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  1. You already have an on-going unban appeal, avoid creating anymore appeals and reply there.
  2. I suggest you to be patient and wait for the banning administrator to reply, spamming the topic wont get you anywhere.
  3. You already have a pending unban appeal running, be patient.
  4. To be unbanned in 5 days - 15/5/2020 Any attempt to banevade will lead to an instant denial of this appeal.
  5. You were caught banevading plenty of times, care to explain?
  6. You were caught banevading again, denied. Try again in 2 months.
  7. Why did you decide to lie at first?
  8. Why would we trust you and give you a chance to play? I need a proper reason -.. Explain, why would you do such thing? You aren't that new to the server, you're probably well aware of our rules.
  9. You'll be given a chance, make sure to read the /rules carefully before you even start playing, unbanned.
  10. What will change if we give you a chance to return?
  11. I'll give you a chance as this is your very first punishment, unbanned.
  12. I’m the banning administrator - i would suggest you to come clean and explain why did you decide to hack? You arent that new to the server and i’m pretty sure that you’re well aware of our rules. Come clean and explain it all instead of telling me stories, it wasnt your friend. Even if that’s what actually happened, your account is your responsbility.
  13. None did, you probably didn't click on "submit reply" - Anyways, feel free to answer it again
  14. You banevaded some mimutes ago, care to explain?
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