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  1. Player has been punished, report closed.
  2. Hello there, I am the administrator who will be handling your report, please have patience.
  3. Hello there, I am the administrator who will be handling this report, please have patience.
  4. Player to be warned. Locked and archived.
  5. Denied. Come back when you can give me a proper reason that made you banevade, and not "mommy or pappy open pc and play mudoo not me".
  6. We found the same ip, and I don't have to show you how or where did we find that. I still wanna know why did you banevade, when you know you that banevading is against the rules, and that you are going to be caught sooner or later.
  7. Cut the bullshit. It was clear you're the one who created that account, logged in and started spamming /support for no reason. Tell me a good reason that made you banevade ?
  8. Any reason for doing that and lying in the first place ?
  9. Stop lying, you banevaded. Admit it already, else I will deny this.
  10. I would like to give you another chance, but trust me, lying and denying won't get you anywhere, you still have a chance to admit that you've ban evaded.
  11. Hello @XANNY, I am the administrator who will be handling your report, please have patience.
  12. You were banned by me. I would like to know why are you applying after 18 days from the date you got banned in, which is the 20th of June, 2019. You have 14 punishments in less than 30 days, and one of them is a permanent ban, all you did in this server was deathmatching, trolling and trying to ruin others' RP. You even attempted to ban evade using an account named "Angelo Noord". Tell me one good reason why should we even consider reading your unban appeal after all the rule breaking you've done ?
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