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  1. Will you increase PD paychecks?
  2. Kacper

    | CraZe Media |

    stop breaking swat regulations or kick !P"£L!"P£{$L!"£¬!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. good now for lying you face another consequence i want you to write me in 500 words on; why its unfair to cheat why did you use the hack in the first place? why should i unban you? what makes you want to come back to mudoo rpg and what is your purpose?
  4. I had a 2m offer IG
  5. I'm not paying irl cash for any credits, it's a perk that I have with my donator rank, instead of using it for myself, I want to sell it. To clarify; I am not exchanging IRL money for IG money.
  6. Looking to put any plate on your vehicle, I can only use this once so highest bidder gets it Starting bid; 3 million ANY VEHICLE > ANY WORDS/LETTERS
  7. Do you think I'm stupid or what? You were blatantly using your nametag cheat, and not even trying to hide it.
  8. no need to record when i have everything recorded your nametag cheats are obvious toooo obvious
  9. Charles wishes to deny this appeal You will wait two days to get unbanmed
  10. Greetings, First of all this is not the first time that you have been reported for the same reason and you are warned/punished plenty of times for this, and there were people around you roleplaying with you, the cop cuffed you getting his latex of gloves to frisk you, indeed he has not done that well but at least he was trying his best, You can't just /accept death when there are players roleplaying with you and trying to explain the situation to the cop of what happened exactly, it's not allowed at least roleplay killing yourself example: "bleeding heavily due to the wounds etc" would makes sense.
  11. Kacper

    The Meme Department

    jesus christ lol
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