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  1. This would make them work a bit more hard on their group and would probably increase criminal group activity as well, supporting.
  2. Well I used aimbot at the shootout which occurred at Ocean Docks when we were capturing Gambino's turf and as far as I know that scene happened 7-8 days ago, it was removed immediately when few of the players got suspicious about me
  3. I admit that I was using aimbot in the first place and I feel bad for that - also I have removed it ages ago.
  4. Don't know what do you have to say when you are wrongly banned for cheating, can I get some clips of me using cheats please?
  5. - What is your in-game name?: [TCL]Toni - Which staff member banned you?: Billy - When did you get banned?: 12/26/18 - What is the ban reason?: Aimbot - Personal comment: ??
  6. Toni

    Group Turfs

    or make it something like 3 members of the opposite group should be online in order to capture their turf. I agree on on increasing the time to three days, 24 hour is less.
  7. Toni

    check this out lmao

    Can you share that map hud? @Cyclone
  8. Toni

    Group Turfs

    or just send the money automatically to group HQ storage. We can then collect stuff that we got from turfs from it and it should be rank based.
  9. PERSONAL INFORMATION Full Name: Antonio Andolini Phone Number: 4951 Address: Jefferson Motel, LS Level: 10 CONTRACT INFORMATION Contract Type: Sanitation Company Name: Los Santos Waste Management Company Website(Thread URL): lswm.usa.gov Number of Employees: Five (Arthur, Flash, GoodMorning, Charles, Aldo, and Ali) Why do you think your company should be accepted? Los Santos Waste Management should be accepted because of they offer a wide variety of services to the citizens of San Andreas and are serving both residential neighborhoods as well as commercial businesses. The mission of Los Santos Waste Management is to provide the citizens of Los Santos with the utmost professional, dedicated, and dependable environmentally efficient Sanitation and removal services in the entire State of San Andreas. Right now you would barely find any trash bins filled in LS, our employees have been working hard. If accepted, what will your duties be? Our duties are going to remain same, we will still be getting rid of the trash of Los Santos and will be providing the citizens a clean environment. Los Santos Waste Management is going to be collecting trash on the roads, streets, will be recycling solid waste, liquid waste, and hazardous materials too. Have you read and agreed to the contract rules? Yes, I have read your contract rules and I do agree to them. Name: Antonio Andolini Signature: Antonio
  10. Yes the SAPD volunteers. /or creating a proper training manual for the volunteers(which will include the fines to be issued and few other stuff) and making the volunteers go through it. This can be done by adding 2-3 tricky questions in-game(in the volunteer test format) and hiding the answer in the training manual.
  11. PD is the most important group of this server, and most of the role-play is done by them but the current system of recruiting new cadets is really not good like 60% of the cops can't even role-play properly or are not aware of the server rules. For example yesterday a cop fined me 3500 for driving a vehicle without a driving license, plus we cant report half of the servers' cops of course. Just wanted to suggest something that the recruitment should be made a bit harder, like the new cadets should be picked through an application format. This can be done on forums too/or the questions that are asked in-game should be made a bit harder(and few of the answers should be written in a training manual, which can be created by the chief on forum) and a few more questions should be added, plus the answers should be written instead of inserting "1/2" like 100-200 words for why do you wish to join PD etc and when the applicant submits his application in-game, the chief has to go through his answers in-game. Later on when his application is accepted the chief can then interview the applicant by himself or ask any other higher ranked cop.
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