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  1. @BOYARD_TIGERS what about stop tagging matthew, he always saw this suggestion and liked it, so he will implement it ASAP. now stop tagging and begging here.
  2. admins please close this topic for further replies.
  3. wow James Possibility 1- you are a fool, you did something and you don't want to admit to it... Possibility 2- admins are fool or mad possibility 1 one can happen 99% of the times while possibility 2 can happen 1% of the times... now if you are the option 1, so admit to it , and admins may do smth between PD doesn't needs you shittin' noob driver volunteer
  4. Guys help me, Please, i want to play in mudoo RPG with my friends and i can't do it now
  5. Huh luzziz is in haram...

    Wow if you are muslim so why you drink out?

  6. Still not fixed. im losing properties in-game, can anyone help?
  7. Hello these days im encountering that i have a problem with smap... the screenshot describes everything... ok as you see, here i have COD GB III, and i see no players in it, but the movieserver you see below the COD GB III, comes up, and works nice. the problem is, between all SAMP servers i have in my favorites, just two Mudoo RPG and Mudoo TDM servers dont come up. Others work nicely. and when i log in, this happenes... ok, my internet has 24 MBps, and here is my specs: Core i7 Radeon graphics 8700m 2gb Ram 8gb it Completely works nice with other servers, just two RPG and TDM servers don't come up... and btw, i dont want to use a VPN, cause it shit's up the speed internet.. if anyone can help me, i will be thanksfull...
  8. guys ik "expressing" everywhere maybe good for LET but please, don't make Mudoo gaming annoying this time, thanks. ik "sapd" doesn't do any shit at all, but what can we do, the system is broken. they need a new system. new fucking PD system. and nice "icon" btw.
  9. lol show me the mudoo FiveM and then we celebrate the third
  10. 2 years ago... when it wasn't sucking.. "approaches to mudoo FiveM"
  11. provide a screenshot of logging yourself in server or show the chatlogs so admins can do something
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