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  1. I pretty much believe I wasted enough time IG that day, yet you didnt PM me about anything. Werent you waiting for an administrator the whole time?
  2. Bullshit again, your new account is already level 4 which means you've played for hours, i'm pretty sure you've seen an admin at that time. Now, answer the question without lying so we process, why did you decide to banevade a tempban?
  3. Rooney Andolini was right next to me at LV when you reported him for ramming you. Anyways, this is not a full ban but a temp one, avoid breaking the rules and play by them, consider this as one of your last warnings.
  4. We were with them before you even come and see us, we went away got Salvatore an armour and came back saw all of you shooting at them.
  5. Your In game name: Keith Andolini  Possibility to attend: MID
  6. Player has been warned in-game, report closed.
  7. Avoid spamming your application, we will tell you what to do.
  8. Seems like i'm a paki aswell, nice
  9. Fully supported @freethefarms
  10. Why would we even think of giving you 1 more chance while you're still breaking the rules till this moment, probably. I need a good reason to think of.
  11. After the denial of your last unban appeal which you made using Emma_Maxwell's account, you kept on banevading, care to explain?
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