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Ali Shan

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    Ali Shan#2402

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    Ali Profaci
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  1. By tje way this section is not only for background story i guess?
  2. Are you a fucking server owner or something? It's my wish what i do here or what not, i saw your rp in game it' s totally shit, you just don't know how to roleplay so thats why you're here, go kill your self already
  3. Your in game name: William McCarthy Your discord name and tag: Ali Shan#2402 Your number: 4
  4. This thread will follow the story of William McCarthy
  5. I am sorry already please forgive me i was angry cuz i got ban forgive me all staff team and if you want to cut anything from my account so feel free to do it i dont want anything i just want to play again i miss my friends so much.
  6. What is your in-game name? Ali_Profaci Which staff member banned you? Frank but not sure When did you get banned? 07/12/19 What is the ban reason? DM or something like this Personal comment Its almost 2 months passed i didnt make a appeal so i am here for a last chance all i did i know i abusing i am sorry for this please forgive me last time please.
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