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  1. This is your second ban, you tried to banevade yesterday, I caught you and I let you play on that account, but with one condition which was not to break any more server rules, apparently, 12 hours later you got punished for Casino scamming, and deathmatching. It is clear that you will never change this unacceptable behaviour, change my mind.
  2. Since this is your second ban, you will have a review date on the 1st of February, 2020. ( 2 weeks onwards ). Until then, any attempt to banevade will add an entire month to your review date. Any message that might bother a staff member about your unban appeal will add an entire week to your review date.
  3. You shoot, you expect to be shot, there is no need to roleplay shooting when you're getting shot at, simple as that.
  4. Not that easy, boss. You lost most of your money on your original account ( Carlo Gambino), the next second you join with your "ex girlfriend's" account, no idea how you got the money, but you decide to gamble, you win some bets, but then lose again and decide to scam us about $1m. Now explain me why did you do that and what were your intentions ?
  5. Okay, what I've concluded is that you were unable to accept the robbery ( script wise ) as you were tied, and they just thought that you were refusing to comply with them, so they shot you. Your lost items will be refunded once you get unbanned. No punishment will be implemented. Locked & Archived.
  6. If you can give me your discord, would be much easier. @i d c
  7. Yes, I promised to bring you back to this section, and here I am, fulfilling my promise. What you did was.. Horrible.. You promised to not repeat any of your previous inappropriate actions, but apparently you are not a man of your word. I log into the game, I spectate you.. You are apparently using anims in an abusive way, using them to hide yourself inside a wall. Two minutes later a report about you, saying that you were lying OOC'ly, three minutes later, another report saying that you were calling for help ( while cuffed ) OOC'ly, and they all were proved right. All of these rulebreaks have occurred within ten minutes. Could you explain me why should I even consider unbanning you ?
  8. Solved. Player has been dicebanned. Locked & Archived.
  9. Since this is your first ban, I will give you another chance, but I promise you, if I see you doing any stupid shit again I will bring you back to this section. Unbanned.
  10. Okay, let's cut the bullshit. First of all I requested Dizzy to ban you, second of all, you were trolling all the time, deathmatching, insulting and flooding every chat. You did not obey any server rule, you did not respect any player whether he was a staff member or not, you just kept going and going with your trollish behaviour, not caring about the consequences you may face, or the punishments that may occur to you. I, myself, have spoken to you, warned you alot of times, gave you tons of chances, but you just never listened. And you even admitted now that you were sharing your account with your brother, and I am pretty sure that you're aware that this is prohibited. Now, tell me, why did you do all of this and what will you change if I unban you ? Don't tell me it was your brother, because I simply don't care who it was.
  11. Player will be forced under CAC control, thank you for reporting.
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