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  1. Stop lying, love. We saw it all, in addition to that, Eren has no clue who you even are.
  2. You'll be unbanned on the 7th of July, do not banevade or bother any administrator about your appeal.
  3. You're constantly rule-breaking, you're level 18 and still cannot comprehend that killing an officer just because they pulled you over is unacceptable, you have 17 punishments, and admins are just tired of your bullshit. You either change your behavior and the way you obey rules, or you stay here forever.
  4. I do not see any reason to continue dealing with this report, as the situation is clear for me, they had a background reason to kidnap you, but you're just gonna keep denying that, even though you know it's wrong. You also did some mistakes there, which I'm just not going to mention again. Do you have anything to say before I close this report ?
  5. Still doesn't matter, Ramon and his crew already know you're a guy who always messes around the hood and cause troubles.
  6. They pulling you over at East LS, does not mean that you weren't at Idlewood. I am not taking anyone's side here, you're just trying to act like a victim when you know you're the one at fault.
  7. They saw you at Idlewood, went to get armed, started looking for you and then they found you at East Los Santos, you did not roleplay gun fear as you decided to keep walking and not listen to their order.
  8. Alright, I've dug into this even further, Ramon and his crew chased you once again ONLY after they saw you in their hood, they frisked you and found weapons on you, so decided to take you to a safer place which is - Mount Chilliad, and there they started questioning you. And after you sounded silly with your answers, they pointed their guns at you and ordered you to jump off of the mountain, but guess what, you decided to ignore their order and kept walking down instead of jumping, so they had to shoot you/kill you.
  9. No, what they actually did was kidnapping you before you lurk into their hood and cause troubles like you did in the past days. As they were tired of your bullshit, they kill you, you come back after a couple of hours, lurk into their hood, cause trouble, and so on.. So they just wanted to show you your boundaries. It's not DM when there's a background reason, and when it was properly roleplayed. NOT TO FORGET, that when they asked you to jump off of the mountain, you decided to keep walking instead of actually jumping.
  10. Alright, so. I spoke with the other parties regarding this report, and they claimed that you were lurking into their hood daily, causing them trouble, and every time you did that, they had to kill you. But this time they decided to come for you before you do any unexpected moves and cause trouble for them once again. They kidnapped you and basically punished you for your actions. Now I don't see the exact reason behind you reporting them, you're going into their hood, causing them troubles and expecting peace.. ?
  11. Player has been banned for disconnecting to avoid being punished, pm me for a refund whenever you see me ig.
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