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  1. 05-07-2020 22:08:25 - Ahmed_jimli (43)(45182): /L handsup 05-07-2020 22:08:34 - Ahmed_jimli (43)(45182): /l fucker 05-07-2020 22:08:39 - Ahmed_jimli (43)(45182): /L no 05-07-2020 22:08:44 - Ahmed_jimli (43)(45182): /frisk 28 05-07-2020 22:08:27 - Ahmed_jimli (43)(45182) -> Jim_Lord (28)(18903) [knife] literally 2 seconds your interaction took lets not forget to mention that you didnt rp frisking him either huh
  2. rumours suggested over 2 rockets ended up in idlewood
  3. ur literally lying and chatting shit lol
  4. arab news much better imo easier to read i rather read a brief story than a bible on what happened somewhere
  5. 9/11 was announced seconds after it happened and other shootouts in USA too so wats ur point anyways if arab news doesnt deserve news/script access what did SA news do to deserve it?
  6. afaik only 2 imrp players are coming and richard is one of them so whats ur point?
  7. because this is the internet and everyone is toxic. those who keep doing it sure can be punished but instead of crying then block the dude insulting you or turn public chat off
  8. /settings > public chat > disabled
  9. thats why u were banned for shit rp before omegalol
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