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  1. What is your in-game name? Anthony Eix Which staff member banned you? Matthew Carter When did you get banned? 03/13/20 What is the ban reason? Says he only comes to DM and doesn't give a shit about "dogshit server" Personal comment There was an abusive admin situation so I started raging,won't happen anymore.
  2. not worth it - keep playing this havefun
  3. Sir i guess u rushed on this ban kindly unban me stop wasting our time
  4. I login to play with my friends and u ban like this non no non on o no n on o n on o
  5. What is your in-game name? Lamarcus_Mills Which staff member banned you? Matthe Carter When did you get banned? 03/05/20 What is the ban reason? Mass DM Personal comment How was it Mass DM if i came to revenge after you sniped me at Jefferson?
  6. opppppa mikro will forum ban you for DMing now
  7. What if the group which gets it doesn't have a group in game?
  8. Yes sure,we saw how it went the last time,30civilians shooting at the same time,that poor scared mexican didn't give a single fuck,lol.
  9. sTcorey

    Some new changes

    That shittalk on public chat is also what makes up fake kidnapping situations resulting in big shotout between groups and continuing to shotout between the alive group and PD
  10. sTcorey

    Some new changes

    accept it or not some DM fights start by /p fights and end up by kidnapping or robbing reason,completely remove public chat NOT disable it for few hours
  11. Removing the minimap blips is going to have a big effect; •it will reduce the famous ''/s stop'' people are crying ,since its done when they see someone alone in the minimap •it will reduce players /qing after they see someone comming near them to interact
  12. anyway who the fuck expects SWAT to do any better while being lead by someone whom instead of taking actons starts saying ''omg cry swat this swat that''
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