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  2. The Soviet-era and communism reflects to a certain way of expression. I never pointed out a particular quote or object that specifically represents the Soviet Union or communism. Neither did I reject or personal attack anyone or anything. I was asked for my opinion, this is it. We map on an individual basis, not together. Thank you for your advice though.. Take a deep breath now.
  3. It's hard to criticize the style of an artist. All the signs, quotes and statues present in the map absolutely show Jake's interest in the Soviet-era and communism. Given that the construction, exterior already exists, I agree that the map has (too) many objects compared to the added aesthetic value of it. On a practical note, I doubt anyone would take the elevator to the ninth floor to purchase items in a 24/7 or ZIP. Penthouses or a high-end apartment tower is an interesting idea. The interiors should be made within the tower, otherwise the location of the apartment loses its exclusivity.
  4. M O D E R N E X T E R I O R #1 M O D E R N E X T E R I O R #2 A P A R T M E N T #1 L O F T A P A R T M E N T #1 M A N S I O N #1 D E A T H M A T C H S H I P #1 M O S Q U E #1 L A B O R A T O R Y J O U R N E Y #1 J A P A N E S E S P A #1 U F C / B O X I N G I N T E R I O R #1 E X T E R I O R M A P P I N G #1 B A N K I N T E R I O R #1 B U S I N E S S C O M P L E X I N T E R I O R #1
  5. M U N C H K I N M A P P I N G. This topic is dedicated to Munchkin's tremendous portfolio. The mappings have been created for the benefit of this brilliant and incredible community.
  6. The only reason Williams is interested is the same reason they stalk our panels and PM's; money. They do not give a fuck about roleplay or the taste of farming themselves. If they did, they would have started farming ten months ago.
  7. We never had to establish Finney's Agriculture in the first place. It's what we call entrepreneurship. You had to steal from Finney while you could have earned just as much as us by now, you little thief.
  8. In-game name: Octavius Finney Date of when you discovered the bug: 22/10/18 What feature is the bug relevant to: Other Explain how does the bug occur: I had a $400,000+ (400k) pending paycheck at the bank. Logged today, received the notification with just $10,000 (10k) left. Additional content: No screens as there were no reports of problems with paychecks.
  9. What is your in-game name? Octavius Finney Which player(s) do you want to report? Peter Thompson When did the rulebreak happen? 10/17/18 Which players did witness the rulebreak happening? What happened? (quote what rule was broken) The player decided to interfere in my roleplay in an OOC and provocative manner without being asked. I asked him to roleplay with me instead of involving me in the inappropriate non-roleplay that was going on at Persing Square. I was answered by multiple insults (screen #1 and screen #2). I left (read: ignored) the player as no sensible thing came out, until suddenly I was insulted again (screen #3). The player kept misbehaving, and continued the deathmatch with a friend and an officer (screen #4 and screen #5). The player was already suspected for killing his friend but was somehow unsuspected by order of the involved staff member. My report in-game has not been investigated by the present staff. Rules broken 1. 01 Respect Calling another player a "peace of shit", bastardized piece of shit, a "fucking filthy fuck retarded" or a "retarded cop" is beyond all signs of respect. 2. 02 Deathmatching There was no valid reason nor roleplay to shoot and kill other players multiple times. 2. 05 Failure to roleplay Instead of taking the opportunity to approach me IC from the beginning, I was just being provoked OOC. The player failed to roleplay with me as well as with the players he killed and shot at. Evidence Screen #1 https://i.imgur.com/ga6CIUf.jpg Screen #2 https://i.imgur.com/cGj8zHa.jpg Screen #3 https://i.imgur.com/Y797zPG.jpg Screen #4 https://i.imgur.com/vwsB2bs.jpg Screen #5
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