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  1. Hello, Julio. I admire your honesty. Yes, macro keybinds are indeed not allowed here, I'll unban you now, be careful next time.
  2. You were killed, two minutes later you came and started punching which resulted in me getting killed. After that Quintavius came to stop you, but you completely ignored him and started robbing me, and once he froze you, you quit the game like there's no one there. You're lucky it was only a temporary ban and not a permanent one. Wait it out.
  3. Player indeed robbed without roleplaying a single line of frisking you. Punishment will shortly be issued. L&A.
  4. Hello, I'll be handling this report. Please have patience.
  5. Already told you to not appeal until the end of June.
  6. You're to be unbanned, do note that any mistake you make now, will directly lead to a permanent ban, and you will no longer be welcomed in this server. 40 percent of your wealth will be removed before getting unbanned.
  7. Hello, Josh. I guess you took some time to figure out the mistakes you've done in the past, but I still want an appropriate answer which should explain the reason behind the punishments you have, which are about 26, including 3 permanent bans. The administration team has given you enough chances I guess, but now let's see if you deserve one more last chance. Explain me how and what will you change if we ever unban you ?
  8. You've been told to not appeal until two weeks have passed, otherwise I will make sure you never get unbanned.
  9. Heard this many times, especially from you. You are not allowed to appeal again until the end of June, 2020.
  10. That is true, I added a discord alert on him as well, so we question him about the reason behind him quitting in the middle of a role-play situation.
  11. You have an extensive punishment, a total of 26 punishments, within only 2 months. Explain me what changes/improvements will you make if I ever unban you, and how will you obey the server rules more appropriately ?
  12. You're not answering my question either. What was the reason behind Ava banevading ?
  13. I am not handling this in any mean, management will handle this unban appeal, I am just trying to speed up the process and maybe know the reason behind Ava banevading, as if any of us ignored her tickets, the right option is to report that staff member to the management, and not spam more tickets for pointless reasons. Banevading is a rule she broke, and as I said previously, it does not matter what did she do after banevading, what matters is that she banevaded, and by the moment she did that, she broke the rules, not mentioning that she did that for over 10 times.
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