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  1. Rooney called me OOCly to meet him at SAFD using mainchat so I go there and take a look at his house. I make it there, both you and some other paki camping out of SAFD HQ waiting for me, I ignore both of you head inside Rooney's house, you come inside aiming at me while having no reason to even kidnap me.
  2. We all are coming, congratulations!
  3. Review date set to 25th of September, any attempt to ban evade you'll be permanently denied.
  4. I need a proper answer, cant live without Mudoo doesnt work anymore, why would I let you back in?
  5. This is not a joke but a wrong ID, I've already unbanned your account. My bad.
  6. Why did you use hacks in the first place and why would we even believe that you aint gonna use it again if we give you a chance now?
  7. You're pretty aware that casino scamming is against the server rules and it might end up in a perm ban, aren't you? Why did you decide to scam somebody again?
  8. Not enough proofs, the guy simply finished two knocked men, not that hard.
  9. Why did you lie in the first place? Wasn't it one of your family members who "probably" used your PC while you were in bathroom?
  10. Unbanned. Make sure you do not register another account as it's against the server rules. If you still face the same problem, contact any administrator over discord and we will do our best to help you login.
  11. Did you try deleting it after being unable to login?
  12. Hello Mollah. You used to play under the force of cac before, what happened ? Did you download anything which made you unable to login?
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