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  1. paintball/duel event
  2. sTcorey

    | CraZe Media |

    rape not allowed,remove
  3. Username: AntE Comment: Such a faggot..
  4. starting bid 100k bo:500k
  5. Also Boris why don't you show the full situation cunt?
  6. seems like the logs show the shot out parts only,why don't you provide the rp ones?about this situation with this retard he kept following me and requesting backup in his radio, I won't wait for whole pd to be pulled in front of me for no reason at all EDIT:I already got warned for that?What is this topic for?
  7. what a retard You kept following me for like 3mins and then pulled me over for no reason you kept letting me go and then pulling over again,you did that like 3 times You didn't use any line expect /b1 ,quit crying now retard
  8. i am not saying i did not break any rules,i am saying in the last situation which you banned me for DMing,i didn't even shot. If you banned me for lot of punishments,i don't see it in the ban reason,the ban is on the last situation?
  9. What is your in-game name? AnthonyE Which staff member banned you? Michell Arkwood When did you get banned? 01/29/19 What is the ban reason? DM Personal comment 1.i didnt shot the car or anyone in the situation you banned me,why dont you check logs??? 2.could you show my punishment history?? 3.you want me to write 400 words for DMing(which i did not do) but you are unbanning cheaters without requesting a single word??
  10. and yes forget it i wont admint something which i did not do,either write 400 words for something that i didn't do check the logs if i shot keep me banned
  11. are you dumb?i said i didnt fucking shoot,i was driving the bike i never shoot their car >You and your friends shot them cause they "HIT" your vehicle. so you able to kill them, how that become a reason for kill people? >i never shot their vehicle or them,check the fucking logs
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