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  1. april fools is now over come back 

  2. -

    Revive Courts

    I might just become a lawyer and sit at LSPD all day everyday
  3. -

    0.3.7 or DL

    Doubt it will be released if it's not supported on hosted tab.
  4. what does the police have to do with a disease? isn't it the medical department job to respond to this and the politicians? i.e senators and presidents etc
  5. It’s good to know java but what’s your knowledge of scripting minecraft scripts? The idea Jake presented is somewhat cool however I can’t see it reaching anywhere due to the lack of competitiveness and features listed. It would be basically a vanilla server with no features or attractions and that’s what failed the first time. It would be difficult to start something unique that would attract attention in a game with such age. @Melm should take a look as he is creative and knows his way around the game and has a lot of knowledge and scripting experience in minecraft.
  6. I appreciate it, thank you once again, Weston.
  7. It should have indeed, thank you for your reply, Eduardo. I shall await a final verdict. Thank you.
  8. What will this question get you? How will you make any progress with her answering your question? I don't see how this is relevant in any way.
  9. Big deal, I've seen worse. What's your point? You're not really proving anything here. Please leave it to the management to handle, thank you.
  10. Maybe if you did your job we wouldn't be here and you could've helped her in game when she needed it. This isn't a reason for a player with a minuscule punishment list to be banned for so reason. Don't make me go comparing other players and what they did, and in what time they were unbanned in and what reasons and the process they went through. This should be a simple solution. What she did should not be considered a threat or anything damaging to the community. She has done nothing wrong to the players or the community, yet you're treating her like a terrorist that molests the server. What happened to you not handling this appeal anymore?
  11. You're making up assumptions. "She had that thought in mind, got banned, decided to ban evade a couple of times thinking she'd piss us off," How exactly do you know what she was thinking at that moment and time? Yes, I can't tell you what to do. However, I know you won't be handling this because your personal grudges would reflect on the decisions based on your current replies. Carlo Gambino has ban evaded his ban too so what's your point, he's playing on the server now, with 3+ bans. We've people with 6+ bans on the server, including them who have ban evaded. Sure she ban evaded. Did she cheat and start spawning cars, killing people and general disturbance of gameplay? No. You're overreacting.
  12. Not the first time someone has appealed for someone else, and it wasn't really questioned. Now, I shall answer your following questions. She was banned for spamming tickets indeed as she was in distress for help, how do you justify the team not helping a player out when needed? Isn't your primary job to help players? And how exactly did she piss the staff team off? Or are you just trying to revenge for your past? I would request for you to stay out of this appeal. Thank you. They are indeed serious remarks indeed, hence I am thankful for you handling this appeal. Are you considering the fact that this is her first ban since 2 years almost? Her last ban was was 2018 June. We're in 2020 now.
  13. I see no rule saying that someone can appeal on someone else's appeal, main fact being her caught out on her lack of knowledge and not being able to defend herself in this scenario and for this not to be dealt in a fair way due to some people having a personal grudge against Ava. I thank you for replying to this appeal in such time, Weston. Ava does understand what she did was wrong and she will do her best to avoid repeating this scenario again. I shall wait for a reply again. Thank you.
  14. What is your in-game name? Ava Collins Which staff member banned you? Weston Lockeheed When did you get banned? 02/15/20 What is the ban reason? Misuse of the support system, banevading. Personal comment I am appealing this ban on behalf of Ava Collins as her ban was clearly unfair. Ava has asked for a staff member to help her genuinely, however her tickets were neglected and she was left with distress with no help at all with her query. Do you blame her for spamming the support ticket for assistance, isn't that what it's for? With this being my first ban in coming to two years, I don't expect for this to be denied so quick as the appeal I previously created just because you've a personal grudge against me. I highly recommend a senior member of the staff team handles it. Thank you for understanding, I hope to hear from you again so we can talk it out.
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