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  1. Premier: $40,000 -Radio ZR-350: 65,000 -Radio Contact: 8773 or 52555
  2. I just look over it and its preatty good. I don't wanna sound awkward but can i get a link of somewhere you have learned it from. Cuz it requires a server to do it as much i have understand. It would be a huge favour. Thank you.
  3. What map editor do you use? Cuz i tried Med map editor and it sucks. I'm planning to map my dillimore bar and its being used as our hangout everyday want to add some fun but I have done good stuff there not accurate but good to be appreciated and a SO to my boy Raf' he is not active here but is beast of doing furnishing he is helping me to furnish there.
  4. I really love that 24/7. Its beautiful. Im not a mapper but I'm good at doing furnishing. Maximum every project of my Faction is furnished by us(me and my friends). Furniture limit in game have bound our creativity.
  5. Selling sparrow Price at DealerShip: 750,000 WDE Selling it for: $700,000 (Negotiable) Why to pay 1m-1.5m for a san news heli when you have a substitute. Contact: 52555 or 8773 call, sms or email(forums pm) for further details.
  6. I offer 40k for rancher
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