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  1. do you think we are stupid or something? we have video proof of you hacking, i suggest you man up and admit it, or i will have you denied for 4 weeks.
  2. Kacper

    Denied Come_Smith banned by Kacper

    we have video proof too deny it and you're denied for 3 weeks more
  3. denied - appeal once you can admit what you have done was wrong
  4. admit or stay banned
  5. Kacper

    Unbanned SketE banned by Francis

    I'm taking your word here, roleplay at all times, no bullshit roleplays either. Unbanned.
  6. Kacper

    Denied Veldora_Gambino banned by Elias_Walker

    have it your way extended until 2020
  7. Kacper

    Denied Veldora_Gambino banned by Elias_Walker

    clearly not denied until 2019
  8. Kacper

    Unbanned SketE banned by Francis

    Is that all you have to say? It's not the first time you're rulebreaking either...
  9. Kacper

    Denied Veldora_Gambino banned by Elias_Walker

    If you tried, you wouldn’t be here, you haven’t learnt anything from previous bans?
  10. Kacper

    Davis_Parker banned by DerekC

    why did you use aimbot?
  11. That's only 61, try again
  12. In 300 words (or more) convince us into why we should consider unbanning you
  13. Recently you have been not giving a fuck at all for the gameplay of the server... all you have done was trolling and annoying people... What will you be doing IF you are unbanned? Keep in mind, any message to any of the staff members regarding your ban will result in immediate denial

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