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  1. Nick Alvin


    Bye, but can I know how many times did you say ''Bye I'm leaving Mudoo'' and then came back after 20 minutes?
  2. Nick Alvin

    HBD Leonardo

    Happy birthday, son
  3. In-game name: Nick_Alvin Date of when you discovered the bug: 06/30/19 What feature is the bug relevant to: properties Explain how does the bug occur: Basically the thing is simple, whenever I go to any 24/7 to buy a boombox, I type /buy and select the boombox, when I clicks confirm a message shows up that ''You already have a boombox. If you do not, report this to development team. Item not bought, problem with using the item. Even though I don't even have a boombox in my items, I'm tired of this bug, kindly fix it, Thank you Additional content: This if the proof.
  4. RP #1 RP #2 This is just a joke, I can RP.
  5. Can we vote SAPD or SAFD in that group ones?
  6. Happy Birth Day, Morais!
  7. What is your in-game name? Nick_Alvin Which player(s) do you want to report? Antonio_Maniac and Thomas_Hewitt When did the rulebreak happen? 04/26/19 Which players did witness the rulebreak happening? Dizzy_Santiago What happened? (quote what rule was broken) I was just patrolling around, and i saw Antonio ramming Marcos continuously with his Monster Truck, i reported Antonio for trolling, Eduardo verbally warned Antonio to not do that again, after 10 Mins I told Antonio to pull over, but he evaded, i kept following him, he went inside Palomino Creek's ammunation, when he came outside, he started Ramming me with his Monster Truck, My Cruiser's engine already died because he rammed me alot, but he kept Ramming me with his Monster Truck, his brother ''Thomas_Hewitt'' told me to leave and Thomas started ramming my Cruiser too and started shooting at me, i started shooting Thomas back, when i was shooting Thomas, that Antonio went inside that Monster Truck back and rammed me with that Monster Truck once again, and my Hp went on low, Dizzy saw Antonio ramming me too. Also, Antonio didn't ask for help from Thomas in game, but Thomas still aided Antonio, thats not allowed , Thomas just randomly aided Antonio. Evidence Here you can see Antonio and Thomas ramming my Cruiser, My Cruiser's Engine already died at that time, but they both kept ramming me I'm sorry, I do not have the Screen Shot of Antonio ramming me when i was on foot, but you can ask from Dizzy about that because Dizzy was there and he saw that.
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