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  1. "The Bone County Constitution" Release of the laws related to Heavy Arms,Drugs Production,Trafficking & Consumption. Firearm Regulations The residents of Bone County are not allowed to carry any heavy firearm listed as follows: M4 Rifle Sniper Rifle Explosives (C4,Grenade,IED,RPG) It is also forbidden for the civilians to brandish any type of weapon publicly without a prior reason to do so. Drug Regulations The residents of Bone County are not allowed to produce any narcotics(Weed,Heroin,Meth) without the legal approval from Bone County Government. It is strictly forbidden to consume or sell the narcotics to drug dealers. Narcotics produced in Bone County shall only be used for Medicinal purposes. Farmers producing the narcotics are required to hand over their product to the Government at Biological Research Laboratory for an amount of money which is equal to the product. Drugs sold to the Government will be utilized in the production of various medicines and will be used for the betterment of health in Bone County.
  2. 3 people currently, are registered in the scheme and availing this facility in fort carson. Scheme to be launched in other towns soon!
  3. The town now has stocked General stores with cheap prices for the civilians. A regular food cafe.
  4. The scheme has been launched in Fort Carson!
  5. Your query will be answered in the formation of new constitution for bone county.
  6. The Bone County Housing Scheme Government of Bone County announces a New 'Free' Housing Scheme for the civilians. The Planned Features: 1 Room apartments for single citizen. 3 Rooms houses for families. Nearby easy to access General Stores. Secured towns guarded by soldiers. A maintained peaceful atmosphere around the town. The Requirements: Must posses a passport of Bone County. Emigrants from outside of Bone County will be also considered. Must be needful of the favor. Must not be affiliated with the SAPD or its divisions. Must not be involved in any type of illegal crime[Robbery,Kidnapping,Illegal Drug production or Consumption] The Planned Areas: Las Payasadas Town. Fort Carson Town. El Quebrados Town. Signed, Reis Mucahit, Minister of National Assembly, Bone County Dated 28/6/19
  7. get a passport signed by syed afghan abdul ur rehman hussain from the fort carson city hall.
  8. it will be the opposite of gift for rich ones.
  9. Team Captain Name:Daryl_Reznov Team Members:Osama_Billadin Raees_Mujahid
  10. Your In game name: Raees_Mujahid Possibility to attend: High
  11. The Ten Green Bottles Bar Buyout:800,000 Value:910k The 'UFO' Mansion-Mulholland Buyout:1.5M Value:$930,659
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