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Kacper last won the day on October 12

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  • Birthday 12/09/2002

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    Kacper Williams
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  1. Kacper

    Content Creators

    name: Kacper i must say those videos are very good and entertaining for the general public. Videos:
  2. pd is good where it is at the moment you seem to be the only one complaining exluding those dmers who tend to fuck with the pd die and moan from time to time
  3. Kacper

    Some statistics

    give swat more armour resistance
  4. no shit when ur shooting rpgs at groups of people for no reason
  5. Lance Ricci has won the elections. (legit no joke)
  6. so you say you didnt know its not allowed but you play with money you dont have (you're really broke in game) in order to win money... which you don't posses yourself
  7. 1 Garden house located in Prickle pine, LV 1.5m buyout value 305k 1 garden house located in SF, near ocean flats 1.5m buyout value 205k
  8. Your main account will have a review date set for 22nd November, account being Heller Henderson. Part of your wealth will be deducted too, which is still to be decided.
  9. 3 admins including a community manager witnessed you duplicate weapons. denied
  10. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VaWRjc039rk&feature=youtu.be
  11. it was you playing the game the whole time, i checked the logs and seen you play the whole time, no mentions of your brother.
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