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  1. I could name myself PakiKiller69 if I wanted to, but as you see I have a proper roleplay name for my roleplay character despite what my nickname is. You know, like people actually have proper names in real life, no? I am yet to hear of somebody called Huntsman. Now calling someone based on their nametag is something called Metagaming. So which one of us is a retard again? No need to answer. Your unban request already did that for you.
  2. I think it's time you zip that mouth of yours man
  3. After reading this topic and its replies I have now drawn a conclusion that a good portion of the people here are fucking idiots. One goes ranting about somebody quoting incorrectly, the other one goes shit-talking about conspiracy theories. Seriously, grow the fuck up. You were told to roleplay or deal with the consiquences. Does not matter how much you cry or how smart you try to portray yourself as, it will not change. Joining a roleplay community and complaining about measures being taken to enforce that roleplay is sad.

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