sorry I want to be unban . I would like to let me play. Please unban me , KeNo_ or Avery please will change the situation if you give me a chance to "acc" KeNo_ will definitely change the situation Please , you understand I want to play this server again ,i like very very much this server . give me the last chance in acc "KeNo_" or give me lots of chances in acc Avery Please ,Please ...Sorry Sorry in everything 🙏🙏🙏🙏
  8. What is your in-game name? Avery Which staff member banned you? MathewC When did you get banned? 11/30/18 What is the ban reason? Ban evading Keno Personal comment Please unban me .I was at level 1 and you give me ban ,I'm looking for you give me unban ,I do not use two accaunt because I'm not stupid .believe me understand what I'm saying I have to say Sorry ?. And let me play , "Please" in everything.
  9. ''there's a missunderstanding , i am not Arsi,arsi is my irl friend and i make unban appeal for him''
  10. ''there's a missunderstanding , i am not Arsi,arsi is my irl friend and i make unban appeal for him''
  11. ''there's a missunderstanding , i am not Arsi,arsi is my irl friend and i make unban appeal for him''
  12. What is your in-game name? Arsi_ Which staff member banned you? Billy_Miller When did you get banned? 10/31/18 What is the ban reason? Ban evading (Rudolp_Gambino) Personal comment Please unban me.Im sorry for this.I will not do this.I like this server.I'm ready to do everything for join again this sever.Please unban me.I will not repeat it.Sorry again for this.👏🙏🙏👏.
  13. I wont repeat it in the future and im poor in roleplay im still learning how to roleplay from my friends
  14. I know..but this time i did not break rule,im sory for this..

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