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  1. Same words over and over again... I'm sure there is much more, I am just too lazy to search for 'em. Will you ever stop ?!
  2. Done, added Ivano Andolini as our substitute.
  3. Team Name: Pandas. Team Members: Salvatore DeLuca, Guidobaldo Andolini, Aria Hughes, Abramo Andolini, Ivano Andolini. Team Leader: Salvatore DeLuca. Team Skin ID: 58.
  4. Player to be punished. Locked and Archived.
  5. Hello there, I am the administrator who will be dealing with this report. Please have patience until I have a talk with the other party.
  6. You should've saved them somewhere. L & A, since you did not provide me with enough proofs.
  7. You have 48 hours to provide me with the chat logs, otherwise, this report will be closed and archived.
  8. Hello there, I am the administrator who will be handling this report. Please send the chat logs you have to my discord, 𝓢alva𝓉or𝕖#9999, so I'd be able to proceed with this report. @Elizabeth_Ryano
  9. What is your in-game name ?
  10. Your discord user: Salvatore#5993. Your number (1-25): 18.
  11. "I got fucked for no reason"
  12. @DamonYou trolled him, and when he came back to troll you, you recorded and reported him ?
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