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  1. You promised us the first time. You broke it now you can sit here. Denied until the end of January.
  2. Firstly thats common sense so you can't pull that card. We clearly did prove you guilty, numerous of times. After he was put under pressure by you and what Frank discussed with the victim was completely different with what Frank posted in the previous appeal. So you're saying that makes you innocent? Also you can't pull that card after we do know which discord it was posted in. Only if we decide to do so, which clearly I said last time... No. You may wait 6 months this time unless decided otherwise by the leader himself.
  3. you cant tell frank what to do or what he's supposed to do - I would also be really, really interested to see how the rest of those conversations went between you and him as I also received some pictures and we're still waiting for you to answer Frank's question; Where is the proof of him allowing you to spread his picture out in Mudoo related servers and shaming him? From what I saw he felt really offended at the time. maybe if you accepted you're in the wrong you could pull yourself out of this one, however being arrogant and a dick about the whole situation thinking you're right, is not the way to go.
  4. since ur all babies and starting to fight over who’s group is better I’ll lay it out straight server state is good and we’re reaching daily 50-70 players and admins are solving reports as they fly in. if you report and don’t get an answer feel free to forum report and we’ll solve it there it necessary and helpers are doing a brilliant job in guiding newbies your question was answered thank you for your concern
  5. Unbanned, welcome back. EDIT: Your name is Nicolas Gambino.
  6. To be unbanned you have served your time make sure to control your anger next time
  7. u think we’ll let u back after u threatened to ddos us...? nop not gonna happen
  8. ye right what was so hard to admit it then instead of wasting our and your time
  9. You may post another unban appeal on the 25th of January, 2022. Until then if you make more appeals I will disable your forum accounts and route block them.
  10. The day is not over yet. Wait until a Senior Admin unbans you or a manager
  11. nope next time I’m revoking ur forum rights so I’d stop bothering
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