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  1. James Barksdale Eyes: Brown Hair: Black Ethnicity: Black-Canadian Dark Facial Features: Big nose, small eyes, and a small scar on his neck Height: 5'11 Body Shape: Skinny and has a lot of tattoos on his body. Occupation Organizations: East LS Carwash Manager Story: James Barksdale is the only son of Edward, a small family from Canada. both of his parents were working for a really low salary in the Canadian Docks and the only place they could afford was a shack at the outskirts of the city. One day while they were working, a man approached both of them and told them that he can take them to the United States and give them a better and easier job for a good salary. Hating the conditions they worked in, they immediately accepted the offer and two days later grabbed everything they had and along with their son, they were hidden inside a container ship that was traveling to Los Santos. At this time James was only 15 years old. Once in Los Santos, they were then hidden in a truck that was heading towards Montgomery, at the Sprunk Factory. The same man that got them into the US, gave both a job in Montgomery at the factory. The salary was indeed bigger but the conditions were not that better. The man also rented them a trailer in the park just at the entrance. After this day, the man was gone for good. The couple tried to gather some money for a new house and for their son's education but they weren't able to. After 4 years they managed to get a cheap Tahoma from some co-worker in the factory and paid for their son's driving license. The car itself wasn't in good shape but as James wasn't going to school he fiddled around with it and managed to keep it in working condition. One year later both of his parents passed away due to an unknown disease and now James was faced with having to pay a rent, get food and since he had to use most of the cash his family got, for their funeral, he was left with almost nothing. After working at a mechanic shop, James earned himself some decent money which allowed him to buy a property in East LS. That was the time when he met Warren and Anders there, the duo were good friends, they once saw James going to work early in morning while the duo were creating some graffiti's on East LS walls, they invited James to join them in the graffiti's, the duo taught them how it is being done, and that was the just the begging of their friendship. The trio lived in the neighborhood for the whole of their lives and was very patriotic for their street and for their country. This is because of the rising gang culture in the city as people started fighting over their Streets and believes. A few weeks after that the trio decided to equip themselves with numbers and created the ballas street agreement. This was an agreement towards the neighborhood to protect each other. This gang eventually started populating the entirety of East Los Santos so eventually changed the gang name to Rollin' Heights Ballas to make it official. This movement was underneath the radar of the public. The crime rates in East LS started increasing with rival gangs the groves attempting to take over the neighborhood and overpower the street warriors as they see it. It took a few months of increased gang violence of the pack to start wearing colors of green to signify them being the good side as they see it as "The good side always wins". This quote was heard around town and was mocked by the public until they realized all the crimes they did in the past few months. The ballas houses were trashed by the gang members, this led to the death of Warren and Anders parents when they were shot by a drive-by from masked grove gang members. This sparked the Rollin' Heights Ballas and started collecting more members to get back at the Groves. The gang rivaled up members and started taking the fight to them. Anyone who tested them on ballas was beaten or shot. This spark in anger changed the gang from a gang for self-defense into a gang who wanted power. Many of the members endured this new direction for the gang as they were tired of the other gangs are as they said "Thinkin' them niggas are hard as nails". A lot of the leadership were preparing for the worse for the ballas members but no one fully realized how crazy everything was just about to get. Current Status: This is how James got himself into a gang, he was a hardworking man who was living a simple life by working at a mechanic shop but now he's a serial killer, robber, kidnapper, and is addicted to drugs. Currently he owns a carwash in LS, which is run by him and few other gang members of his - as the groves are back in hood, he has started recruiting more rats and has plans of bringing more weapons to the family. He still has a dream of owning a lot of fully customized lower riders, owning a decent house somewhere in Los Santos, and ruling the streets of Los Santos. (( This thread will contain the life of James Barksdale, more updates about his life will be added here ))
  2. Jаmes

    The Meme Department

    - Every paki when he gets banned ...he by mistake press the hack button.
  3. Group Name: La Familia Di Andolini Group Members: Antonio Andolini, Abramo Andolini, Guidobaldo Andolini, & Finn Andolini Group Leader(for the Event): Guidobaldo Andolini Group Skin ID: 137 Group Topic(Forum): CLICK HERE Chance to attend at the First day with at-least 3 Member: High
  4. Username: Unknown Comment: I still remember making that logo for SAN and the previous template was better.
  5. Jаmes

    Mudoo - Slambook

    Hello, I used to see this on a server that I used to play back. So reply below with the following format! You can avoid the questions that you don't like. [b]Name:[/b] [b]Age:[/b] [b]Country:[/b] [b]Time Playing Mudoo Gaming:[/b] [b]Favorite Player(s):[/b] [b]Player(s) you would like to see in Administration Team:[/b] [b]Favorite Group:[/b] [b]Favorite Group Leader:[/b] [b]Favorite Administration Team Member(s):[/b] [b]Favorite LEO Roleplayer:[/b] [b]Favorite Illegal Roleplayer: [/b] [b]Best Legal Group:[/b] [b]Best Illegal Group:[/b] [b]What makes me play Mudoo Gaming:[/b] [b]What blows my fuse about Mudoo Gaming:[/b] [b]What do you aim for in Mudoo Gaming: [/b] [b]If you have a chance to force a change or an update in Mudoo Gaming what would you would do?[/b]
  6. This would make them work a bit more hard on their group and would probably increase criminal group activity as well, supporting.
  7. Well I used aimbot at the shootout which occurred at Ocean Docks when we were capturing Gambino's turf and as far as I know that scene happened 7-8 days ago, it was removed immediately when few of the players got suspicious about me
  8. I admit that I was using aimbot in the first place and I feel bad for that - also I have removed it ages ago.
  9. Don't know what do you have to say when you are wrongly banned for cheating, can I get some clips of me using cheats please?
  10. - What is your in-game name?: [TCL]Toni - Which staff member banned you?: Billy - When did you get banned?: 12/26/18 - What is the ban reason?: Aimbot - Personal comment: ??
  11. Jаmes

    Group Turfs

    or make it something like 3 members of the opposite group should be online in order to capture their turf. I agree on on increasing the time to three days, 24 hour is less.
  12. Can you share that map hud? @Cyclone
  13. Jаmes

    Group Turfs

    or just send the money automatically to group HQ storage. We can then collect stuff that we got from turfs from it and it should be rank based.
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