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  1. That is what you said last time, it looks like you need to take a break for a while. You can appeal on the 26th December with 350 words which include an apology for the toxicity from yourself towards the server, and to why we should consider you back in Mudoo
  2. Kacper

    Group Turfs

    suggestion: take less damage if you're on your own turf
  3. Theres no one to ask - and no, it was not from a smuggle situation
  4. it was not from a smuggling situation
  5. Was it really that hard to save yourself and us time, by just admitting? How many times have you used illegal modifications before?
  6. Kacper

    Group Turfs

    or add group banks
  7. Kacper

    Group Turfs

    HOw does the group receive te money from turfs
  8. we'll give you one more chance to admit to your illegal modifications - failure to do so will result in denial
  9. If you didn't get banned you would be able to play - you played unfairly now you wait until we come to a decision of yours Wait patiently
  10. Hope you have learnt from your mistakes- to be unbanned on Thurs
  11. Have you used ammo/weapon hacks, or any sort of hacks before you got banned?
  12. Why did you use ammo hacks in the first place?

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