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  1. Better learn how to do roleplay. You don't even have an idea about roleplay. Explain me in short somethings. 1: What is Roleplay? 2: What is Metagaming? 3: What is Powergaming? Don't try to search on google, type with your own words otherwise I'm gonna expose you very badly.
  2. Roleplay word don't really suits from your mouth, better shut it.
  3. What is the name of that rap which play at when Bob arrived.
  4. I said "gang of cops"
  5. Why should I kill them if they are more than 15? Are you a retard or acting like one?
  6. We were driving (3 of us ) around Venturas, a gang of cops said PULL OVER. I did the same ( I was the driver). They said driver throw the keys out from the window. I was like "WTF THEY ARE LOOKING FOR". I said why what's the reason? They just simply said "Comply with us". I did the same, I was thinking like they are gonna make it a very nice and big IC scene. I comply and I did the same. Now they said step out with your hands up, I did the same. After getting out from the car, I simply did /handsup but they still tazed me. Like tazer is a toy for them, they don't even know the mean of tazer, they're just simply tazing people around to make it a shootout scene. (What else to do on mudoo nowadays) i wasn't even suspected but they still cuffed. Alright, nevermind it I got cuffed. Now they started dragging me inside their cruiser. Wait, first they frisked me but they didn't found anything illegal. One senior was like why do you have a deagle on you? I was like "wtf man, I've a permit to buy a deagle, isn't it legal if you've a permit?" He was saying no it's illegal. **shrugs** Let's come to the point now, I wasn't even suspected nor my friend who were with me. A cop dove me over to the LVPD he frisked me again and he still didn't found anything illegal. Now the point is he needs to SU me if he wants to jail me, otherwise he can't jail me. I simply said quietly "Sir I didn't done anything wrong there, I don't even know why are you behaving with me like this" He said "Shut the fuck up" like what the fuck? Then he simply speaking on his radio he isn't SU what charges for him? After 2 minutes he got a reply which was this. As Luis_B said and he jailed me for 80 seconds. Like what the fuck happened to our mudoo it wasn't like that before. I reported that cop to IA but I still didn't get a reply from there too. Like it doesn't matter if you report a cop to IA, and nobody cares about you.
  7. HAHAHAHA blame matthew, he died by criminals so many times and now he is trying win from them.
  8. Ahmed Waheb bruh. He stole his award.
  9. He is a charsi like me
  10. Spex Memes Bakery, post some memes sir.
  11. Lopez


    You welcome, bruh.
  12. Lopez


    Yes bruh, I had like 70.
  13. Lopez


    u can earn more
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