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  1. We both know "headshot" is not the reason you're here. You had been annoying everyone, ignoring, breaking the rules and whatnot. And the worst part is you kept doing all these in addition to ban evading. You tried fooling us that "Abbas" is your brother when in fact it was you all along. You created multiple accounts in attempts to trick us. You were involved in your pakistani friend's ban prior to that. Hell, you even used illegal modifications. Now why would we let you play if you can't abide to the server rules?
  2. Once again, I didn't use anything. I'm a man of my word and ever since I got unbanned on Abu Khaled, I haven't had any modifications. I would like to see what kind of evidence you have to keep me banned for aimbot.
  3. What is your in-game name? Richie_Gambino Which staff member banned you? Tyrone_Morrison When did you get banned? 09/07/18 What is the ban reason? Aimbot Personal comment Hello, I'd like to say that I am innocent and the ban was rushed from the administration team. After I got banned for aimbot (the first time), I had uninstalled every modification that I had (aimbot + skins, vehicles, etc). I did ban evade after getting banned and I am fully guilty for breaking this rule. I regret doing it, should have requested an unban straight away. Anyways what's done is done. I am clear of any illegal modifications and I request an unban with a review date since I ban evaded.
  4. This is the biggest error in this server. There is no harmony in the first place, this just ruins everything. Players will break the rules, get banned, unbanned, repeat. It's a common process. They will beg/cry for an unban, pretend like their lives are depending on this game and yet keep doing what they've always done. After getting unbanned, they're going to break the rules, again. Why do they behave like this? Because they can. Rules and regulations should have been enforced since the beginning. Actually, they were pretty good during alpha time. Then everything changed. I guess this decision came as a result of a desperate need to achieve a higher playerbase. Anyway, you decided to change Mudoo to a light roleplay server; wrote some basic rules (didn't even have OOC chat until couple weeks ago) and trusted a playerbase whose goal is earning as much virtual money as possible, competing with their friends and eventually destroying the whole server. All this creates a chaos which does nothing but pushes people away. So don't blame your players. You're the ones whose decisions led to this point. In other words, light roleplay was, is and will always be the main essence of a play2win game mentality. It's too late now to enforce rules, people already left. It's only a matter of time until those who still play realize that. The only ones remaining will be those who have achieved billions, properties, cars, etc. Good luck fixing all of this.
  5. Considering you're Mr.White, why did you stop playing on that account? Why exactly after your cousin/brother/pet/whatever he is to you got banned? We want to know the purpose of this account, because after all these statements I don't see any common sense from your side. One more thing. The next lie coming from either of you related to this situation will result to instant denial. We're done with your childish games.
  6. 1. Who is Mr.White? 2. How come you started playing here roughly one day after your cousin got banned?
  7. What is your in-game name? Abu_Khaled Which staff member banned you? Morais When did you get banned? 08/30/18 What is the ban reason? Aimbot Personal comment (Posting this ban appeal for him; he doesn't remember the ban date, I just gave a random one) I took my time to rethink my actions. What I did is completely wrong and I am truly sorry for doing it. I wasn't thinking straight at that time due to some personal problems. Taking such advantage over others is in no way tolerated and if I had the chance to take it back, I would. I sincerely apologise to everyone whom I took advantage over and promise that it won't happen again. If I ever get to come back, I would take this chance wisely. I'm caught doing it again? Won't even bother applying. But I assure you that it will never happen again. Thank you for your time.
  8. Disrecommended for the following reasons: -Immature; -Unhelpful; -Inactive. Improve on these points and you'll have my vote. Good luck.
  9. You should gain some experience first, get to know with the server basics such as commands, rules etc. Work on your english skills, help new players and show maturity in order for the application to be considered. As for now, you're not ready. Good luck!
  10. Disrecommended for the already mentioned reasons. Apply again after gaining some experience and be yourself, there's no need to copy other applications in order to be accepted. Good luck.
  11. 6694 score -> 5020 score $1,461,777 -> $1,096,333 489 kills -> 367 kills
  12. I'm glad that you admitted what you did and I really hope it won't be repeated in the future. As for other hackers, you can always report them, /report in game or use the appropriate form on forum to report them. Fighting hackers with hacks is not a solution, it only makes things worse. Make sure to have uninstalled them before playing in our server again because next time you're here, you won't get away this easy. You'll have a stats cut of 25% & to be unbanned tomorrow (24.08). Do you agree Jonald?
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