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  1. V: $5,000,000 Drop buyout offers below Pic inside spoiler.
  2. I'll handle this report. Do you have discord? If so, please PM me your discord username in case I need to ask any other questions.
  3. Hey Alex, You were asked in previous appeals to install a clean GTA copy. Have you since done this? I witnessed myself you using the illegal modifications, So denying it will get you nowhere. Best to admit and come clean so we can move forward efficiently with your appeal. So have you installed a clean GTA?
  4. The admin wont ban you if you scam someone for an illegal item, since its allowed.
  5. This is correct. TL;DR: Don't scam people for stuff that is LEGAL
  6. You are unbanned. Do not revert back to your old ways, otherwise we'll be seeing another appeal.
  7. You will be un banned on 03/08/2020. Please use this time to read our rules. Also use this time to learn how to roleplay, so you can execute them when you come back to the server.
  8. Don't drop stupidly high offers. I know what it is worth.
  9. Tell me what you have learnt about RP? You said and i quote " I am muslim muslims dont fear guns" and " i dont gunfear for ic reasons" Please tell me why the above statements, said by you, are incorrect.
  10. Is that all you have to say? Since your registration on the 3rd of July, You have been given a considerable amount of punishments. It totals 20 if you include your mutes. So in the space of your 116 hours spent in game, you received a punishment every 5.8 hours. The constant disregard for role play scenarios, Returning after death and death matching to name a few, and all you can come with is "I Read the rules and Apologies for the thing i did" What has changed? Why should you be given another chance on top of the 20 you have already been given?
  11. Tableau Auto Group are looking to acquire new stock for their LS showroom. We are searching for Rare vehicles - Ones that are no longer available to purchase at Dealerships. Please respond with your Vehicle & Asking price to our business email (( Forum PM)) Alternatively, Please send the info in a SMS to either 8145 or 78666 We look forward to hearing from you!
  12. So you got cop banned for ic reasons? I’m struggling to see the rule break here, maybe it got lost in the wall of words. please explain clearly what the rule break is.
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