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  1. 1. Remove the text made using MS Paint. 2. Go to https://panel-tdm.mudoogaming.com/ and login with your in-game username & password. 3. Click on your username (top-right corner) to see your in-game stats. 4. Grab a screen shot of it with PrtSc key on your keyboard. 5. Paste it in your thread.
  2. Argon

    Group Council

    Dear Manager and Group Council, I present my application to be a part of council in front of you. In-game name: Argon_Corleone Registration date: 26 Oct 2018 Most recent punishment, type and date: Kicked for being AFK as a Suspect. Current group membership: Corleone Family, San Andreas Fire Department Previous group membership: Gambino, San Andreas Police Department Motive for joining the council: To evaluate group requests along with the highly effective team and to monitor the roleplay performance of the group in-game. Three positive and negative attributes about yourself: Positives: Effective Communication, Logical Reasoning and adaptability towards changing environments. Negatives: I fail a lot ((but always improve on them)), social anxiety ((but got enough guts to speak publicly)) and intense hatred towards people who try to divide a group or a team. Thanks. Yours truly, Argon_Corleone
  3. Your in-game name Argon You real life age 21 Your country and timezone GMT +5:00 How do you describe yourself as a person A person with high moral values and logical reasoning capability to think through the problems which I face in day-to-day life. What are your motives for becoming a moderator? I have served a long tenure of my gaming life being an administrator. I have an attraction towards the administrative work which I execute with complete dedication. I served as an administrator level 2 here in Mudoo but due to the reason of inactivity, I was dismissed. So here I am applying back again not just to become a Moderator and exercise different powers but to join a team full of amazing leaders and executives. How will you deal with a friend that is asking for favors? I would decide this in-respect to the favor being asked. But I will make sure that the favor won't require me to exercise either my powers or break any rule which the server executives put on me. How will you deal with a new player that keeps on rule-breaking, after several warnings? As a Moderator, I would ask a higher level admin to intervene either on Discord or through the records of proof. Any additional information you feel is relevant Please let me know in a private message when are we launching the server, so I may prepare with all the resources & time to be active as much as I can. Screenshot of your in-game stats
  4. Support this suggestion and pray in a Church. Similar to the virginity of Smith, it is gone. However, try to locate your pussy with the assist of local volunteer groups at your location of residence. Did your mommy instructed you to get on a flying carpet and fuck off during her pregnancy too? Vote someone of your choice to the power next time.
  5. Thank you for your query! @Rooney As the official Secretary to the Governor, I would like to tell you that presently we're undertaking a survey about the poor in the states of San Sndreas; As soon as we get the outcomes, we're going to plan further steps. Additionally, previous governors & Mudoo developers have already created a variety of legal jobs that someone may additionally take to earn sufficiently in the states. But you may go ahead and suggest a new form of job in the RPG suggestion section. At this moment, the Legal Department of the Office of Governor have not seen a case wherein a poor got bullied via the wealthy & police went idle. Further, in case you undergo instances related to bullying, I would like to invite you to be the part of the legal advisory committee. You can observe by way of immediately sending an e mail to me ((forum pm)).
  6. Whilst this pathetic woman does not has some thing to say in her retarded mind, she begin blaming language competencies. PS. So you've some better language skill, how are you making use of it? In a gaming server?
  7. there could be a new thread in order to point out all the work that is in concern or has been done.
  8. k bye. PS. Come next time to kill some profacis
  9. Exactly! SAPD is bad at RP, SWAT is of no use & Denzel is looking towards making the situation even worse.
  10. What? Do you observe a group of dots could prove your point? Since you're applying for Governor you have to offer a reason to your statements otherwise it'll prove that you talk without even giving a notion to it. Allow me to quote it again. I want a diplomatic announcement from you for the way of thoughts you have used on this quote.
  11. A kafir is a person who doesn't believe in God. How would you relate this word with an entire religion or community of people? @Dr.Brain
  12. People have already shown their anger in this matter through the power of their vote. Have you noticed the condition of their Governor candidate? #freethefarms
  13. Submit your vote here: https://forum.mudoogaming.com/index.php?/forms/29-samp-rpg-voting-booth/
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