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  1. WeReWoLF


    you guyz need new and active admins, the server is dead ;-/ Rip... admit it... when i was here the server was kinda hosted, again, hire new admins im not telling to unban me
  2. Your in-game name _WeReWoLF. You real life age 15 Your country and timezone Pakistan, GMT+5 How do you describe yourself as a person Friendly, mature and experienced. i am really helpful and have been a moderator before in the same server. well i am newly registered here but that does not matter i guarantee you i can be really active (3-4 hours a day) What are your motives for becoming a moderator? Well i have been a moderator here before (GogeTa) and i know my performance was not really good but i am willing to try my best this time and i wont disappoint you. Basically most of the time i see some newbies trying to have fun but every time some hackers ruin it and unfortunately there are no moderators/admins online so i want to help those who want to play fair and deal with hackers the right way. How will you deal with a friend that is asking for favors? it depends on what kinda favor he is asking for. if he is asking for score/money or to kick someone without any valid reason i will deny it ofcourse but if he asks to check if someone is using hacks or show some bugs i will help him How will you deal with a new player that keeps on rule-breaking, after several warnings? well first of all i will give him a verbal warning and tell him to read /rules if he keeps breaking rules i will warn him. after several warnings if he does not stop i will kick him. Any additional information you feel is relevant nope Screenshot of your in-game stats

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