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  1. No wtf is wrong with you? A news agency should have access to broadcast news bruh.
  2. Well I dont really know how could I change this.. Stop rping with kids? Idk how I could stop myself from getting banned for doing nothing, honestly.
  3. koo thing if you ignore the fact that you are pure russian and have an italian mob grandfather
  4. Hipe


    Thing is, admins shouldnt get annoyed because those kids barely speak english and or how to RP. They should focus on helping the players to know /how to get better/ instead of /punishing them for doing bad/. It's the same with taking your children's internet because he has bad grades in online classes...
  5. lol when I get DMed its fine when I shoot someone for an IC reason I get banned
  6. What is your in-game name? Quincy_Ross Which staff member banned you? Anonymous When did you get banned? 05/01/1996 What is the ban reason? DMing and disturbing an admin scene Personal comment Okay, I'm gonna start stating a few stuff before explaining the story. First I dont know who banned me because it says "Anonymous", second it doesnt say when did I get banned as I got banned around a week ago so I put a random date. Third, I am not going to say bullshit and lie like "mudoo is my fa
  7. yes I have a shit pc yes its 2020 and I play in 30 fps thanks for watching
  8. Hipe

    idk vid i made

    My pc broke like 3 months ago and I recently just got this shitty 20$ pc lmao Yeah I stopped playing for like 2 months and started recently, I haven't really played that much so my aim shaky asf
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