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  1. is your server accessible from minecraft TLauncher?
  2. Discord User: DoomSlayer_#7495 Mudoo RPG In-game Name: Doom_SlayeR Number (1-50) : 37
  3. yes plz, thanks sir Fixed! ~Senior
  4. i wont do it again, im sorry i wont use any hacks again please let me play when the server comes back plzzz
  5. i had the name _WereWolf. when i applied for moderator and all the time afterwords, till i got banned before that i used iLLusioN. and i used .DoomGuy_ on the server to see stuff didnt really do anything in the server, at that time server host was really down, terribly sorry for this ban evasion sir
  6. Only that one sir. before that i used to play as "iLLusioN" but one account at a time (GogeTa in AG/UG)
  7. What is your in-game name? .DoomGuy_ Which staff member banned you? [AG]Senior When did you get banned? 12/03/18 What is the ban reason? Aimbot Personal comment sir i did'nt really meant to play unfair i just had aimbot in my folder(used to share a pc with someone) so i started using it somehow. i accept my mistake Anyway i am very sorry for using aimbot please allow me to play on tdm server i love it, its the best server there is PS: i used a random date up there because i don't remember the date i got banned
  8. Your in-game name _WeReWoLF. You real life age 15 Your country and timezone Pakistan, GMT+5 How do you describe yourself as a person Friendly, mature and experienced. i am really helpful and have been a moderator before in the same server. well i am newly registered here but that does not matter i guarantee you i can be really active (3-4 hours a day) What are your motives for becoming a moderator? Well i have been a moderator here before (GogeTa) and i know my performance was not really good but i am willing to try my best this time and i wont disappoint you. Basically most of the time i see some newbies trying to have fun but every time some hackers ruin it and unfortunately there are no moderators/admins online so i want to help those who want to play fair and deal with hackers the right way. How will you deal with a friend that is asking for favors? it depends on what kinda favor he is asking for. if he is asking for score/money or to kick someone without any valid reason i will deny it ofcourse but if he asks to check if someone is using hacks or show some bugs i will help him How will you deal with a new player that keeps on rule-breaking, after several warnings? well first of all i will give him a verbal warning and tell him to read /rules if he keeps breaking rules i will warn him. after several warnings if he does not stop i will kick him. Any additional information you feel is relevant nope Screenshot of your in-game stats
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