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  1. You can’t despawn vehicles if someone is using them, he might’ve left the game though let’s wait for the video
  2. This question doesn’t apply to over 80% of the server
  3. Ok, discussed this with some admins and we decided to unban you. However, you'll be dice banned so you don't gamble again, as that seems to be your only issue. I guess we're helping you control your anger Welcome back
  4. To be unbanned Any further punishments on you in relation to DM will lead to harsher ones and perhaps longer bans. You have to wait for a manager or senior admin to unban you as I don’t have computer access at the moment Enjoy and welcome back
  5. ya you can try and threatening us wont work denied maybe if you come with a better attitude to this unban then someone might consider you but threatening us wont work at all
  6. Would you consider one of my infernus' as an offer?
  7. Keep it on topic So for what i see is that PD needs to be tweaked with a little Cut the IA shit and let admins handle cop situations considering cops cant handle complaints properly (with a proper system thats not biased) Only admin related stuff so admins clearly cant handle corruption or so etc.. Admins should be able to suspend cops that misuse script
  8. hahaha i was there @Damon it was legit + rpg is 100k why waste it for no reason duh
  9. Review set for next Wednesday. Bothering administration will lead to immediate denial
  10. denied confirmed with managers that you did not open cases at all
  11. Mate all you've been doing was logging in the server, killing all of server cops on top of temple PnS and DMing everyone you see how do you change that?
  12. It's an IC issue, you may report it to the SAPD Command here
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