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  1. We don't kill anyone for no reason. Trespassers with no passport are detained and then dropped out of Bone County after investigation. The M4 incident you are talking about is from yesterday where you ever killed by FBI not LET. Those guys with M4s killed me too and I saw them killing you too. They were FBI.
  2. TiMon join LeT and fight SAGOV. We will make you our dictator. Let's invade Los Santos.
  3. Who said that lol, LeT is ready to take the Bone County roleplay as far as it can. No one is bored, few of our members are inactive due to IRL priorities and they will be back soon.
  4. Lol actionate grenade and runnate Police cationate us very fun
  5. I was removed from elections otherwise I was already winning. No one did a campaign, I would have done my campaigns already. Let me take part.
  6. If I wanted to hear from an asshole, I'd fart.
  7. I give you 15-20 terrorist votes, tell us what you gonna do for Bone County?
  8. How will you end the war? And what reforms do you have for Bone County?
  9. Ameer (President of State) Syed Hussain The National Assembly Reis_Mucahit, Osama Billadin, Chadury Aslam, Jamal Raza The Court of Bone County Daryl_Reznov Law Enforcement Laskar-e-Taiba Duties of Lashkar-e-Taiba To enforce law within the state of Bone County To offer protection to civilians To maintain a peaceful enviroment To detain any trespasser entering Bone County without permission To keep SAPD away from Bone County More to be added soon.
  10. We have some good mappers at RPG that can do the mapping job for custom arenas. Map is boring too, it needs to be reworked. Bases are not well mapped same with zones.
  11. A lot of improvements are needed. First priority should be fixing the existing bugs. Add more and better classes for higher scores so people have something to work for. Add more DM arenas like a custom mapped sniper practicing arena, deagle arena, and deagle-combat arena. Improvements to clan war systems and more.
  12. Thanks for promoting some groups and defaming LET. We appreciate the help.
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