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  1. opppppa mikro will forum ban you for DMing now
  2. What if the group which gets it doesn't have a group in game?
  3. Yes sure,we saw how it went the last time,30civilians shooting at the same time,that poor scared mexican didn't give a single fuck,lol.
  4. sTcorey

    Some new changes

    That shittalk on public chat is also what makes up fake kidnapping situations resulting in big shotout between groups and continuing to shotout between the alive group and PD
  5. sTcorey

    Some new changes

    accept it or not some DM fights start by /p fights and end up by kidnapping or robbing reason,completely remove public chat NOT disable it for few hours
  6. Removing the minimap blips is going to have a big effect; •it will reduce the famous ''/s stop'' people are crying ,since its done when they see someone alone in the minimap •it will reduce players /qing after they see someone comming near them to interact
  7. anyway who the fuck expects SWAT to do any better while being lead by someone whom instead of taking actons starts saying ''omg cry swat this swat that''
  8. you are either retarded either blind,I've already posted them tons of times,but i dont expect someone like u to notice them ps:about the attention seeker we all know who was the one crying about some properties in game ;]
  9. who the fuck is crying about swat or cops deployment or whatever maybe try to read what i said its all about the DM next time read before posting speaking about DM i've got plenty proofs of SWAT shooting people which arent involved in the shotouts i never said Alex was suspected unfairly,it was me and marcus suspcted for vehicular engaging while we didnt touch their car a single time expect when they rammed us on purpose also we werent following them,we were going SMB to check a building it was Alex who started pitting and shit but me and marcus got sued
  10. That's not shit what I am throwing here,but if its for you OK and I know there is a report form which gets checked every 3months but I prefer to throw the 'shit' here since its a general topic and that's the purpose of it,general discussions.
  11. (?????)you got nothing to say about these videos/proofs and tell me I'm crying?lol,but when it comes from you whom barely has any activity in game and isn't even in touch of what happens IG yet talks about the activity which happens ig all you do is check some logs which barely show anything about the DM which happens IG,don't expect a cop to shout "OMG I WILL DM PLZ MIKRO CHECK THIS ON LOGS" so I don't expect you to get in knowing of the in game status by logging once three months And about you lukjano cunt the stuff in game is speaking either way,someone else cries about DM
  12. or this one was me running recklessy so they have to keep ramming me LOL
  13. and lets see your explantion about this,or it was me drivnig recklessy LOL,shooting at the ppl inside turf for no reason while they didnt fire a single ammo
  14. Lol?Did you even read what I said,and maybe try to read the suspection reason before speaking + they entered BC for no reason just to bait a shotout and call backup on discord to have a nice fight PS:try to one ram time them and you will see what happens
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