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  1. spot on there is no government credibility.
  2. the main factor of the server deterioration ; is the unexplainable staff employment movement conducting by managers. it has come to a point were every single group has it own staff representatives as it some kinda general assembly! the neverending cycle of whines and complains simply wont stop , as a regular fuck countering an attack in response to opponents aka stubborn childs , next thing you know they rush into their discord channels reporting you to their staff buds, now you wonder why most of tasks does not carried out properly ,, because they are too busy providing special care & personal favors to their kind. (helping anyone beyond the horizon count as treason).
  3. honestly any form of civil society , thus neither the subconscious imitation nor the broken state of economy allowing.
  4. What is your in-game name? Giovanni_Delacruz Which staff member banned you? Salvatore_DeLuca When did you get banned? 09/26/19 What is the ban reason? Poor RP / deathmatching - extensive punishment history Personal comment I would like to submit this appeal on behalf of mr.delacruz. i extend my sincerest apologies toward his heinous act of retardation & intellectual disabilities , we are ashamed that someone in our association would have caused such exaggerated behavior ; he was cultivating an image of the most extreme personality in roleplay scene for himself .
  5. ayo @timon quit goofing around , the state desperately need your precision & dedication.
  6. In-game name: Lil_weasel Date of when you discovered the bug: 09/20/19 What feature is the bug relevant to: properties Explain how does the bug occur: when choosing to spawn in your hotel room instead of teleport into the hotel front you fall from the sky above , where the hotel building located (i recommend adding a parachute to enhance the experience jk ) Additional content: [16:21:17] You spawned at the house. [16:21:37] After 120 seconds, you can "/accept death" if you wish to give up on life. [16:21:37] You have suffered severe injuries and passed out.
  7. @Kacper disallowance is never the solution ''let alone that it's not your decision to make'' thus some logical limits on self-defense should be implemented to insure the ultimate & legitimate san andreas public security code execution acts of aggression : “aggressor” someone who illegally threatens to attack another or intentionally provokes a fight. assume john approaches jane , grabbing a baseball bat and waves it, and shouts threats to kill her. to protect herself, jane stabs john in the gut. as the aggressor, john isn’t entitled to forcefully defend himself against jane’s act of self-protection but the aggressor limitation to self-defense doesn’t mean necessarily that you can never use force if you did anything to contribute to a fight If one man insulted another , and the insulted party retrieves a revolver and points it as if to shoot the insulter, the insulter is likely legally justified in using deadly force to prevent the shot. - to earn the self-defense right, an aggressor who employs deadly force must generally “withdraw” from the conflict. and communicate the withdrawal to the other person. suppose john tries to stab jane in the neck with a knife. jane fights off john, so successfully that john runs away and hides. jane pursues. john has to communicate to jane that he’s done with the confrontation in order to have the right to self-defense. otherwise, jane might think that john is regrouping in order to attack again. If john doesn’t communicate his withdrawal to jane and he kills jane in what might otherwise be self-defense, he’s guilty of murder. (It might work for john to come out of hiding, drop the knife, and yell, “hey, I’m sorry and I give up! please don’t hurt me!”) escalation : ” where one person uses nondeadly violence and the other responds unreasonably with deadly force. suppose dave tries to give vera a slap with his knuckles. vera grabs a nearby samurai sword and tries to kill dave with it. dave can be convicted of simple assault for the attempted backhand. but can he be convicted of murder if he defends himself against the sword attack with a gunshot to vera’s head? to claim self-defense, an initial aggressor like dave would have to first take any opportunity to safely retreat. dave would have been entitled to use deadly force only after retreating, provided that a clearly safe retreat was available. If he retreated or there wasn’t an opportunity for safe retreat, he would be allowed to use deadly force in self-defense. otherwise, dave would likely be guilty of either murder or manslaughter if he killed vera. duty to retreat : innocent people who are aware that they can retreat in complete safety do so instead of responding with deadly force to threats of deadly force. ” falling back isn’t necessary when it would endanger the victim of the attack. (( innocent people who are under attack in their own homes don’t need to retreat, even if they can do so safely. Instead, they can typically use even enough force to kill if they are in apparent danger of serious injury)). stand your ground : “no retreat” rule, which in its basic form allows: - a nonaggressor - who is aware of an opportunity to safely retreat but doesn’t take it - to use deadly force against an attacker whom the nonaggressor reasonably believes will kill or cause serious physical harm.
  8. Governors enforces the existing legislature laws hence it is oathed.
  9. @m.dogg don't think she's fully aware of her jurisdictional limitations and governing regulations.
  10. ((Acting on a u.s senate bill , defying your jurisdictional regulation))
  11. Governor is not authorized to invoke amendment to bills that hasn't been debated & voted by senate committees.
  12. (not gonna make any further arguments about real life conceptions cuz apparently it cant be applied in game) -licenses justifies the possession not the usage. taking that into perception. this is how it goes : -they find a concealed firearm on you and you have the license assigned to em you walk free! ; unless got cough threating with your gun. -tbh to me open carry is way more useful giving the statics. bcuz lets say someone carrying a glock45 and you carried m4a4 both in public at the same time each one of you would tell the odds , however with open carry out of the equation each of you has to engage with one another and before you notice cops arrives to the scene they gonna start randomly shootout claiming to ''sorting it out'' and then you'd predict what happens next.
  13. neaderthalistic laws ?? these are basic constitutional rights , nevertheless i can relate to this giving the government vulnerable structure.
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