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  1. Need this small house for rp purpose and hope it will cost me 50k as its a small as trailer and need a int. id 48
  2. Mansion Details: Alarm level 4 3 CCTV cameras. Area to park Helicopter on the roof Parking to park 4 cars easily Interior is scripted not furnished. Exterior is furnished. Value: $1,000,000 BO: Offer Contact numbers: 8773 or 52555
  3. Turismo already sold for 1,500,000
  4. Fair prices at a time where the 3k hp is hard to find
  5. White Dragon Enterprises again brings a rare cars for sale. TURISMO Prices : $1,750,000 Fully tuned. Prices can be negotiated. Contact: 52555 & 8773 or email us ((forums pm)) CHEETAH Prices: $1,650,000 Alarm level: 4 Fully tuned. Prices are negotiable. Contact: 525555 or 8773 or email us((pm on forums))
  6. Offer me, i got one with custom plate
  7. I see a competitive market here...
  8. selling custom plated windowser Demand: $150,000
  9. Recently i have a report over me. Okay ! He have raised 5 points in his ticket and I'll cover all of them and answer them. Point 1: "That Enrique told them that he'll talk to me whenever my internet connection gets better and i reported them here on forums" -I got ig again and pm'ed Enrique that now we can talk and after some seconds or minutes i lost my connection again and I decided to make a report on forums with cellphone and I did it. And making a report here is not against the rules of the server as I was facing problems with wire internet connection. P.s : i lost connection 2 times in an admin sit. Point 2: "I was their target and force crash my game in tom's opinion and relogged after that and ran away" -Why was I the target? What was the reason? Did I threat Thomas? Nope ! I was losting my internet connection as i have provided the evidence above. Point 3: " I logged back within 30sec and pick my bike and ran towards LSPD and to save my self while the secen started out of the SZ" -Wait tom, hold up ! Who tf comes back within 30 sec after force crashing? And i can guarantee it was not 30sec my internet start working it might be above than 30sec. I ran towards LSPD to save myself ic'ly and another thing is that I was spawned and they started shooting on me without any warning so it was clear that what was next. Point 4: " It was not me and thomas present there more were there and have showed a ss" -At the time i got crashed there was only tom and thomas present at the secen. And the ss have a scroll bar on its left side which was scrolled up around 40% at the time he took the ss with the log of me crashing and having Stefano over his screen with him and thomas Point 5: " The criminal have insulted us countless of times IC and as u see in his forum report." -Listen to me baby boy, first learn how the english is spoken & what is rp ! Look at your words," insulted u ic as admins can see in your report"...... what the fuck? Okay ! I have insulted u once calling u guys gays and i accept. But you reporting me, for that is childish and a piece of trash as you are just trying to prove that Im wrong instead of you guys. I have cleared each and every blame over me, still admins can ask me anything at anytime.
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