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  1. Even though he gave the painkiller to him, he couldn't have used it due to cooldown and that's not powergaming in anyway. Even thought he said he wanted to clap- I can't punish a guy for DM intent. Having a DM intent is different than performing it. About Ivan- seems like you guys were having a fist fight and you got knocked. I see nothing wrong in that.
  2. Players will be talked to, and punished if needed. Thanks for reporting.
  3. Logs check out. Players will be punished, thanks for reporting.
  4. Spoken with Denzel, two of them seem to be inactive. Will talk with others as well- and make sure they don't repeat such things in the future. Thanks for reporting.
  5. I don't see anything suspicious in the video provided above. But I'll talk to Onur and others. Thanks for reporting.
  6. Player will be dealt with. Thanks for reporting.
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