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  1. charles has been attacked multiple times by multiple people, in game and on discord too. you were one of the ones too. let's not forget about your enormous punishment list. you have multiple punishments for shocking roleplay. in 300 words tell me why i should unban you and what roleplay means to you
  2. lots of punishments - why should I consider unbanning you?
  3. A decision that has been based on your punishment list, and your attitude on the server. We have decided that you should learn what roleplay means once and for all. We want you to write around 800 words (no less) on what roleplay means. an apology to every administrator that had to deal with your bullshit, why you should not avoid roleplay, and why flaming other players (especially administrators) is bad for the server environment.
  4. if you keep lying ill just deny you - i dont need to wait weeks for you - come clean and save us some time
  5. You could've accepted the proposition to be inspected for modifications, as you agreed previously.
  6. Review set for the 1st of March Ban evading will lead to immediate denial, forum behaviour will affect this appeal too
  7. Mhm... it did not take you long at all to come here. What happened to "fuck matthew", "fuck the server", "fuck the community" "fuck the management" 02-02-2019 22:49:39 - [Emanuel_Quesada (2)(14603) -> [TCL]Bruce_McCane (0)(287)] ban me daddy 02-02-2019 22:50:21 - [Emanuel_Quesada (2)(14603) -> [WS]Knight (7)(14246)] ban me daddy 02-02-2019 22:50:58 - [Emanuel_Quesada (2)(14603) -> [WS]Knight (7)(14246)] ban me daddy 03-02-2019 14:06:11 - [Emanuel_Quesada (31)(14603) -> Parth_McCane (2)(65)] just ban me daddy That's just part of your spamming to our staff members too. I want you to write in 400 words why you want to be unbanned and an apology to everyone you insulted.
  8. make groups apply to gain/keep their status monthly with an essay to why they want it and why it shouldn't be removed and if there is any evidence of cute roleplays
  9. exactly - yet cops are authorised to use m4/snipers against it?
  10. no one else understands how country rifle is considered a heavy weapon - and if use it against an officer he'll send an army with people equipped with m4/sniper just to take the guy down?

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