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  1. stop tagging staff members in your unban request. review date set for 28 october & i want pictures of your SAMP folder
  2. Why did you deathmatch the new player? Why won't you do it in the future?
  3. Review set for 12/10/2018, do not banevade or you will be permanently denied from this server.
  4. Does it seem reasonable to you to shoot somebody just because they've crashed into your vehicle? No, it is not, either roleplay the car crash, call the cops and get the guy arrested or move on and go to a PnS, perhaps report him to an administrator if the crashing was done on purpose and multiple times. After you got reported by Anthony, I took the report and started to investigate it. I asked you if you shot Anthony, you said 'NO', i only shot in air; then, after two minutes, you claimed that you shot his car as well, and, only after a log check it showed that you actually shot Anthony himself, which can be considered as blatant deathmatching. 02-10-2018 13:52:31 - David_Gambino (7)(10837) -> AnthonyE (9)(10443) [desert eagle] [bodypart: 9] [amount: 46.2] As it was not enough you deathmatched Anthony, you also quit infront of me, refusing to come back despite warnings that this will lead to a permanent ban, then you blamed it on connection issues, which is not true, you /q ed. You said you had to 'go', what are the probabilities that you have to go EXACTLY in the second when I tell you 'bye'? You didn't bring up the fact that you had to go while I was investigating your report, thus, brings me to the thought that you abusively quit. 02-10-2018 13:59:00 - [DISCONNECT] David_Gambino (7) disconnected (disconnected) Only after after 14 minutes you finally came back, just because Jawwad told you you are not banned. Believe me, I could've banned you while you were offline too, but I wanted to do it publicly. -------------------- To start with, you can write an essay of minimum 300 words on what you did wrong in this situation, that's if you wish an unban chance, if not, please say so, so I move this shit straight up to the denied requests.
  5. that's highly unfortunate, REVIEW date set for 15/10/2018
  6. Judging by your profile signature saying 'troll'....what should we expect from you lol
  7. You are not supposed to contract administration under any circumstance during an unban request.
  8. Your last unban request was denied due to banevading, what made you banevade?
  9. +7days due to annoying staff members constantly. This is your second ban, and you've been punished 4 more times since your last unban, what makes you think you deserve a second chance in the server? Especially after the attitude shown?
  10. Post anything below this and it will be extended for two more weeks, same goes for PMing any staff member.
  11. If I was in Kacper's place, even if you said 'get the fuck out' in mainchat, I would've permanently banned you. You have such a shit punishment record, and if you're here to blame Kacper because he decided to stop your wrongdoings, then get the hell out. Review on 15 AUG 2018, even a warning after the unban will LEAD to a PERMANENT ban with no APPEAL.
  12. Player unbanned, sort of a teamviewer thingy has been done on discord.
  13. Waiting for your videos, if your videos seem justified, you will be unbanned immediately. We have no reason to keep you banned if you did not hack, but, we wanted to make sure of that via team viewer.

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