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Ali Shan

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    Ali Shan#2402

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    Ali Profaci
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  1. Ali Shan

    Some statistics

    Excuse me Amir, I'm also a Paki and I am not crying on anything just go and make a ban appeal and play on server bro. Don't disrespect pakis understand?
  2. What is your in-game name? Ali Profaci Which player(s) do you want to report? Said, Mihcael, Rick, Marcus Lucianos whole group When did the rulebreak happen? 11/11/19 Which players did witness the rulebreak happening? Joseph, Enrico, Maxim Perez. What happened? (quote what rule was broken) Hello there, So we was trying to talk with them (I mean we were trying to hunt them down, since they're our enemies), So, I killed Michael with my car and I did it with full roleplay, He got knocked by my car cause I rammed him. Ok next one, Me Joseph and Enrico was on Luciano headquarters and they went inside, We use C4 (with rp) and blast the door, they didn't open the door and come out and they were crying in /p chat I said to enrico let's leave them they're crying and we stay away, Then Enrico and Joseph got crashed and I was alone there, They came out and just shoot me with no fuckin' flying reasons. They was low when they went to HeadQaurter inside and they armed there self, then they came out and just fucking shoot me. And the most funny thing is Michael Luciano kill me since it was dead by me.. So he were returning after death. I got knocked and they just fuckin' use /rob they didn't even use /me frisk blah blah blah. I've got logs I can show you they didn't even do any RP, It's called DM fest. Evidence
  3. Ali Shan

    0.3.7 or DL

    When it happen, omg new update woah gonna try it out soon. About this suggestion yes from me
  4. Ali Shan

    Help me

    Lock. & archive this topic..
  5. Ali Shan

    Help me

    Thanks, its worked
  6. Ali Shan

    Help me

    Yes i cant
  7. Ali Shan

    Help me

    Seems like no one wa t to reply on my topic?
  8. Ali Shan

    Help me

    I am sorry, i don't know where to post this topic so i post it in general cetagory. Actually, i can't send PM someone on forum, i was forum banned and i got unbanned from forum on mudoo last birthday, now i can' recieved send PM to anyone. Please I also apply for mapping application and i think thats why i didn't a reply from management team. So i just want to say that can you unblock my PM's? Thanks
  9. Thats why i left the server, i waste my time here lmfao toxic behaviour admins, i only saw frank is a good staff member jelly too Yes change it to cnr, if no then close the server, there is no roleplay anymore, my ig level is 23 its mean i waste 1 year on mudoo for no reasons but now no more. Mudoo cnr or call of duty mudoo
  10. By tje way this section is not only for background story i guess?
  11. Are you a fucking server owner or something? It's my wish what i do here or what not, i saw your rp in game it' s totally shit, you just don't know how to roleplay so thats why you're here, go kill your self already
  12. Your in game name: William McCarthy Your discord name and tag: Ali Shan#2402 Your number: 4
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