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  1. Clear signs of provocation from you @Cool_Babes : Tell me something, Dinghy has an American Accent- why did you provoke him by saying "Fking Tunisian" ? , this is clear signs of using OOC info for IC matters- in other words MetaGaming. Plus why was the provocation started in the first place? You just go to a guy identify him as a Gambino and then call him names? What for? And mom jokes in 2020? Seriously? Explain the above three things in detail.
  2. You rped mourning for a knocked guy? You know people actually mourn when people die, not when they're knocked. Plus when you were being rped dragging you follow it, simple as that- your rp was this "/me resists" when 2 cops were dragging you. Not once, not twice but thrice. Plus you were banned based on your poor history, I honestly didn't know you were unbanned today otherwise I would've gone for a different approach of punishment. Please try not to repeat such things when you are clearly outnumbered. You will be unbanned tomorrow.
  3. You’ll be unbanned tomorrow. Please refrain from using such hacks again.
  4. I'll review this appeal in 4 weeks. Don't try to ban evade in the mean time.
  5. Already unbanned. Please remove all those illegal mods of yours.
  6. Since Ivan was the only one who shot at your vehicle, he will be punished for it. The other two had not much of an involvement in this, but I am pretty sure- they were going to do something notorious if it wasn't for the cops showing up at the right time. Hence I'll have a talk with them and verbally warn them. Thanks for reporting.
  7. Player will be punished. Thanks for reporting.
  8. Player has been Warned. Thanks for reporting.
  9. Player will be punished. Thanks for reporting.
  10. That's exactly what you did with this report. Use common sense next time you report people on forums, it's for in-game issues- not your Discord PMs.
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