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  1. You may divide your big budget to multiple portfolio businesses by simply getting them financed from Woods Bank Ltd. in simple weekly/monthly EMIs which you can pay from portion of your business revenue.
  2. Maxim


    This is an image which the same dude, Pen Jon, posted in Discord this morning. https://imgur.com/KeZ54b6
  3. Maxim Winters The Internal Affairs division of the SAFMD will investigate this case in detail and will take proper action on the medic in concern and the allegations made on the conduct of the department by Mr. Shehryar Khan, a former employee of SAFMD and all the supporters of his.
  4. [b]Username:[/b] Maxim [b]Comment:[/b] People of the state of San Andreas were tired of the corruption of previous Gov., his funded CSC & runner up candidate Richie was backed by Brandon himself. The recent investigation of FBI & these elections results are very satisfying.
  5. I'm sure you should have mentioned these points out of your personal experiences with the SAPD staff but for the matter of fact it appears like absolute asslick. Also, I request you to remove Winters from your username since as far as I know you're not associated with us.
  6. Well if thats the case our FD/EMS should run over everyone else in the path just to pick that goddamn body.
  7. I'm grateful to see your address for all these server related issues. This is an important time when we really need to focus on experiences of our new members so to build a friendly environment. I would really appreciated if you could find time to analyse issues with SAFMD and so the current command staff could take measures to fix it. The San Andreas Fire & Medical Department is continually trying to improve RP, opportunities and fun among members. We're happy that volunteers (new members) are helped with complete dedication by current official members.
  8. How old are you? This question refers to the conversations taken place on the first page of this topic. Now, you're right about the DM & stuff taking place around the server but as someone recently podcast about it, "its light RP where they don't mind RP." Honestly, I believe if you're strong enough to raise this topic, you can record yourself RP'ing as a professional hitman or criminal & put that video out so that everyone could see you as an example of change.
  9. Absolutely fantastic! Server management, please bring it in!
  10. Name: Maxim Winters Date of birth: 03/03/1985 Occupation: Asst. Chief of Fire in San Andreas Fire Department
  11. Some sort of car giveaway as a part of starter pack for the new member who joins the server and spends around an hour or two (also, after receiving a driving license). I welcome critics. EDIT: A paintball match arena where people can DM using weapons allocated by the server.
  12. We have not come to any sort of agreement whether formal or informal about this matter.
  13. Your discord user: Deletd Your number (1-25): 22
  14. What is your in-game name? Maxim_Perez Which player(s) do you want to report? Tarek_Ademo When did the rulebreak happen? 08/17/19 Which players did witness the rulebreak happening? Peter Andolini, Jack Williams What happened? (quote what rule was broken) This guy Tarek (on forums: iNet) has created a forum topic about Blue Bandanaz Studios to offer custom video creation and editing services. I contacted Tarek in-game to ask about the price to shoot FD's first ceremony event and a p
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