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  1. What is your in-game name? Kane_Menace Which staff member banned you? [WS]Tyrone When did you get banned? 12/05/18 What is the ban reason? Ban evading:Bye bye Ken :D Personal comment I guess this wrongfully banned, i was just playing and created another account with a name elias_ediot lol unban me for thisss. Also for ya [WS]Tyrone dont rush ban bruh because you dunno what's haddnen' or what's crackin' you dont need to rush ban any players, that makes the server dead that's stupid af idont even know this and you just did this to me lol, we was just ingame called with elias_walker and then cameback w new acc name and was going to log out, just got banned by a happy admin. [WS]Tyrone must be removed from staffs for this random ban or do some to him please.
  2. Aigh' nigga imma follow yo rules, lets end this shi' IG.
  3. Damn! this nigga goes gangsta on forums!lmao, btw yo lil politican,aint need beef on this section i just wanna be unbanned ya feelme?, do yo duty here n' shit.
  4. Shi'd bruh, aint giving no damn against the server just those punk baby ass players mane and its normal to have a beef so jeah, and also on that time bruh i was like fkd up because ArslanC quickly banned me for DM and now anotherer reason, btw all i gotta say is sorry, sorry i just wanna play again yo.
  5. What is your in-game name? Kane_Menace Which staff member banned you? Anonymous When did you get banned? 11/24/18 What is the ban reason? Trolling, inability to obey community standards and rules. Personal comment Yo, iknow im a menace with my homeboi we're menace to society but we didn't expect that the situation or sm shit gonna reach this situation that one of us getting banned just because we troll or insult some players which start the beef but we over beefed them and we got reported for insulting maybe and also the ban reason on my screen is Trolling, inability to obey community standards and rules but the admin banned us because he thought we did DM and it was a misunderstanding IC issue, but im so sorry for it if yall thinks im still the one who needs to be banned, idont see any reason to make me stay banned for sure because it was in character issues not out of character issues so, sorry just to make me unbanned. Also ain't sure that ban date because the screenshot doesn't show any banned date and the admin who banned me is anonymous but maybe i know them and it's MatthewC or ArslanC, not sure and idont know why they put anonymous name, it was legit banning me for any reasons like finding some reasons, but please unban me and think for it, finding a reason to ban a player ;3 which makes the community dead.
  6. What is your in-game name? Kane_Menace Which staff member banned you? No idea When did you get banned? 10/26/18 What is the ban reason? I dunno im just playing in a internet cafe, i just logged in and got surprised by a ban screen like wtf idunno why . Personal comment Yo, im playing in a internet cafe which is if one player is banned all players in the ip will be banned, maybe one of the cafe player is banned so the ip is banned and im banned too because im from this cafe, i need to be unbanned like wtf im banned for nothing bruh come on mane it's like some waste sh*t.

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