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  1. Daryl

    Some new changes

    Public chat is what makes the server alive. Removing public chat will make the server a cemetery. That shit talk going on in public is what makes the server fun.
  2. Make a separate gang war server.
  3. Keep locking the reports against your administrators as staff reports never work so they are safe. Keep protecting these shit bags.
  4. What is your in-game name? Daryl Reznov Which player(s) do you want to report? Keith Andolini When did the rulebreak happen? 10/16/19 Which players did witness the rulebreak happening? Dante Menace, Rooney What happened? (quote what rule was broken) We tried to capture Keith to take him to Bunker. As soon as he saw us he told us that he came to meet Rooney OOCly. It doesn't mean if he goes somewhere to meet someone OOCly then others can't RP with him. He /qed to avoid roleplay and an arrest. He should be dealt with as soon as possible. Everything is clear in the video. Evidence
  5. What is your in-game name? Daryl Reznov Which player(s) do you want to report? Matrix Andolini When did the rulebreak happen? 10/17/19 Which players did witness the rulebreak happening? All of BCR and Gambinos What happened? (quote what rule was broken) He jailed whole BCR when we killed Andolinis at their HQ after they tried to kill us at Hunter Quarry turf. He jailed about 10 guys to stop us from capturing more turfs. He should be dealt in player reports sections as staff reports never work. He is not even allowed to handle his group reports as I know by the recent change in rules. He should be removed as he isn't fit for the position and he fails to be neutral in his group reports. Evidence Logs
  6. What is your in-game name? Daryl Reznov Which player(s) do you want to report? Ligor Kalashnikov When did the rulebreak happen? 05/10/19 Which players did witness the rulebreak happening? All in the video What happened? (quote what rule was broken) He /qed to avoid being robbed and didn't come back. Evidence
  7. Oct 5, 2019 Senator Leonardo Carter United States Senate San Andreas Senator Matthew Carter United States Senate San Andreas Senator Frank Thompson United States Senate San Andreas Dear Senators, I write in response to the recent notice sent to me to show up in front of Congress. I won't be able to face you in a direct meeting as our intelligence has strictly disallowed me of any meetings. As at the meeting we had last Sunday, it was decided that both sides would co-operate with each other on all the issues of Bone County. SAPD doesn't seem to be working on it. Day by day violations are increasing and as by today, I have locked down Bone County again. You vowed to give us our very own Governor, our own law enforcement and we would have the option to deal with crimes in Bone County. A week passed and Government didn't work on any of the promised stuff. You should have cleared FCPD for our own law enforcement so that BCR could start working on crimes in Bone County. SAPD doesn't seem to give a damn about the agreement. They enter Bone County without our permission and arrest our people. I won't let that happen anymore. If a crime is committed in Los Santos and the suspect is related to BCR, we will hand him over to you if you even try to talk with us. Crimes in BC have nothing to do with SAPD and they should be strictly prohibited from entering Bone County without telling Bone County Resistance. We are willing to co-operate for the future of our people but SAGOV doesn't seem to be in senses. Bone County will remain locked until Congress comes with a solution to the problem. I won't put it all on SAGOV. Our civilians and soldiers have done some violations too. I am personally looking at all the reports I am receiving about our soldiers and they will be dealt with soon. I want SAGOV to co-operate too. I want them to warn SAPD from entering Bone County so that things can go back to normal. We have no problem with federal authorities i.e FBI entering Bone County but I would never allow your law enforcement to take my people. Here are my few demands: 1. Provide us our own representative in the Senate as soon as possible. 2. Approve BCPD as the only law enforcement to handle crimes in Bone County. 3. Move your files and data from FCPD and change its name to Bone County Police Department. 4. Provide BCPD with necessary equipment so they can fight crimes in Bone County. I hope you will look at our demands and come up with a neutral solution for both sides. Bone County will remain closed for outsiders until further notice. Sincerely, Daryl Reznov General of Bone County Resistance
  8. Announcement As by the recent violation of the agreement signed last Sunday, BC GOV gives 24 hours to SAGOV for getting back in senses. SAPD should stop entering Bone County without permission or war would be brought to them again. By the agreement signed on Sunday it was decided that: 1. Bone County would be given it's own governor. 2. BCPD would be formed and Fort Carson police department would be emptied out for the BCPD. 3. SAPD would co-operate with BCGOV and BCGOV will do same. SAPD won't enter BC without permission. SAGOV hasn't worked on none of the agreement yet. They are entering Bone County as it looks like war is still on. They send JSOF on our people and kill/torture them. Yesterday a farm in TR was burnt to ashes by SWAT. 24 hours are given and after that BC will be locked again and any government related official entering BC without BC passport will face severe consequences. "Freedom is never given, it is won." - A. Philip Randolph
  9. What about you delete your existence, mini me.
  10. What about Carters making a criminal group and RPing as a criminals? Let's see how managers RP as criminals and what they do when cops DM them.
  11. Other communities are doing it too. It isn't a national security issue that needs to be buried. Player reports should be hidden too then if u can't make staff reports visible.
  12. +Support, they should be public and everyone should be able to see if their staff reports are really being handled. When staff members rule break, they should be humiliated in front of everyone.
  13. I was at the hill near smuggle, Jo Tacos and his pet Charles came DBing from their infernus and shot me dead. When I said it was DM, I was told "smuggle zone is DM zone". So I followed his instruction and luckily another smuggle appeared in a few hours. I was already camping at SF ship waiting for smuggle, A helper cop came, I told him to leave, he reloaded his gun on me and I killed him. Now Raul comes and he was unaware of the new rule created by Jo Tacos " Smuggle zone is dm zone". I was warned. It is fine if admins DM. And luckily the admin report system is shit too. If admins do a rule break, they should be reported and humiliated in front of players like a few other communities are doing. They punish their admins in front of their players.
  14. In-game name: Daryl_Reznov Date of when you discovered the bug: 09/08/19 What feature is the bug relevant to: other Explain how does the bug occur: As stated above. You can buy lottery ticket for free. It doesn't deduct money. Additional content: N/A
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