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  1. Not here to ruin it but just bought one for 500k.......
  2. Application's format: Name: Phone: Working Experience: Another job: Qualities:
  3. Finally the wait is over! We are hiring new recruits. This job is bonus based work as a part time worker but it pays for sure. Recruitment forums will be filled under law enforcement. WHO ARE WE? HOW TO CONTACT US? You guys can contact us via call or sms anytime you want. You can't call us at the moment? Text us we will try to reach you guys ASAP. Contact Numbers: Carlos Joseph ( 52555) Tony Navarro (8773) (( you guys can contact us via discord too SOORTY#1479 or Soorty#3282)) Meeting at our office is necessary for your interview.
  4. Raise a support ticket on discord.
  5. I am running a legal business ig. Recently i have bought a business with a normal office structure for my business and i want to give my keys to my brother. But the problem is that we have single PC at the moment now i need administration to help me in this problem.
  6. This is something called mental illness *. Mqm have seen the consequences.
  7. He need to get a life! He is making fun over dead people.
  8. (( kutti ki nasal tere jeso ko chod k phek du. Randi k bachey. Gand mea tapar toh hota nahi ha tum loru ki baatey chod na buhat atti ha ))
  9. ((I ask administration to block this shit bag on mixing ooc at ic section))
  10. Do some respect you dumb shit! You making fun over death people. You motherfucker dont even know how the business works this what we call "competition" fucking ass hole. Do mind your language randi k bachey.
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