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  1. ya and those who gamble get scammed with ppl who don't have money to pay after they loose
  2. You may ask for a refund once you catch us in game, you seem to be a little inactive, so just hop ig and /support for a refund with a reference of this. will be refunded once in game.
  3. Not DM. Mollah was wanted and there was his weed nearby, he had the right to engage you. If you wish to pursue this report further, contact me. Thanks!
  4. I will inform Toph to not bait cops like that in game next time, also added a not to he(r) account.
  5. I don't think it was DM since you told him to put his hands up... anyways. If this is a different matter then hit me up IG to talk this out and i'll get the masked person too if possible.
  6. Player will be punished when he's seen IG by an admin.
  7. Player will be punished when he's seen IG by an admin.
  8. Your fault for hitting him two times I guess. You initated the fight, he ended it.
  9. Raf and Gandalf banned, I believe that they were the main cause of the RP, however; if not, then contact me in game about this further.
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