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  1. thats all the story u never understand me listen thats the story  listen medrick taustin has robbed my house maro sayed to in WT me and i look him roob he do AD search a group or mafia i say him wru he say in island of fish i go to him and i shoot him and his friend and other guy is aziz lamoulaga shooted us me and members of gsf ali_james and ither guys in gaz station i killed him all the prob cause kill a newbie cause he shooted me with boxing admin to unban pls pls pls pls i cry realy now i cant sit all this duration without muddo if u want punish take 100/100 from my wealth but not sit without  mudoo all this duration pls isr pls i cant realy i cant


    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Jаmes


      don't come on my profile saying shit like this again 😡

    3. Ahmed_Waheb


      sir i have a question i have 2 friends in real life the two have score the first 12 i think and the second have 7 and he play with the same PC is that allowed 


      and i have pther thing sir when i enter samp to check how much and i get unbaned he say permenetely sir  i will unban at 5 april or no set that to look how much and i get unbaned sir 40/100 is what from my wealth i have 4 cars and 1 house with grden sir answer me pls and thnx


    4. Ahmed_Waheb


      bro answer cause last 3 days i see unbaned at 5 april and now what happen i find review at 5 april pls sir tell me i will get unbaned at 5 april or no and answer me about question up there 

      and tnx


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