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  1. Player has been warned. Thanks for the report.
  2. Evidence provided isn't enough. Player will be under watch, thanks for reporting.
  3. Next time you report, take screenshots or try to save the logs. Thanks for reporting, player will be under watch.
  4. You already have an appeal open - Stop creating more appeals.
  5. Not only these, but I have a moderator claiming you teleported from Dillimore to LSPD as he was spectating, Please tell the truth, cause lying won't get you anywhere.
  6. I already told you to not appeal for tempbans. You will be allowed to post on forums after 2 days.
  7. Player has been warned, thanks for reporting.
  8. You don't have to appeal for temporary bans. You should be unbanned in 2 days.
  9. Take a break from the game for 2 weeks, and appeal. (on 13th April 2020)
  10. I'll handle the report and come to a conclusion ASAP.
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