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  1. Noted. Btw sorry for latency i was at school.
  2. Lol nvm if you don't want so go off the topic.
  3. Banshee Starting price : 489.000 Buyout : 1.119.000 News Chopper Starting price : 678.000 Buyout : 1.242.000 Fcr-900 Starting price : 79.000 Buyout : 159.000 Super GT Starting price : 93.000 Buyout : 200.000 Banshee is colored and fully tuned with radio * Super GT is fully tuned with radio also * Deadline : 8 may (Thursday) | 8:00 PM Iran (Tehran) official Timezone if you want to submit a price please say your in-game name to find you otherwise you can PM me in forum to get the vehicles.
  4. What is your in-game name? Michael_Genovese Which player(s) do you want to report? Ryan_Gambino When did the rulebreak happen? 05/17/19 Which players did witness the rulebreak happening? Alpacino_Gambino What happened? (quote what rule was broken) poor RP - Insulting server- and killed me with no reason and no RP we was going to deal some heroin but see what happenes... i got knocked, then after seconds he RP'ed taking out gun and... then, he said: start pinning 15, while it doesn't mean, he should name me. Evidence
  5. @Dr.Amir Congratz bro good work keep it up hope you the bests in your life
  6. amirhossein2


    no i don't mean. i didn't even think of ban evading when i was ban. you see, you can ask @Dr.Brain
  7. amirhossein2


    hello. i wanted to see if i want to change my ISP (internet service provider) so what will happen to my account and my IP. will admins recognize me an another person?
  8. how can i say. if you were me, how could you convince? as you read, i said, just gimme the last chance, i will try to be the best man in the world i mean, i will try my best to be good at server.
  9. sure bro i will response. you know, in iran ( at least in our home) when we want to talk with phone, the router should be turned off, otherwise we can not speak to phone, ye, i quited game a minute and got back to that cause right that moment our phone ringed. .. and turned on the router that second, got back to game, and all that things happened.
  10. Lol gimme the address of site that sells GTA V for 400.000 Rials then i will gift you the game even the 15 dollar gift card costs near 2.100.000 rials this is fucking
  11. lol' google inflation rate in iran... then you see who is poor
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