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  1. Player unbanned, CAC is to be used forcefully by the player at all times.
  2. Do you mind explaining these 'godlike' shots from you, in such short timespan, also, why have you modified your CLEO folder minutes before the inspection w/ TW? I'll attach the logs that have made us confident that you are using illegal modifications in order to hit shots. And the last, but the best tbh
  3. I find it hard to believe that you never used them on any players considering the fact you just blasted 10 RPGs into cops at Idlewood, barricading yourself and also I find it hard to believe that you lost 20 cases of RPG due to bugs.
  4. Before proceeding with this I want you to express clearly how many of these cases there were. I am currently checking logs of Februray so don't even bother lying to me.
  5. Denied, you banevaded 10 times only today.
  6. New password assigned&sent.
  7. Happy Birthday Mathiu Bro . !
  8. Derek

    PD Volunteers

    Volunteers will not be removed, period, they represent the backbone of the Department and even though they might sometime cause trouble, I have seen none of the officers - that have replied to this topic and agreeing to removing the officers - spending their own time in training and helping the volunteers. You have asked for an answer, this is your answer, you can continue making 30 more polls and topics, volunteers are staying.
  9. *Name: DerekC Alias(optional): Cartuh *Phone number: 999 *Vehicle used: JESTER
  10. You were being chased by police, and, after your car explosed, you ran to the cliff and jumped off it, followed by /q ing in order not to get frisked by cops while being knocked.
  11. Stop bullshitting so much in long posts god, just come out clean and we'll set a review date.
  12. No, that's false, you quit because you saw us coming, immediately after our blip appeared on the map you /q. Come with the truth or you'll be denied. I find it hard to believe that your 'internet' expired at the exact time we arrived back on the weedfield.
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