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  1. Seems like i'm a paki aswell, nice
  2. Fully supported @freethefarms
  3. Also, tell me more about your ban evasions, why did you decide to banevade instead of trying to get yourself unbanned in a good way?
  4. Why would we even think of giving you 1 more chance while you're still breaking the rules till this moment, probably. I need a good reason to think of.
  5. After the denial of your last unban appeal which you made using Emma_Maxwell's account, you kept on banevading, care to explain?
  6. Be patient and wait for him to reply, you dont really need to keep bumping your application.
  7. Your account Mira_Girl got banned for poor roleplay, instead of creating an unban appeal, you've decided to banevade using Emma_Maxwell's account. You kept on banevading even after we caught you using this one, you at last say that it was your brother, how are we supposed to believe this?
  8. First of all, why did you /q to avoid getting robbed?
  9. No, It'll stay permanent till the given date. Avoid banevading both you and your brother, or I'll surely deny this appeal.
  10. Player has been warned in-game by me, as Bruce resigned before doing so.
  11. DENIED - You're still banevading while you have a pending unban application. You may re-apply once you stop banevading / trolling around.
  12. I've talked to Remsey IG, she has been verbally warned. Thank you for the report.
  13. I'll be handling this report, I'll talk to the player once I see him IG and tell you what happens.
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