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  1. To be reviewed on 19th of October due to bothering administration.
  2. shittt dylan and mikro gonna hack us
  3. Please report with a recording @Luqman_Shabbir We'll be waiting!
  4. spoke to the guy in game hes relatively new he understands his mistake, noted it on his account though, thanks for reporting.
  5. warned via panel for /q to avoid RP thanks for reporting
  6. one banned other warned via panel for DM, thanks for reporting.
  7. you will have your mask refunded as concluded by myself and a manager.
  8. after consulting with a manager, we discovered there was no DM related to this case L&A
  9. we cannot prove a force crash, we checked his log in and log out history, he crashes a lot so it looks liable. L&A
  10. one to be tempbanned for prior DM history, one warned via panel. thanks for reporting.
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