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  1. how came it im not on the table after the 2nd round,i was qualified but i no longer see my name versus lee los after you updated it now
  2. Your In game name: Anthony Eix Possibility to attend: Mid
  3. Not if the driver stays inside the truck,the script would set its hp back if there was a driver
  4. paintball/duel event
  5. sTcorey

    | CraZe Media |

    rape not allowed,remove
  6. Username: AntE Comment: Such a faggot..
  7. starting bid 100k bo:500k
  8. Also Boris why don't you show the full situation cunt?
  9. seems like the logs show the shot out parts only,why don't you provide the rp ones?about this situation with this retard he kept following me and requesting backup in his radio, I won't wait for whole pd to be pulled in front of me for no reason at all EDIT:I already got warned for that?What is this topic for?
  10. what a retard You kept following me for like 3mins and then pulled me over for no reason you kept letting me go and then pulling over again,you did that like 3 times You didn't use any line expect /b1 ,quit crying now retard
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