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  1. i hate it how on pd duty all gang members just want to attack you even if your doing a routine traffic stop on an non crime affliated citizen gang cars will pull up with the standard "Whatchu do ing foo l" and 1. its cringe 2. what the fuck is this "rp" now
  2. You need a big limo with loads of flowers on it
  3. i dont mind pakis but like when the pakis think they're better than u cos theyve got an attitude or speak so fucking weird Like I Am Hav Beter Grammar Than U Englesh Man so ShutFuck up Pls..... i cant fuckign stand them
  4. agreed admins mute too many players on /p which causes them to not use anything else if your offended even as an admin you should /settings and turn off /p
  5. contract re opened due to current driver not fulfilling request show your interest in the discord server
  6. hi jely i literally come from the future and i will bump this topic
  7. thank you for being helpful and a good player of the community and being the most useful and helpful reply in this comment section some dumbass helper will open it and they'll just be like hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm i dont know and close it without an answer plus look how many tickets there are like -new help -new urgent bullshit channel with bullshit tickets this gets me an answer quick and it fucking works
  8. most importantly where the fuck is my taxi sign
  9. so if i was to lend a car to another player, providing that he returns it, where you can message said player yourself to confirm this story, and said person does no longer play samp and the cars gon get taken by tax, is is possible for it to be returned to my inventory
  10. bring back the pd volunteer limit and do a random removal of like 15% of cops
  11. ban volunteers like dont remove volunteer feature but instead ban anyone who goes on volunteer duty
  12. ironic cos ur failing
  13. agreed i was followed by a cop for 15 minutes the other day and then i got pulled over for running a red light even thouugh traffic lights client side
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