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  1. What is your in-game name? Nick_Alvin Which player(s) do you want to report? Antonio_Maniac and Thomas_Hewitt When did the rulebreak happen? 04/26/19 Which players did witness the rulebreak happening? Dizzy_Santiago What happened? (quote what rule was broken) I was just patrolling around, and i saw Antonio ramming Marcos continuously with his Monster Truck, i reported Antonio for trolling, Eduardo verbally warned Antonio to not do that again, after 10 Mins I told Antonio to pull over, but he evaded, i kept following him, he went inside Palomino Creek's ammunation, when he came outside, he started Ramming me with his Monster Truck, My Cruiser's engine already died because he rammed me alot, but he kept Ramming me with his Monster Truck, his brother ''Thomas_Hewitt'' told me to leave and Thomas started ramming my Cruiser too and started shooting at me, i started shooting Thomas back, when i was shooting Thomas, that Antonio went inside that Monster Truck back and rammed me with that Monster Truck once again, and my Hp went on low, Dizzy saw Antonio ramming me too. Also, Antonio didn't ask for help from Thomas in game, but Thomas still aided Antonio, thats not allowed , Thomas just randomly aided Antonio. Evidence Here you can see Antonio and Thomas ramming my Cruiser, My Cruiser's Engine already died at that time, but they both kept ramming me I'm sorry, I do not have the Screen Shot of Antonio ramming me when i was on foot, but you can ask from Dizzy about that because Dizzy was there and he saw that.
  2. Good Night Pathan Bhai for Governor!
  3. O Padri, O Sura, O Dalle, O Kangra
  4. Your in-game name [AFO.R]MartinCaleton You real life age 14 Your country and timezone Pakistan GMT+5 How do you describe yourself as a person I'm friendly person, I'm well experienced player in Mudoo TDM and I only play SA:MP Mudoo RPG and Mudoo TDM. I am very patient and I like to work with admins in helping them out. I hate hackers whom disturb players, I like justice, What are your motives for becoming a moderator? When I see others Admins performing their work like checking everyone to bust hackers and supporting players everytime, I want to join them and help them. I want to stop hackers and let everyone play nicely. I want to support new players in teaching them server feature and answering them their questions. How will you deal with a friend that is asking for favors? I want justice everywhere so I will not help anyone even my friend if he ask for an unfair thing like if he ask for tp to somewhere like to get drops or something or if he want some free guns so I will not help him. Yes if he ask for something good which is fair I will help him like he is stuck or bugged somewhere of he lost his weapons because of bugs I will help him. Everyone is equal to me. How will you deal with a new player that keeps on rule-breaking, after several warnings? I will tell that guy that he is breaking rules and I will try to stop him any way possible. If he does not listen I will kick him so that he could not disturb some one's game and if he join again i'll spectate him to see if he break the rules again and i'll kick him again. I'll also report him to admins. Any additional information you feel is relevant I don't have a screen of my ig stats but I have around 1300+ score ig and I am a well experienced player. I'll add screen of stats once server get released. Screenshot of your in-game stats
  5. When I will be unbanned I would Stop Disrespecting other Players and Will do proper Role Play with Everyone, And I won't troll anyone in the Mid of the Role Play, and I will not Rule Break, and will Respect other players and will not Disrespect any one again.
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