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Ali Shan

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  1. Ali Shan

    cartel family

    You need a designed forum topic, 5 members with you and also this is a wrong section.
  2. hello sir its me smokey, when i open mudoo forums its says that connection lost i can screenshot cause im using very old pc and its getting hanged everytime i tried open it on phone and its say the same msg now tell me what i do thats why i asked ali to appeal for me cause i really want to play again, please give me a last chance thankyou i wont do that again i love mudoo @MazenMessage has been added which Smokey send to me.
  3. I don't know I think he is from another world, text me on snapchat and said make appeal for me I'll write my appeal and you submit it. Also since when this rule implement you must make your own unban appeal to get unbanned? I saw one appeal was made by Marcello on behalf of Michelle. He isn't a good english writer and he said I can't access to the forum. Also the point is he wrote that appeal not me, I'm just trying to help him out and trying to get him back to the server. P.S: I'm gonna text him again on snapchat, and gonna ask for the problem which he is facing.
  4. What is your in-game name? Smokey_Gravlano Which staff member banned you? Lilith When did you get banned? 03/19/2020 What is the ban reason? Poor Roleplay + Using OOC in IC situations to avoid interactions. Personal comment It was a long time I got banned for poor roleplay, I just need a last chance to play on this server I'm missing my old friend they play on this server server everyday and i don't have anything to do nowadays due to lockdown. I just need a last chace i promise it wont happen again. sorry for my poor english I'm not so good in english. Posting this ban appeal for Smokey Gravlano, since he has problems with forums.
  5. Cello hahhaa, guys its not his birthday lmao.
  6. No lol he just insulted me on discord "Fuck you NOT my birthday".
  7. actually it's not his birthday hahahaa, Marcello you retarded you make jokes of him.
  8. LMFAO HAHAHHAHAHAHA, you're a paki too hahahhahaa
  9. Kira is trying to change FD roleplay style, I'm sure she will bring us a unique roleplay. Also FD needs to be improved they just need some godo leaders like Kira, cause can't just handle a public faction alone. Makes sense she is a staff member too and she needs to handle tickets aswell.
  10. Why tagged me? I'm not good with FD Roleplay.
  11. Well I just seen this report against me, listen my man how could you say that it's not a car kill? I joined mudoo when you was a baby. I knew about rules very well. You just joined this server some months ago and talking about server rules. I would like to talk with a manager or any other good admin here, cause I know that was carkill. I played on lots of RP server, and yes there is a rule about this, you can't just carkill someone for non-rp reason, like I said Cato just drove on me, and never moved his car away. I was down the car and wasn't able to move. Also sam was saying you were died due to low HP, and to be honest I wasn't really on low HP. I don't know what was his point to conclude my report. There were only 2 cops left and everything was going well, they were low too and that's happened. Cato didn't moved his car away from me.
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