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  1. You all should spend a fraction of Matthew's time developing this server and then get shit thrown at for having bit of fun, which turned into a shitfest because of wrong actions made by the duo. The feeling is definitely not nice. You can be butthurt all day or whine about it, but at the end of the day, if it weren't for Matthew, the server wouldn't even be online nor would it have 10% of the advanced scripts it currently has. @Billy you should scripting too instead of creating topics 'to spice things up', actively playing another server as a staff member OR editing scripts of just for y
  2. Derek

    biased event

    +1 jason shouldnt have won
  3. Your toxicity has reached the greatest level in Mudoo, and, to be honest, the server is doing just fine without you so I don't see a reason for your unban at all.
  4. 7 days and this is taking 'SO' long, consider yourself lucky for not being denied considering this is your fourth ban.
  5. A staff report which was handled with the following outcome by Mikro himself Stop taking shit out of context and come up with the whole story if you want to bring something up, thank you, ma'am.
  6. Ma'am, I don't even know who you were in the parallel universe, but not everything is a conspiracy against you same as 5G is unrelated to coronavirus
  7. Ma'am, Carter Intelligence Service suggest that you have attempted to reach another administrators in order to speed up your unban process. I wish to inform you that IF an administrator ever wishes to unban you, you would have to wait several weeks from then due to these reckless and prohibited attempts.
  8. Ma'am, the warrant would have been exposed and you would have called all your goons before we even know, there was no turning back and your attitude was horrible in first place. That is all I have to say, someone else will handle this, wish you best of luck!
  9. Ma'am, this is a roleplay server, you cannot hold the argument that you were not there IC. It was a FBI Agent who recorded you with a roleplayed(ikr) camera commiting an offence to the law. Even if we were there for the drug sell shouting, you wouldn't be able to hold the argument of 'not being there IC'. I took you on the roof of my vehicle and then I slapped you at Pershing to get off as you continously refused to do so. After a FEW minutes (4) as can be seen : 02-05-2020 23:36:33 - Derek_Carter (48)(8): /slap 29 we decided to interact with you again, the FBI agent cla
  10. The picture does not prove anything, anyone can force crash the game and will show exactly that, and specifically after you 'crashed', you went and modified the game folder by removing those cheats, as shown below: Yes, we can kill you for that, the videos show that you used cheats specifically opposite of the way you said first time and I will go ahead and quote it from your first post. How were you bugged there in the street or in the plane? You used the cheat in order to jog faster and reach for a car, which is clearly an abuse if you ask me. No, I do no
  11. that is false, you have used it in situations which did not require any assistance in getting unstuck. while Andrew's PC was being checked via TeamViewer, you could be heard in the background 'I'm fucked, if he presses F12 aimbot will trigger', then, you forcecrashed yourself and removed the aimbot.
  12. just come clean already don't try to talk your way out of this
  13. thank you for the great wishes, lovely people!!
  14. You purposely used the account multiple times in this timespan (June-now) and you even used it to scam people in casino which drew my attention upon you. On top of your punishment list, insulting a Manager in an unban request is just not right. Denied.
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