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Benjamin Robert

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  1. where the heck are you 👋

  2. Wow , creativity levels beyond believing
  3. Number of the beast .. you lucky bastard
  4. i'm curious does the word M.U.D.O.O stand for something or is it just commercial.
  5. welp this bastardized 10 hours rule is ridiculous who would keep counts on individuals activities towards properties to prevent potential violations , it has to be terminated as its currently pointless.
  6. hey pal , you cant complain here as this section designed for questions post here instead https://forum.mudoogaming.com/index.php?/forms/13-samp-rpg-report-a-staff-member/
  7. What the point of this : 13:37:56] You are unable to pay the tax as you do not meet the minimum required playtime of 10 hours. (insignificant) When people can sell their properties easily to avoid enduring sufficient time , defeating the purpose. 13:40:04] You sold this property for $305,430. [13:40:04] An amount of $4,790 was taken by the tax authority (including $290 for the remaining days). [13:40:09] You purchased this property for $310,220. at least there should be a transitional period in between to prevent repossession.
  8. Negative . i keep getting the same text message!
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